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Book Reviews: Property Cycles & Int'l Property investing

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The Global Property Investor's Toolkit: A Sourcebook for Successful Decision Making (Paperback)


By Maxim Masiutin (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova) - May 24, 2008


This review is : The Global Property Investor's Toolkit: A Sourcebook for Successful Decision Making (Paperback)



First of all, this book is for the very beginners, who only wants to start the business or is interested in overseas properties.


Colin Barrow has purchased and sold over 50 overseas properties. He's a U.K.-based venture capitalist, government policy advisor and prolific business and property writer. ...


This book equips you with the ability to tell a property market that's bubbling under from one that's a bubble about to pop. From estimating yields to forecasting growth, minimizing tax exposure to assessing healthcare systems, this is an all-embracing guide to building an investment strategy that delivers maximum returns and matches your lifestyle. This handbook includes big-picture advice on assessing a country's economic growth prospects, through to smaller details like finding the right broker or legal advisor.


The book has four parts, each of which drills down deeper into the factors governing choice.


Part 1 - starts by giving the overview for property as an investment and the factors that affect global property cycles and bubbles.


Part 2 - moves on to examine country-specific factors such as visa restrictions; healthcare; education; economic growth; the quality of life; tax; property law; and the prospects for capital appreciation and income generation. It also covers business-related taxes, including information on what is required to set up in business; what procedures need to be gone through; how complicated the process is; how long it will take; and what costs are involved. This information will be valuable for those considering setting up in any type of business, including property rental. By the end of Part 2 the reader should be able to narrow down their choice of overseas countries worthy of consideration, both by their own criteria and by objective investment yardsticks.


Part 3- the tools required for rigorous investigation of individual countries are introduced. This includes methods for researching a particular town or area within a country; examining internal transport infrastructure; the climate month by month, covering hours of sunshine and rain and also snowfall (if appropriate); and information on the leisure, cultural and tourism appeal of the country. Here you will also see how to find a bonded estate agent who won't run off with your deposit; an impartial local surveyor to advise on structure and local planning issues; and a lawyer who speaks your language and is on your side.


Part 4 - looks at issues related to getting settled into a country. These include language issues; moving effects; and, most importantly, all the issues that relate to fitting out and renting, in both the long and the short term.


/more: http://www.amazon.com/Global-Property-Inve...howViewpoints=1

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