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Diamond Miners listed on AIM


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The above comes from a HansonWesthouse report on KimCor Diamonds.


an interesting table, but I am not sure of the source of the underlying data


==charts to follow==

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it's not the only one.


How about: Sierra Leone diamonds, Mano River


Perhaps resource estimates are missing for all three.

Another point is, how valid are the resource estimates?

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Thanks I've registered. Interesting article in the Sunday Times today.


Teeling mines a diamond leader

Ciaran Hancock


AFRICAN Diamonds is this week expected to announce the appointment of James Campbell, general manager for group exploration at mining giant De Beers, as its managing director.

Campbell, who will work under chairman John Teeling, is also expected to become deputy executive chairman of West African Diamonds, an offshoot of African Diamonds. The new company will list on the Alternative Investment Market on December 4 at 20p a share.



Campbell’s decision to move from one of the world’s biggest diamond mining companies to an exploration group with a market value of £102m (€150m) will surprise many in the industry. It is understood that Campbell will receive more than 1m share options, split between the two companies.


African Diamonds’ main project is the AK6 diamond mine in Botswana, a joint venture with De Beers, which owns 5.96% of African Diamonds’ equity. Campbell will have the task of transforming African Diamonds from an exploration group to a fully fledged mining company.


Exploration indicates that AK6 could become one of the world’s biggest diamond mines. A feasibility study at AK6 is expected to be completed next summer with African Diamonds applying for a mining licence from the government in Botswana.


Mining would not begin until late 2008 at the earliest. Campbell will also find other projects for the company.


Shareholders in African Diamonds will hold two-thirds of the stock of the new company. De Beers is expected to place all its shares with other institutions.



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Mostly gemstones, obviously


No junior exploration company is out looking for "industrial" diamonds

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Guest pbrofreno
Mostly gemstones, obviously


No junior exploration company is out looking for "industrial" diamonds

Industrials are the 'remnants' produced by all diamond operations. The 'junk' if you will. No point in looking for just 'junk' since it wouldn't pay the cost of mining it.

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that is right.


The Diamond gemstones are out there,

but not easy to find in good grades. Dozens of co's are now searching

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((from the Sunrise Diamonds-SDS thread on Advfn))


Nice move today in SDS on NR.


Set-up was right for the news, MM's must have been short of stock.

It will be interesting to see where the price settles down,

and how much buying volume follows this news.


The charts are looking distinctly better for momentum players.

If SDS can hold most of these recent gains, you could see the stock

build on this move up


Some Real Professional traders may prefer "messy" charts like this one:


chart ... update



...which includes some truly useful info for those that know how to read it


= = =



Diamond Results


RNS Number:0101N

Sunrise Diamonds PLC

30 November 2006






30 November 2006







* Micro-Diamond Found In Glacial Sediments At Target 295



* Target 295 Kimberlite Source May Be Significantly Diamondiferous



* Total 27 Micro-Diamonds Recovered From Target 298 Kimberlite Sample




Sunrise Diamonds plc ("Sunrise" or "the Company") is pleased to announce that

significant counts of micro-diamonds have been found in association with the

two-kimberlite targets in the Kaavi-Kuopio region of south-central Finland

described in its October 3rd 2006 announcement.



Target 298



At the Company's 100% owned Target 298, kimberlitic material was reported in

October to be abundant in glacial gravels suggesting, the Directors believe, a

source of significant size. A 20kg composite sample of this kimberlitic material

has now been processed at Kennecott Laboratories in Canada.


Twenty-seven micro-diamonds have been recovered from this 20kg sample.

Twenty-two of the stones were intact, mostly octohedra, and five were fragments.

Colours varied from white to brown and all are transparent with little sign of

resorbtion. The total weight is 504,263 octacarats (1 carat =10^8 octocarats).

The largest stone has dimensions 0.57mm x 0.57mm x 0.31mm.


Follow up work is now in progress to trace the source of the diamondiferous

kimberlite material.



Target 295


At unrelated Target 295, some kilometres away, and where the Company is earning

up to a 75% interest from owner Nordic Diamonds Ltd, a single micro-diamond has

been recovered during processing of a sample of surface glacial sediments. This

is one of a number of samples being processed in order to trace the source of

kimberlite fragments found in October.


This result corroborates the mineral chemistry from both the kimberlite

fragments and the glacial sediments and suggests, the Directors believe, that

the source kimberlite may be significantly diamondiferous.


The distribution and character of the kimberlite fragments suggest a local

source. Further sediment sampling is in progress and geophysics is planned to

delineate bedrock targets for drill testing.




The Company has received micro-diamond test results from a 200kg sample of the

recently discovered Lampi kimberlite deposit in the Kuusamo cluster in Finland.

Only one micro-diamond was recovered and this result does not reconcile with the

previous results from processing of initial drill samples which resulted in the

recovery of five micro-diamonds from a 10kg sample of the hypabyssal phase of

the Lampi kimberlite. These five micro-diamonds were all fragments with longest

dimensions between 0.25 and 0.41mm. It is possible that the fragments represent

pieces from one or more larger macro-diamonds and that the kimberlite contains

few micro-diamonds. The results will therefore be subject to further analysis.


"The results from Targets 295 and 298 are exciting. It is rare to find

micro-diamonds in samples of glacial sediments as we have at Target 295 -

normally we have to rely on more common kimberlite indicator minerals to

characterise the diamond potential of the source kimberlite. Also, the

micro-diamond count per kilo from Target 298 is high", said Sunrise Diamonds'

Chairman Patrick Cheetham today.


Further Info: Patrick Cheetham, Sunrise Diamonds plc. Tel: +44 (0)1625-505947.

Mob: +44 (0)7767-458751

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(this could be important)


De Beers warns of supply cuts ... for Diamonds


De Beers has warned its wholesale distributors for substantially lower availability of rough diamonds in the first half of 2007, compared to the first half of 2006.


In a communication to sightholders obtained by PolishedPrices, De Beers’ Diamond Trading Company (DTC), said it had encountered a number of material challenges in planning its allocation for the first half of next year.


As a result, the company has been forced to plan its distribution to clients with a lower than expected intake of rough diamonds.


“The overall reduction in availability has, in most cases, been the major factor affecting the level of goods we can offer to each sightholder,” the company said.


De Beers also cited requirements of diamond producing countries in Southern Africa as challenges that would impact its supply of rough.


# # #


Other interesting articles on: http://www.polishedprices.com/home.shtml

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Keep clear of Zimbabwe.


President Robert Mugabe plans to nationalise some of the country's diamond resources in an attempt to prop up the flagging economy.


Zimbabwe has two diamond mines: Murowa, which is owned by Rio Tinto and Riozim, and the privately-owned River Ranch.


In an interview on state television, President Mugabe said: "Only government will mine diamonds."




It is unclear whether President Mugabe's statements refer to the whole country or just to the Marange deposits.


A spokesman for Rio Tinto said: "Having read Mr Mugabe's comments we don't believe that government policy will change so we are not concerned." Zimbabwe is the sixth biggest diamond miner in Africa.



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