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Sea Ranch, at Yi Long Wan

Old description of it:

Sea Ranch is developed by Hutchison Whampoa. It is a low density estate with 20 blocks. It takes 45 minutes to Central and 15 minutes to Cheung Chau. The estate has a 500,000 (?) sq.ft. private clubhouse." (Do they mean 30,000 sf ? or 10,000 sf per clubhouse building?)



There are no shops or restaurants within the estate and for this reason it is unique in Hong Kong. The original clubhouse and sporting facilities have been closed for a number of years and the estate is now a tranquil and peaceful enclave on the South Lantau coast.



------ / Other SR Map: http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/6094/searmap.jpg


Sea Ranch - Yi Long Wan +++ Ref No.: IGHK8416S

Price: HKD$2,950,000 blank.gif






I=== proudly present this 1450 sq ft two bedrooms apartment comes with contemporary décor, balcony with amazing sea with, located in the quiet area of Lantau Island and close to public transport link. Ideal for investment or self use, this unit is for sale with lease at 2.95M and viewing is not available.

Please contact I=== for a viewing.



The Sea Ranch Apartment--- :: http://www.sea-ranch...hk/contact.html : Igl-u

Dawson - inquiry form --------- :: http://www.dawsons.c...ng/SeaRanchThe/

Lantau South Country Park :: http://www.afcd.gov....vis_cou_ls.html

Sea Ranch Ferry schedule--- :: https://lifeattheend...-2011-08-25.pdf

Life at end of the ferry blog--- :: http://lifeattheendo....wordpress.com/ : Mon-Sat schedule

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District Lantau Island

Address Yi Long Wan

Sale Price $6,000,000 Exclusive : $2,000 per sf

Size 3,000 sqft / 5 BR / 3 Bathrooms




Facilities Furnished Green View Open View

Contact Details

Comments Include a 1000' garden

Located close to a peaceful and isolated beach in Southern Lantau Island with magnificent seaviews.

Perfect place for getaway from the bustles and hustles of city life

Shuttle ferry service to Cheung Chau

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13 September 2006 / South China Morning Post


DISCOVERY BAY is not a Hong Kong first.

Sea Ranch was the original self-contained luxury enclave on Lantau. But while Hutchison Whampoa's holiday resort, completed in 1979, ran into massive debt and legal wrangling (and is now a ghost town visible to hydrofoil passengers on their way to Macau), Hong Kong Resort's Discovery Bay has evolved into yet another remarkable Hong Kong success story.

=== ===


SR-v1-: searv1.jpg


SR-v2-: searv2.jpg


SR-v3-: searv3.jpg


SR-v4-: searv4.jpg


/roof etc: http://www.anunico.h...le-2234934.html


sr18aph1.jpg .. sr18aph2.jpg

sr18aph3.jpg .. searv5.jpg


History Lesson:

HPL was incorporated in March 1971, concentrating on property investment, agency and management services. In the mid-70s, it moved into property development with a residential complex in Kwai Chung and the ambitious Sea Ranch holiday resort on Lantau Island.

/see: http://www.hwpg.com/...panyprofile.asp

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Sea Ranch Transactions



Trans. Date : Address------------- : Price- HKD : Sq.ft. : Price / sf.

