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Welcome to NEW Visitors from Minesite


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SOME NEW VISITORS may be appearing from Minesite,

since there are now links in place to carry curious parties directly into this section


REGULAR POSTERS on GEI may be able to help you get the best from this chatboard


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as the article on the Minesite link-page says :


"Investor Bulletin Boards Can Help Enhance Your Investment Returns



Sitting in front a computer can be a lonely business, even when you are making money doing it. Creative thoughts tend to get refined and improved, when they get tested in the maelstrom of public debate.

. . .

Investor Bulletin Boards have become an increasingly important tool for the serious investor. They provide a way of leveraging your own work, and ganing access to the ideas and opinions of others. "


please let us know something about you, and what you hope to find on GEI

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Well I'm an aussie, which you've no doubt gathered if you've read my posts. Been investing in the junior mining sector for the last 7 years and i have a love affair with it, though personally i work in the financial services sector. I've been lucky enough to meet some fantastic people in the mining game (Geos, engineers, corporate players, brokers etc), which gives me a unfair advantage i guess.


I thought id start posting since i think i will enjoy sharing my mining investment ideas which all hopefully come up trumps. I've had some pretty spectacular successes though quite a few duds as well.


Hopefully i also find some investment opportunities on this board as well.



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"which gives me a unfair advantage i guess"


welcome, BuffetJr.


knowing geos and corporate players, etc. ... can be a great way to create an edge in this business.

And it helps if you have an edge.


Have a look at the thread I just started on ken fisher's interview on financialsense : thread


He asks: what do you know that others do not know? - is the key to making money



I suppose that many who are based in London feel they get valuable insights into the workings

of the junior miners by meeting with the management of co's when they visit london.


even if you do not have an opportunity to ask detailed questions, you can learn alot from:

+ body language

+ tone of voice

+ what they don't say that they should have said


an example of this was the last minesite where one of the presenters finished his talk like this:


"we have de-risked the company. even if our project in xxx failed to work, the company

would still be alright."


i said to myself: he just told us his project in xxx is not going to work.

i was surprised that the stock did not collapse the next day or two.

i wonder how many others heard it that way?

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