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George Osborne caps benefits at GBP 26,000 a year

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George Osborne has just announced that total benefits per family in the UK (excluding those with disabilities) will be capped at about GBP 500 a week, 26,000k a year.



It is a huge amount. What's the average salary now in the UK?

It should be capped at 70-80% maximum of the average (AFTER TAX !) family earnings IMHO


You dont what benefits families living as well as the average of those who contribute to the tax base,

else you kill incentives to work

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It looks like he said that "no family will receive more in benefits that the average family receives going to work", which the press have worked out as being 26k a year.


50,000 families will be affected, so that many families currently get more in benefits than the average working family make.


The amount does seem very high, you'd have to make a decent amount before tax to equal it after taxes have been taken. Maybe someone in the UK can clarify?




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