2012-11-19 : Flat A 2/F Block 18 : $1,080,000 1,050 : $1,029

2012-11-12 : Flat C GF Block 14 : $0,690,000 0,615 : $1,122

2012-08-24 : Flat A 3/F Block 09 : $2,500,000 1,210 : $2,066

2012-06-20 : Flat A 3/F Block 18 : $1,800,000 1,050 : $1,714

2012-05-22 : Flat B 3/F Block 14 : $0,800,000 0,615 : $1,301


/see: http://www.squarefoo...perty/10289346/



2012-07-09 : Flat B 1/F Phase1? : $1,500,000 1,210 : $1,240 : assign

2012-07-06 : Flat A ?/F Phase1? : $1,990,000 1,210 : $1,645 : assign

2012-07-05 : Flat B ?/F Block 14 : $0,750,000 0,615 : $1,220 : assign

2012-06-30 : Flat B ?/F Block 14 : $0,800,000 0,615 : $1,301 : assign

2012-06-29 : Flat B ?/F Phase2? : $1,400,000 0, ??? : $1, ??? : assign

2012-06-22 : Flat B ?/F Block 18 : $1,250,000 1,050 : $1,190 : assign

2012-06-20 : Flat A 3/F Block 18 : $1,800,000 1,050 : $1,714 : ASP

2012-06-13 : Flat D ?/F Block 14 : $0,200,000 0,615 : $0,325 : assign

2012-06-07 : Flat B ?/F Block 07 : $1,700,000 1,210 : $1,400 : assign

2012-06-05 : Flat A ?/F Phase1? : $0,560,000 0,615 : $0,911 : assign

2012-05-22 : Flat B 3/F Block 14 : $0,800,000 0,615 : $1,301 : ASP

2012-05-21 : Flat B ?/F Block 18 : $1,250,000 1,050 : $1,190 : ASP

2012-05-10 : Flat A ?/F Phase1? : $0,560,000 0,615 : $0,911 : ASP

2012-05-10 : Flat A ?/F Phase1? : $1,990,000 1,210 : $1,645 : ASP

2012-05-07 : Flat B ?/F Phase1? : $1,700,000 1,210 : $1,405 : ASP

2012-04-26 : Flat B 3/F Phase1? : $2,980,000 1,210 : $2,463 : assign

2012-04-13 : Flat B ?/F Phase2? : $1,400,000 ?, ??? : $ ?, ??? : ASP

2012-03-21 : Flat B ?/F Block 14 : $0,750,000 0,615 : $1,220 : Pro-ASP

2011-12-30 : Flat B ?/F Block 15 : $1,150,000 ?, ??? : $ ?, ??? : assign

2011-12-19 : Flat B ?/F Phase1? : $1,500,000 1,210 : $ 1,240 : ???


/see: http://transactions....d/Sea-Ranch/en/


Weighted average Sales price over the last 12 months was :

HKD 1,361 per sf (23 transaction - but none in Jan or Feb.)



Blocks with confirmed sales: # 7, 9, ... 14, 15, 18 // But only 14 blocks on the map ?


Beach Chalet - Floorplans : (row closer to the sea)





Size Estimates : Possible Value:

: 30,000 x $0,500 = $ 15 Million : 3 Clubhouse bldgs : controlled by Holiday Resorts, along with 15 flats

140,000 x $1,400 = $196 Million : 14 Bldgs = 10,000 sf / Bldg / 4 fl = 2,500 /floor ? 50 x 50 = 2,500


170,000 x ?????? = $211 Million

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MANAGEMENT COMPANY (for 1,450 units* / share units?)


The resort is managed by a professional management company who are responsible for collecting management fees from owners and paying for the day-to-day expenses such as gardening, estate security and minor repair jobs. The management company reports to the Incorporated Owners Committee. From June 2009 Urban Property Management, a subsidiary of New World Development, has taken over management of the resort.



Since the resort needs to pay for its own ferry service to and from Cheung Chau, and also gardeners, security staff and the upkeep of certain common facilities such as sewage, the monthly management fees are higher than a comparable size apartment in Central. The management fees for the 1,450 units is $3,200 per month.



Government rates are payable on all residential property in Hong Kong and are assessed as 5% of the annual rateable value. Government rent is also payable on all land in Hong Kong. Both these taxes are payable quarterly.

Current quarterly payments are around $300.



The nearest shops are on Cheung Chau Island, 15 minutes by boat from the resort. There are no shops at the Sea Ranch. Cheung Chau has supermarkets such as Wellcome and Park n Shop, chemists such as Watsons, and convenience stores. There is even a McDonald s ! For more sophisticated food shopping the staff at the City Super supermarket at IFC in Central will carry your groceries to the Cheung Chau ferry at Pier Number 5 after you complete your purchase.



The resort has electricity provided by China Light and Power (CLP).

Fixed line telephone service is provided by PCCW and there is mobile phone coverage in most of the resort.

There is no fixed line broadband internet but Mobile Broadband works well.

Water is free of charge and comes from our own source in the hills behind the resort.

Gas is of the bottled variety, with refills delivered by a company in Cheung Chau.


/more: http://www.sea-ranch.com.hk/info.html


* An interesting disparity:



AGM : June 2012 Notes


+ There were 59 numbers of owners (210 undivided shares) out of the total 200 residential units attended, which represented approximately 29.5% of the total numbers of owners. The meeting was preceded as the statutory quorum (10%) was met.

