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Would people mind me dragging the conversation down from the lofty heights of investment to the realm of retailing?


What I want to know (hypothetically) is this -


If I start a retail enterprise involved in green energy and issues, what products/services should I stock/sell/market?


Obviously the wind-up radios and portable solar panels are there - but what else.

Input appreciated.

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Just bumping this up...I think you all ignored this because it doesnt have a graph and lots of jargon attached...but if you did you aint real investors.


My opinion?

Youre all grabbing the wrong end of the stick - technically and in an investment sense.

Youre looking (or at least starting to look) in the wrong places.


To my mind, the stage we're at is that this is a market can be made, created.

Investing is just following, speculation, guessing.

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Quick response:

Try selling online first.


It will be cheaper to get started, and you can soon find out what sells.


Have a good look at:

www.EBay.com , and

http://www.AliBaba.com (China-oriented)


You may be able to source some cheap products on AliBaba.


I would also look at SunTech, which wants to be the cheapest provider of PV cells


= =


FUNNILY ENOUGH- I was discussing a similar concept recently...


someone wanted to set-up :

an "energy shop": A high street store where energy (savings) are for sale.


I like it, except one thing:


High street Shops like the Body Shop, Tie Rack etc.."

THEY sell inexpensive things, that people need to buy regularly, especially the Body Shop. Things with huge mark-ups which are still not too expensive after the mark-up is added on


A few people might by a solar cell or a wind turbine once, as a novelty, but they will not be buying everyday.


You need enough volume to cover the expensive High St. rents

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There was an e-bicycles store in Holland Park.




It opened around the time that Congestion charge was started, and lasted about 12 months (the length

of the original lease maybe)


I once dropped in and asked the key question, "WHat about security for these bikes, how do you keep

them from getting stolen?" I got a very inadequate answer, and never visited again.


Over-priced toys, totally impractical in the London environment. I had four bicycles stolen about 1

minute's walk from the store.


You need to do alot of stress-testing of an idea before you invest your own money in it

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YOUR IDEA... has been tried...



Alternative Energy Store Announces New Internship Program

The Worcester, Mass., based Alternative Energy Store, providers of renewable energy products to customers around the globe via their website (www.altenergystore.com) and catalog, has recently announced the development of an internship program.


Worcester, Mass. (PRWEB) December 27, 2005 -- The Worcester, Mass., based Alternative Energy Store, providers of renewable energy products to customers around the globe via their website (www.altenergystore.com) and catalog, has recently announced the development of an internship program.



The Alternative Energy Store’s internship program is designed to prepare students and others for a career in renewable energy by educating them about a wide range of renewable energy systems and products. Interns will work alongside staff in the areas of customer service and tech support. Through the company’s internship program, plumbing and electrical apprentices or students will learn many of the techniques and details for sizing and recommending renewable energy systems which will help them to become professional installers of alternative energy systems such as solar thermal water heater or solar electrical systems. There are several schools and colleges in the Northeast that have already begun offering courses in the fast-growing field of renewable energy.


“The energy market is uncertain and cost and source of traditional energy such as natural gas, oil and electricity have become significant issues. The use of these energy sources may not always be an option. Natural resources, such as solar, wind and hydro power, are becoming more popular in the mass market,” explained Sascha Deri, founding partner and president of the Alternative Energy Store.


He continued, “Growth indicators in the alternative energy market include government rewards and incentives, on both federal and state level, designed to encourage individuals and businesses to use renewable energy sources. Alternative energy is moving to the forefront and the demand for people who are not only knowledgeable in this industry, but who can install these systems is growing very quickly.”


The Alternative Energy Store’s mission is to provide the best renewable energy products at affordable prices and to educate consumers about valuable renewable energy sources that are not only good for the environment but that enable people to become more “fuel independent” and rely less on expensive traditional fuel sources.


To learn more about the Alternative Energy Store’s internship program, contact (800) 320-9564.


Making Renewable Energy Affordable

Founded in 1999, the Alternative Energy Store, LLC has catered to customers on every continent of the globe. With a mission to make renewable energy affordable, the Alternative Energy Store has established long-standing relationships with manufacturers to pass along the cost savings to customers. These relationships coupled with the expertise of the purchasing department and exceptional promotions enable the Alternative Energy Store to offer the best prices over competitors.


Committed to benefiting societies and the environment, the Alternative Energy Store is dedicated to educating consumers and providing the best selection of solar, wind, micro-hydro and other alternative energy products worldwide.


Alternative Energy Store is located at 65 Water Street in Worcester, Mass. For more information visit their website at: http://www.AltEnergyStore.com or contact Toll Free (800) 320-9564.

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OK all - thanks for the input, but again I think my point (or my enthusiasm) is being missed!

I'm more inclined to the Henry Ford view -


"Speculation is only a word covering the making of money out of the manipulation of prices, instead of supplying goods and services. "

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