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Affordable Sustainable Homes Project

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The Green Work Shop Project


D.R. Jackson

Green Advertising And Marketing LTD

2058 Turkey Creek Rd.

Barbourville, KY 40906


Current Project "Affordable Sustainable Homes"

~ aka sustainable cities project




I want to express the reason I found this network interesting to me. First of all I am a member of the (The NREL) "Alliance for Sustainable Energy's" Commercial Building Partnership Association (CBPA). And am now working on a project at the US DOE Energy Efficient Building Program web site. At the moment the web pages for my project are closed to public access.


I submitted a pre proposal to NREL suggesting potential projects that I might want to develop in the future here. And so, I am working on one of those projects now. My pre proposal landed me in a closed forum hosted by the NREL.


Anyways, after this experience, the DOE invited me to list my project at their Energy Efficient Building Program site to solicit public partnerships for a potential project.


So I am looking for people as potential partners and collaborators, and investors. Who are interested in following one vision.


I want to follow the DOE suggestion of a project that represents a "Market Ready Solution." As a green building project with renewable energy features. And the project must use locally available materials found in every local market. And must not incorporate untested new fab materials. Hence local materials found in every local market equates to Market Ready Solutions.


Now there is a select kind of renewable energy technology that I have found is more affordable and more capable of producing a substantial amount of energy than wind or solar electrical systems. And thus is more capable of paying for itself in it's rated life time. In fact it can pay for itself up to three times in it's rated lifetime. And today, the rated lifetime of 20 years has been exceeded by 5 years. And so, it appears that the rated lifetime will now be listed at 30 years if all goes well. And since the original product came to market it has been improved. Hence we can not estimate the lifetime of the newer versions of the technology. At the moment I decline to provide Proprietary Data on what my chosen renewable energy system is.

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Have any photos?


Maybe you could post one or two here, and offer links to more - so we can see what you are doing

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Have any photos?


Maybe you could post one or two here, and offer links to more - so we can see what you are doing


I have blue prints and software analysis files of the building models. I do have an illustration of a solar business building I designed using the same principles. Without an architect drawing I am not sure what you would make of it. Let me go find it here.


The floor plan with R Factor data, and the general illustration of the exterior is meant to go to my architect. The structures you see on the face of this building consist of solar panels and other structures. And there are software analysis files that go with the design.


Underling thanks for the link.


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I am an MD for a house builder.


I would be most interested in hearing:


- the cost per house to install

- the minimum size of site

- the energy reduction in CO2 levels

- how this system would score in the Code for Sustainable Homes


FWIW the large energy companies are starting to work with volume plcs on combined heat and power plants on large strategic sites, and energy from waste systems too. I know of one systme where the cost would be in the region of £3.5k per house (to the housebuilder) but the ESCO installs all the system (the off plot infrastructure and heat exchanger in the house). The contract would be 40 years long. This system gives Level 6 Code for Sustainable Homes, with the remainder of the build of the house being to Level 3! For £3.5k only! Other methods involve extra over costs of up to £40k per unit to get from Level 3 to Level 6. I can't say too much more, as it is commercially confidential, but suffice to say you need to compete with this type of thing where the massive Euro energy companies are taking a long term view on large sites.


On small developments (under 30), and high density (flats and terraces) energy creation is practically impossible and extremely expensive. This is where your long term market could be aimed at (but I don't know what your system is so who knows!)



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