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We carried on round the coast to Sea Ranch for a bit of a gander. Fantastic walk, really pretty path from Chi Ma Wan Prison all the way to Sea Ranch, but Oh My God! What a horrible canker on the bottom of Lantau that former “luxury” resort is. It’s post-apocalyptic, it’s rotten, it’s spine-chilling frankly. Broken windows, broken blinds, desiccated pot-plants left out for years on balconies, one house had a bunch of weird statues of 4ft tall african tribesman standing outside their front door – oddness. A couple of the flats/houses are lived in and there are 24hour guards, but it really feels like hell descended and just ate everyone up. Shpooky. We ran away ‘toot sweet’.

Anyway: Click here for all the contact details and how to get there.



1 Comment:



Dai Long Wan is at the far south-east of Chi Ma Wan peninsula, and is one of those old villages completely inaccessible by road. There are kaido’s that run from nearby Cheung Chau, or you can walk there easily from the prison.

On our visit to the village, which was out of pure curiosity to go and see the old pub, we struck up a conversation with a lady tending to one of the vegetable patches. Her name is Shirley and she runs the Island Club as well as being one of the people selling organic veggies at the Dai Long Wan Organic Farm.

Amazingly, they don’t take these veggies anywhere to sell, so you have to come here.


Whilst I was there, it reminded me that the government’s continued ban on smallholders keeping chickens and pigs is a bit nuts when villages like this don’t have road access.

Being able to keep livestock would mean that these guys could be utterly self-sufficient in food if they wanted to be.


Location: Dai Long Wan, Chi Ma Wan peninsula (important as there are at least two Dai Long Wan’s on the island) Lantau.

Getting there: 30min easy hike from Chi Ma Wan Prison, or get a kaido from Cheung Chau 15mins away for $100.

Contacts: Shirley Chan 93508664 (she speaks very good english), www.islandclub.hk


/source: http://www.hongkongp...nic-vegetables/

/Island Club: http://hongkongphoodey.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/lantaus-island-club-a-far-flung-option-for-some-organic-veggies/

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Potential for Development

Various suggestions for development have been raised from time to time.

Indigenous residents would like to see a lifting or relaxing of the Coastal Protection

Area zoning to enable them to convert their agricultural land into building sites. A

study by the Tourism Commission has identified the possibility of constructing a ‘spa

hotel’ at Cheung Sha. A cultural centre and better civic amenities have been

requested. Plans for revitalizing the Mui Wo pier area have been received from

residents. Others see potential in developing attractions such as a butterfly park, a

botanic garden and even a safari park. There is also a feeling from some sectors that

SL should be made more accessible with concrete cycle trails and boardwalks along

the beaches.



Comments by Green Lantau Association / Clive Noffke


South and rural Lantau - general comments


Lantau presently offers substantial areas where nature can be viewed and

enjoyed in a relatively pristine state. Limited access has helped to achieve this.

Lantau is not however remote or inaccessible. The MTR serves Tung Chung, and

ferries serve both Mui Wo and Tai O. A network of buses provides access to all

settled areas. Most parts of Lantau are within 90 minutes travel from downtown

Hong Kong. This includes the natural beaches at Cheung Sha and Pui O, the

Lantau Trail access points, and the tourist attractions at Tai O and Ngong Ping.

The listed development proposals are intended to open these high

conservation value areas up to even greater use by the general public and tourists

alike. There is a clearly perceived belief that what is required is more accessibility,

easier recreational opportunities, and the removal of inconvenient nature.


(One of the development ideas was):

Resorts at :

a / Lower Cheung Sha and b/ Chi Ma Wan


- we believe that neither location has prospect of commercial success. Hotels have

failed at Pui O and Cheung Sha, and Sea Ranch is proof if any is required of

continued failure at Chi Ma Wan. Neither the sea quality nor the hinterland

attractions offer the standards of enjoyment overseas tourists require.


- Sewerage disposal will be an issue for both locations,


- At Tai Long Wan, we would expect all access by sea and would oppose

destruction of Country Park to construct the long and difficult road access to the

nearest road head.

=== ===


/source: http://www.legco.gov...cb1-1340-5e.pdf : February 2005


From : Clive Noffke, Green Lantau Assoc. / cnoffke@netvigator.com

/ To "Miss" sjyuen@legco.gov.hk on 2005/04/19 :

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(An article on "Secret Hong Kong" gave this description ):


Abandoned luxury development: Sea Ranch

Visiting Sea Ranch today feels like visiting Discovery Bay after a direct hit from a neutron bomb.
The southwest Lantau ghost town is shabby, crumbling, and crushingly depressing to visit, but one feels it would make a good horror movie set. The developer went bust in the 1980s and legal proceedings rumbled on for years.
There are residents, apparently, but we couldn’t see any on a recent visit. Sea Ranch is totally private, meaning only residents and their guests are allowed to visit. You’re certainly made to feel like a trespasser every second you’re here “unofficially”.

