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Fuel-Tech, N.V. (MM) NASDAQ:FTEK


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Another share tiped in Moneyweek 24 Feb 2006 Fuel-Tech, N.V. (MM) NASDAQ:FTEK Current Price $16.00


Finding top quality firms that are also socially responsible is tough, says Steven Goldberg on Kiplinger.com, but not impossible: there are about 250 pure play, small-cap firms “doing something positive about the environment”. They fall into two broad categories: alternative and renewable energy, and natural and organic food.


A good example of the first category, say managers at the Winslow Green Fund, is Fuel-Tech (FTEK, $11.75). Fuel-Tech makes use of a technology that removes pollutants from oil and coal-burning power stations. The firm “has just started making money” and, with the trend towards “clean” coal technology, “should earn $1 a share” in two or three years...


Fuel Tech Investor relations


Chart looks exponential - can it continue?

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Great move! Do you own any?


With a chart like that, I would be selling, if I owned any, as soon as the volume eases

from the current high levels.


Typically, there is a big pullback after such a run-up.


No I don't hold, I remember reading the article but did not act, hindsight is often 20/20.


Will add to my watch list for now and buy if it dips.

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