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Buying a House with a "Compromise" & The Cycle

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I was having a quick browse on GoogleMaps around some of the towns I now live near and came across this;






What would it take to put up with something like this?


Does housing with a big compromise get affected differently in the cycles?


I'm sure I've heard that flats above shops rise and fall much greater than the average as people are more willing to compromise in the boom phase.


Are there any other examples that you've seen?

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I would agree with that statement : The swings are probably bigger.


These sorts of "compromised" spaces will be harder to sell in a weak market.

And there may be no buyers at all.


But when prices are high, people will compromise to save money


Great photo - very disturbing.

All that electricity in the air cannot be healthy - it is more than an eyesore problem here

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