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"India to have hydrogen powered vehicles"

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India to have hydrogen powered vehicles

5 Nov, 2006


JAIPUR: Hydrogen powered vehicles will soon replace those running on petrol and diesel, according to an energy expert.


Citing the Ratan Tata Hydrogen Energy Group's project to harness fuel from hydrogen, noted non-conventional energy scientist I P Jain said on Sunday that the transformation from liquid fuel based vehicles to those using hydrogen would be swift.


The technology would be avaliable within two to three years, Jain told reporters ahead of an international workshop beginning tomorrow that would explore the possibility of hydrogen production, storage and application.


Currently, hydrogen costs four times the price of oil or gas but its energy efficiency is three times the conventional means, said Jain, whose research group has been working on hydrogen hydride for the last 20 years.


"In the next decade hydrogen energy application would take a speedy turn as happened in the information technology boom in which every common man got a mobile handset at an affordable price," Jain said, adding hydrogen would be a substitute for oil or gas and vehicles could be retrofitted to use it.



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It is unfortunate that this kind of promise is being touted as something we can move to with ease. The problem is confusing a source of energy with a store of energy. Hydrogen does not come pouring out of a well or mine like fossil fuels. It has to be made. Currently it is made from natural gas, a fossil fuel, so, er, hydrogen can't replace fossil fuels because it is a fossil fuel product....


You can make hydrogen via electrolysis from wind energy, but it requires great capital input and there will be competing needs on wind energy, such as domestic power.


As things stand the H2economy is a non-starter as a successor to the fossil age, for the reasons just given. It might become viable for mass transit (as in Iceland, experimentally) with advances in splitting water, so far as cars for the Fatted Masses fuelled by H2 go, forget it, due to the distribution and storage problm. BMW have tried an H2 car and it is a disaster:




Sorry, the bicycle still awaits!

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