Mention the settlement to Hong Kong property agents and you’ll get a quizzical “Where?” in response, but, for those who hanker for a film noir-like dirty weekend, a few Cheung Chau agents do have properties for short-term rentals. Bring your own everything – there’s only one retail outlet of any sort here: a soft drink stand at the security post that stands on Sea Ranch’s tiny pier.


Cheung Chau Island is the gateway to Sea Ranch, and wallah wallahs (small boats) can be hired for $30-$80 each way. This trip takes about 25 minutes. There’s also a scheduled “ferry” service that departs daily from Cheung Chau from a small pier to the left of the main pier. This vessel is a white and blue motor launch and leaves at about 7am each day.


/more: http://www.timeout.c...-hong-kong.html


/SR-Panorama : http://lifeattheendo...ch_panorama.jpg

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Sea Ranch's 2004 Revival attempt

Involved an Art Gallery, and a story of Princess Diana's visit


Friday, 16 January, 2004, 12:00am : Back then, an Art Gallery at Sea Ranch


With Lunar New Year on the doorstep, it's as good a time as any to look back ... way back.


Decadent days For a merging of modern art and Hong Kong's decadent past, head for Lantau Island's Sea Ranch - a now largely forgotten luxury resort that was once a haven for the suave and debonair.



View of Sea Ranch from the helicopter pad


To spark a little life into the old buildings, organiser Andy Kwong has opened Winter Salon - a gallery of works by six contemporary local artists, set on Sea Ranch's beachfront.


Sea Ranch, itself a relic of colonial architecture, harks back to the 1970s when it served as an opulent retreat for playboys and pleasure-seekers. However, since the development of other parts of Lantau, the area has been largely deserted. Yet the nostalgic atmosphere lingers.


Within the walls of the seaside resort, the Winter Salon will feature the works of Gerard Bookle, Oliver C.M. Chan, Michael Clements, Lam Wai Kit, Mary Padua and Paulina Wong - a group of artists whose works include conceptual art, impressionist pieces, black and white drawings and photography.


To start your adventure, get one of the free ferries at Queen's Pier for a ride to the island, where it's a short walk along the beach to the ranch. Mon-Fri, by appointment only, tel: 2989 1231. On weekends, the gallery is open to all visitors. Ferries leave at 1.15pm, 3.15pm, 6pm and 8pm, with an extra 10am ferry on Sundays.

==== ====


( The inspiration of "Princess Diana" was enlisted in the 2004 Sea Ranch Revival attempt):




'Here' is the five-star, 200-unit resort called Sea Ranch built by the Hutchison group at Yi Lon Wan on southern Lantau Island in the late 1970s at a cost of $40 million. The apartment in question is the 1,000 or so square foot ground-floor apartment that Kwong has turned into an art gallery for his Hong Kong Art Exposition Group.


'I was quite down on Hong Kong just after Sars,' he says. 'Nothing was happening. Pre-1997 this was a happening place, a party town, a place of opportunities where you could come and reinvent yourself. But over the past few years, with the Asian financial crisis and other things, it has just become depressing. Sea Ranch saved me. The beauty of the place and the relatively cheap rents were an attraction, but I could also see the potential for an art gallery. Although it takes 45 minutes to get here by ferry from Central [there's no road access], it has a sort of familiarity, a bourgeois decadence that I love.'


In a confluence of fortunes, Kwong discovered Sea Ranch at a time when it needed people like him. If he'd found it difficult toughing out Hong Kong's leaner years, the place had it a lot worse, nearly closing because of legal wrangling resulting from the declining economy. 'End of the road for Sea Ranch' ran one headline in 1998. 'Paradise Lost' said another.


The Yi Long Wan development was aimed at an upmarket clientele. Unveiled at the 1975 Hong Kong Ideal Homes Exhibition and completed in 1979, it was sold as a 'self-contained community with every luxury'. It would comprise swish seaview apartments with all the latest mod-cons, served by an exclusive club boasting top-notch restaurants and featuring a cocktail lounge, sports complex, sauna, nursery, library - and a man-made beach. Prices varied between $250,000 and $550,000 for one- to three-bedroom flats, with additional management fees to cover ferry services to Central and Cheung Chau, security and maintenance.


