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Just got here so sorry if in about 10 minutes I find an existing topic commenting on this site. But impressed so far.


I have always appreciated your (Dr Bubb) comments on HPC and whilst I was aware and considering precious metal etc it was your analysis that led me to invest considerable amounts and needless to say this has been a good year for me!


Of late i have grown tired of HPC, hence the few posts. I browse advfn a lot but rarely post so this site looks like I may make a home here. Another reason I have lost much interest in HPC.co.uk is that I suspect that there will no longer be a crash in sterling terms at least. However, in commodity terms house are crashing and I believe will continue to do so for some time to come.


And I take great comfort that no one at work or on the 'bus' (don’t use them they suck) is yet discussing gold, zinc, silver uranium etc.



I will browse and digest what I seen here but I am specifically looking for advice on how to get into private placements in Canada. I am registered with Cornhill in the uk so get sent AIM listings etc.




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Welcome, Jon.


It is good to have you here. I look forward to reading your posts and suggestions.


I suppose if Sterling fell enough, and wages (in Sterling terms) rose, then property could manage

a "sideways correction." That is not my own expected case, but it is certainly a possible case.


In the short term, it will be interesting to see if sterling falls below $1.70. If it does, and the BoE

fails to raise rates to protect the currency, then your scenario becomes more likely

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Hi.... I am also here after finding a link on HPC.co.uk.


This is the real information i seek as a STR who is lost in the brave new world of investment.


I will be going through most of the topics and posts on here many times to get an idea of the best approach to investing cash to hopefully counter inflation and make a bit of profit.... I am waiting for a house price correction before i buy again, and i am not afraid of renting forever.


I am a total novice as i have never saved money in my life, i have never been a follower of politics or what the bank was up to.... Just an average working joe mid-mortgage who has stepped aside from the crowd to try something different...




Is there a worthwhile internet based course or any easy to read books that will help me deal with the fundamentals and language of the markets ? I seem to get lost in the technical quotes mid flow and lose the meaning of important issues....



Any help appreciated....



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For a glossary, or some trading tips, try:

http://www.advfn.com/money-words_.html or



...or, maybe these, that I found thru Google...

http://www.investorwords.com/ : search any term,



Also, i believe that you can find some good explanations of chartist terms on



MAYBE you can let us know which one you found most useful and why

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