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Cheap Gold Stocks, & the search for them


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anyone listen to the Gold roundtable on FSE?


I keep hearing about how depressed gold shares are while my account keeps banging up to new highs. In my account are shares like: GAL.v. EOX.v, ...and many more which are trading near their highs.


So what are these stocks they are talking about??


Some of my stocks are hitting sell targets, so i am looking for new ideas.

I'd love to know what these depressed gold shares are ?


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this thread is to help spot them


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Charts : http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=13843261

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old list - from stockhouse


Here is the list I am assigning for Canada and Independence Day homework:


Quaterra Resources (TSX: V.QTA, BullBoards) ??

Midway Gold (TSX: V.MDW, BullBoards)

Kenrich Eskay (TSX: V.KRE, BullBoards)

Polymet (AMEX: PLM, BullBoards)

Terraco Gold (TSX: V.TEN, BullBoards)

Baja Mining (TSX: V.BAJ, BullBoards)

MacMillan Gold (TSX: V.MMG, BullBoards)

VanGold Resources (TSX: V.VAN, BullBoards)


CHARTS: http://www.advfn.com/cmn/fbb/thread.php3?id=1048357


If you rank these I will review your list, personally, and grade your homework - for what it's worth. I don't give many A's. This is a partial list. I am always looking for new ideas and have 10 more potential Discovery names that I am working on, as well. For the record I own all these stocks.


@: http://www.stockhouse.com/shfn/editorial.asp?edtID=18436


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there might be some cheapies amongst these also...


BWLRF Breakwater Resources.. B 10wk

CAU-- Canyon Resources Corp. B "

CGLD- Capital Gold Corp..... B "

EGO-- Eldorado Gold Corp.... B "

RIC-- Richmont Mines Inc.... B "

AZK-- Aurizon Mines Ltd..... S 10wk*0 1 AZK


DROOY Durban Roodepoort Deep S "

NSU-- Nevsun Resources...... S "

OZN-- Orezone Resources Inc. S "

SSRI- Silver Standard Res... B 6mos

CDGEF CDG Investments, Inc.. S 6mos

CUSIF Cusac Gold Mines Ltd.. S "

DEZ-- Desert Sun Mining Corp S " ((merged into Yamana))

EGI-- Entree Gold Inc....... S "

GCGC- Golden Cycle Gold Corp S "

MFN-- Minefinders Corp. Ltd. S "

MNG-- Miramar Mining Corp... S "

NG--- NovaGold Resources.... S "

PMU-- Pacific Rim Mining.... S "

PAAS- Pan American Silver... S "

THMG- Thunder Mountain Gold. S "

USGL- U.S. Gold Corporation. S "

Totals 5 5 1 13 0 1

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Hi Dr


From an aussie point of view, the junior goldies (explorers and producers alike) are struggling due to very poor production performances from teh majority of gold producers over the last couple quarters...


Companies like BMO (gone to the wall) and GLN which is producing at costs close to or above the gold price, and various other goldies are struggling and this is feeding through to the rest of the sector.


One of my lil companies, Atlantic Gold (ATV) has moved up a little but is well under where it should be imo given its nice resource in Canada.


Do not hold many goldies in my portfolio at the moment as there appears no sign of the Aussie producers improving their performance however if they get much cheaper , then the ones with a quality resource and management may just be on my value radar.



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