Unfortunately, it all went horribly wrong. By 1983, Hutchison was $7 million in debt over the project and threatening to suspend services. It had to write off the sum, selling the holding company, Holiday Resorts, to apartment owners for $1. After breaking even in 1991, the new company had to write off debts of $786,790 and $506,908 between 1994 and 1996. Some of the residents - under the name Incorporated Owners (IO) - split from the Holiday Resorts management committee in 1996 after disagreements and litigation. Wrangling continued until IO won control by marshalling 61 per cent of the voting shares in 1998.


Holiday Resorts, which refuses to recognise the legality of the owners' management company, was left with 15 flats, responsibility for upkeep of the pier and control of the club, now closed. IO entrusted day-to-day running to Central-based management agents A.G. Wilkinson for a current monthly bill of about $500,000, which includes the ferry services - free to 'permanent' residents, as they call themselves - security and small-scale maintenance.


It was a bitter period that left Sea Ranch a derelict shadow of its original brochure vision. Long-term residents had won the battle for control, but at a price. A combination of litigation and the Asian economic collapse meant that many apartments were sold for letting, kept empty or abandoned. There are now about 60 owners, with 40 per cent of the apartments occupied.

'It has cost me $3 million to get where we are today with the court cases and all that, but I don't care about the money,' says IO chairman George Chong La-fu, 72. 'I think the place is worth it.'


IO vice-chairman Reidar Jenssen, 72, agrees and says it's thanks to Chong's dedication that Sea Ranch is now recovering and management coffers are about $200,000 in the black. 'George has been our saviour, but has paid deeply for it,' he says.


George Chong, who owns 18 flats - nearly 10 per cent of the estate - says that, despite its fall from grace, the place has changed for the better. At the height of 'the troubles, [owners] more interested in investments than homes' were letting their apartments to weekend revellers. Late-night parties, mahjong, drunken antics and petty disagreements led to rows and contributed to the litigation. Chong says he's happy to see new owners and tenants such as Kwong reviving Sea Ranch. 'It's like a family here now. It makes me feel good when I see people nodding and smiling to each other on the ferry in the morning.'


/more: http://webcache.goog...0&hl=en&ct=clnk

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A NEW MISSION? - might something like this work at Sea Ranch ?


Places to Rejuvenate - The Farm at San Benito, Philippines




“We believe disease is preventable and curable, naturally.”


The Farm is a centre for holistic healing and wellness where people balance their mind, body and spirit with nourishing live foods in an eco- friendly place.


The Farm is a healing journey, a “must have” in every individual’s life at least once a year. This personal journey is needed for recharging one’s mental, physical, and spiritual state. It is the sole sanctuary of its kind in the Philippines and one of the best in the world.

The Farm is a life-changing retreat that enables its guests to cope with the ever-increasing stress-filled challenges of everyday life through a well-managed and tailored wellness programs for restoration of balance and harmony by encouraging a commitment to a proactive healthy lifestyle.

Our vision is to establish a unique healing centre in a new dimension offering a personal journey with a total holistic approach to rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul in an idyllic setting. To address individual requirements and administer its wide-array of wellness packages and customized detox treatment programs.




Most of the modern-day diseases (digestive disorders, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis) have their origin in the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. Toxins weaken our immune system or the body’s way of warding off diseases. Toxins come from environmental pollution, cigarette smoking, food preservatives, repeated use of cooking oil, strained relations, stress, and a whole lot more.


The Farm offers Prevention and Recovery Retreat programs that focus on medically guided detoxification as a way to jump start the body cleansing process. Psycho-emotional detoxification is an integral part of this cleansing program. For those with more serious health conditions, The Farm medical staff will design a Recovery Retreat program tailored to your individual specific health needs.


/more: http://www.thefarm.com.ph/about-us/


/Rejuvenation thread : http://www.greenener...showtopic=17073


Based in Hong Kong, Downtown Detox offers nutritional programmes to help kick-start a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, combat food cravings and rejuvenate your body.

/Downtown Detox : http://downtowndetoxasia.com/

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Living on Cheung Chau Island




10 kilometers (approx. 6.2 miles) southwest of Hong Kong Island lays the Cheung Chau Island. Although it is only a small area, it has a comparatively large population of more than 20,000 people. The residents live mainly in the middle part of the island where the land is low. Because this little island is shaped like a dumbbell - large at its two ends and narrower in the middle - it is also named 'Dumbbell Island'.


