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"Protected" status of Blog-threads - on GPC

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"Protected" status of Blog-threads

Trolling and disrespect will not be tolerated (!)



Another website made the mistake of allowing chronic disrespect, and I do not want to see the same error repeated on GPC.




Those GEI & GPC members who have set up Blog-threads in the appropriate sections are to be especially protected on "their" threads. The originator of the thread will be in "Full Control of who posts on their Blog-threads" and have the right to ask the Mods to delete any posts that the Thread-starter may find objectionable.


We would suggest that mildly offensive or borderline infractions might deserve a warning first, but if you-the-thread starter find a post objectionable, then in most cases the Mods will delete it.


If a Blog-thread-owner overuses this privilege then we will transfer the Blog from the protected area, and we will be less willing to honor such requests.


We hope that this cuts down on abuse, disrespect and trolling of these thread.


Blog-threads tend to be very valuable content, and deserve protection.

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