Cheung Chau Island has been a fishing village since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). All day long the ports are busy with the comings and goings of the fishing boats. In the evening, the port is awash with the soft light of the setting sun. Wherever you look, day or night, you are seeing a beautiful picture. The island is peaceful and moves calmly through each day, providing tourists a pleasant place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city-life.

== ==





The central part of the island is well developed with shops and houses. The laneways are so narrow that normal motor traffic is impossible. Instead, there are small motorized trucks officially termed "Village vehicles". For example, there are small specially designed mini-fire engines, ambulances and police cars. Residential areas also exist on the hills of the north and south.


Traditionally the island was a fishing village and there are still fishing fleets working from the harbour. However in recent years the island has become a major tourist attraction, offering a mixture of sandy swimming beaches, seafood cafes, and traditional Chinese culture.




A First Ferry ferry at

Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, within Cheung Chau typhoon shelter.


First Ferry operates ferries service between Central pier and Cheung Chau. The ferries run approximately every 30 minutes depending upon time of day. Schedules on Sundays and public holidays differ from weekdays. The trip of about 20 kilometers takes 55 minutes or 35 minutes for ordinary ferries and high speed ferries respectively. Due to inaccessibility to cars and other vehicles, most residents use bicycles for personal transportation, and a number of bicycle rental shops near the ferry pier rent bicycles to tourists.


/ Wiki: http://en.wikipedia....iki/Cheung_Chau

/Hotels & BB's : http://www.cheungcha...-chau-hong-kong : Serviced-Apt

/ Headlines : http://www.cheungchauhk.com/articles


Cheung Chau

=== Per SF

D :$2,765

12: 1,109

F. : 2,769

M : 3,473

A : 1,279

M : 2,588

J. : 2,431

Jl : 2,431

A : 4,527

S : 4,527

O : 4,527

N : 3,886

D :


/see: http://transactions....Cheung-Chau/en/

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WHY LIVE on Cheung Chau ?


These are the most common reasons for people to live in Cheung Chau:

(Given in percentage, more than one of the following options could be chosen)


1. Born in Cheung Chau……………………………………….90%

2. Fresh air………………………………………………..……..80%

3. Nice and honest neighbourhood………………..….….….80%

4. Stable career……………………………………………...…60%

5. Simple life……………………………………………..……...70%

6. Better environment and living quality…………..……..…80%

7. Children's education………………………………...……...50%


The 2 big problems are:

1. Not convenient enough. As mentioned above Cheung Chau is like a rural village and does not provide much night life, residents here could still bear that however they admit it is very inconvenient. Like when you suddenly wanted to have supper one night and have no instant noodles at home, what would you do? For urban people, the reply will probably be very straight and simple, 'Go downstairs and find a fast food shop.' However, it was not that easy for people living in Cheung Chau.

2. Transportation takes a long time. As we all know, the best and only way to reach Cheung Chau is by ferry. However, the ferries were not so frequent, and it might take you a long time waiting if you missed one. This seems to have separated Cheung Chau from the center of Hong Kong.



To meet the demand of the population living in Cheung Chau, the way of development has changed a bit in recent years.


1. To solve the problem of inconvenience, shops have been built and came into service. They include Parkin' , Wellcome, also fast food restaurants like McDonalds etc.

People in Cheung Chau say that the new way of development has provided them with much convenience and has further enhanced their living standard.


2. Dealing with the other problem-frequency of ships, the ferry company has responded by increasing the frequency of the ferries. You can probably catch the ferry in 30 minutes even if you missed one. You can also choose to take the express ferry if you are in a hurry. For any further information about the frequency of ships, please check the ferry timetable attached.


/source: http://intranet.qc.e...web/whylive.htm

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Cecil Chao paradise taking shape on Cheung Chau


Submitted by Martin on Mon, 06/12/2010 - 5:25pm


Along Cheung Chau Praya, towards Sai Wan, a housing development is taking shape. Not just any development - this is on land bought in 2007 for a whopping HK$96.5 million by Cheuk Nan (Holdings) Ltd, the chairman of which is Cecil Chao Sze-tsung - who has been described as "extraordinary Casanova, socialite and businessman". Mr Chao has said his company would turn the site into "paradise" - and change the surroundings.


As yet, doesn't look too much like what many people might consider "paradise", but work is ongoing.



Paradise Planned


And so, to the construction site, and the paradise planned for Cheung Chau.



The site is south of the main village, just across from the road along the side of the harbour to the small village of Sai Wan. The road is mostly quiet, but popular with strollers and cyclists during weekends and public holidays.

Looking at the site, it is interesting to read some of Mr Chao's thoughts on it:




The islands of Tsing Yi and Lantau, Chao said, are already linked with roads.


"I think, sooner or later, there will be road links [to Cheung Chau] but as to when, it is government policy," he said.


Until then, the site - which will be called "New Villa Cecil" - will be served by helicopters and luxury yachts.


"We will not only turn the site into a paradise in Cheung Chau, we will also change the surroundings," Chao said.


Such improvements include an artificial beach, a lagoon for swimmers, a pier to the site, improvements to roads and the possibility of using golf carts for transport by the residents at New Villa Cecil.


"Cheung Chau's development will not be done in one day. We are looking at development in the next 10 to 20 years. So we are bullish on Cheung Chau," Chao said



I've found paradise, says Chao






Some folks questioned paying almost HK$100 million for the site; some might wonder if Mr Chao will really create paradise complete with artificial beach, lagoon for swimmers, and served by helicopters and luxury yachts.

Even so, the Hong Kong Standard found Mr Chao was upbeat in 2007:


"On a land price of about HK$100 million, I guarantee it will definitely make money. As to how much money is made, it could exceed everybody's forecast," he said.




So certain is Chao that he has a winner on his hands that he is offering the ultimate buy-back offer. "I guarantee you one thing, if it does not make money, I'll privately buy it all," he said.

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New Villa Cecil, No. 33 Cheung Chau Sai Tai Road, Cheung Chau


A residential project developed into 2 phases with total marketable gross floor area approximately 58,000 square feet.




Phase I comprised of nineteen 2-storey residential villas. The size of the villas ranged from approximately 1,450 square feet to 2,700 square feet.


Phase II comprised of four 2-storey residential villas. The size of the villas ranged from approximately 2,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet.


Recreational facilities including swimming pool and landscape garden.


Phase I


The Occupation Permit of Phase I has been issued. Interior fit-out works are in progress.


Phase II


The site formation and foundation work commenced.


/see: http://finance.thest....asp?code=00131

/scmp article : http://www.cheuknang...view_fullscreen

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SOME PLACES of Interest to Visit on Cheung Chau Island



2/F, Cheung Chau Municipal Services Building, 2 Tai Hing Tai Road, Cheung Chau. Tel: 2981 5455 ...



Cheung Po Tsai Restaurant & Bar on the San Hing Praya Street.

On the first floor of the restaurant is a museum of Cheung Chau related artifacts.


Cheung Chau Gallery Co. Ltd.

109 Hing Lung Main St., Cheung Chai .. Tel.: 2981 7875


Tung Wan Tsai farm

A small farm on the northeast tip of Cheung Chau is a fine place to visit, and even seems a surprising place given that the surroundings are uninhabited, with only scrubby vegetation.


Buddhist Wai Yan Memorial College (secondary school)

25 Tai Hing Tai Road, Cheung Chau. Tel: 2981 0188


Other Schools:

There are four primary schools and two secondary schools in Cheung Chau, including C.C.C. Cheung Chau Church Kam Kong Primary School, Cheung Chau Fisheries Joint Association Public School (closed), Cheung Chau Sacred Heart School, Kwok Man School, Buddhist Wai Yan Memorial College and Cheung Chau Government Secondary School.



1, Church Road, Cheung Chau


Foo Sai Heng Art School

2 Church Rd, Cheung Chau Church Rd, Cheung Chau,Island


Side Attractions:


Family Walking Trail: A must for hikers and nature lovers wanting to get away from the bustling Central Causeway of Cheng Chau. This is a three and a half hour walk around the Island, past craggy hillsides, quiet bays and beaches, temples and old missionary residences. The Southern half walk is decidedly more scenic, a two-hour walk, with spectacular views of Lantau and surrounding Islands and the Mini Great Wall or a walking trail.


The Pak Tai Temple: Constructed in 1783 and dedicated to popular Taoist God of the Sea and is venue of the annual spring time Cheung Chau Bun Festival.


Beitiao Pavilion: For a panoramic view of the Island and beyond

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2,000,000 HKD · 2 Bedrooms · 890 sqf · Islands District · Cheung Chau





Description (Old advert ?)


Master bedroom with luxurious Surround Sound Cinema Large living room with a section that can be converted into a second bedroom. High ceiling height, 2.82 m (9\', 3\"). Brand new luxury appliances, furniture and fittings throughout the house. Roof terrace covering entire flat (add. ~890 sq ft), including a small \"house\". Networked with LAN cables in every room and WiFi. Very nice neighbors, only 4 flats in each two-story house. Located 5-10 minutes walk from the Cheung Chau ferry pier. Ferries run with 30 min intervals. Also during the night but less frequent. Ocean view from several windows. Excellent view in 2 directions from roof top, over Lantau Island as well as South China Sea. Very pretty. Located on a hill with no risk for flooding or damp. This house is suitable for those who appreciate clean air and proximity to nature and beautiful scenery.


/more: http://homes.trovit....eferer_id.1/t.1

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CC- Scenic Gardens transactions



List A :

(Summary of 86 transactions since 1997, and Per sf prices, using approx. sizes)


1997 : 07 transactions ( $1.64M / 525 = $3,124 - $2.50M / 820 = $3,045 ) : approx. sizes

1998 : 18 transactions ( $1.31M / 525 = $2,495 - $2.31M / 820 = $ 2,817 )

1999 : 02 transactions ( $1.94M - $1.97M / 820 = $ 2,420 )

'0-03 : 03 transactions ( $ 900K / 525 = $1,714 - $2.20M / 820 = $2,682 )

2004 : 11 transactions ( $ 733K / 525 = $1,396 - $1.48M / 820 = $1,805 )

2005 : 05 transactions ( $ 630K / 525 = $1,200 - $1.45M / 820 = $1,768 )

2006 : 04 transactions ( $ 600K / 525 = $1,143 - $1.10M / 820 = $1,341 )

2007 : 05 transactions ( $ 830K / 525 = $1,581 - $2.00M / 820 = $2,439 )

2008 : 06 transactions ( $ 800K / 525 = $1,524 - $1.28M / 820 = $1,561 )

2009 : 09 transactions ( $ 740K / 525 = $1,410 - $1.25M / 820 = $1,524 )

2010 : 07 transactions ( $ 810K / 525 = $1,543 - $2.38M / 820 = $2,902 )

2011 : 07 transactions ( $ 990K / 525 = $1,886 - $1.98M / 820 = $2,415 )

2012 : 02 transactions ( $2.20M - $2.35M / 820 = $ 2,866 )


16yrs : 86 transactions ( $600K / 525 = $1,142 - $2.50M / 820 = $3,045 )




List B


11 May, 2012 : $ 2,200 K : 850 : $2,588 psf :: 17 B

18 July . 2012 : $ 2,200 K : 850 : $2,588 psf :: 17 B

18 July . 2012 : $ 2,350 K : 818 : $2,873 psf :: House A






/source: http://hongkong.kiji...QAdIdZ421694880


("Asking" ?)

820 x $3000 = $ 2.46 Mn : Mid?: $2.05 Mn

550 x $3000 = $ 1.65 Mn / $6k x12 = $72k / 1,650m = 4.36%


CHEUNG CHAU Island transactions






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SG Available (secondhand ?) : $3.5 million for 3BR 818 sf


3 BR Garden flat ========================

ccsggarden.jpg :

Kitchen ============================================ : Bathroom / larger photo

ccsgkitchen.jpg : ccsgbathrm.jpg

Details :

G/F with garden, Scenic Garden, Cheung Chau

- size 818sf(G) with garden 1,755sf, asking $3.5 million

- 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom (one ensuite)

- Sale with furniture & appliances

- 24 hrs security

- swimming pool & tennis court

- few steps to beach

- clean and quiet

- 20 mins walk from ferry pier/7 mins by bike


/Kijiji : http://hongkong.kiji...QAdIdZ421694880


Large SG Flat / RENT : $18,000 /mo.




/see: http://eastern.hongk...sland_2301.html


Peak :

House for sale, Peak Road, Cheung Chau Island

House for sale : size 1,360sf(G), asking $4.8m - 2 storeys, 680sf(G) each floor with internal stairs - G/F kitchen, bathroom, living & dinning - 1/F 2 bedroom, bathroom - 10 mins walk to ferry ...

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NEW Green Belt area at Fa Peng, on Cheung Chau Island (formerly residential)


Proposed Amendments to the Approved Cheung Chau OZP

Proposed Amendment to the OZP

3.1 Amendment Item A - Rezoning of an area at Fa Peng from “R©5” to “GB”

[Area about 0.47 ha]

A piece of Government land of about 4,700m


at Fa Peng was previously reserved

for low-rise low-density residential development since the publication of the first

Cheung Chau OZP in 2004. Based on a land use review of the area, it is suggested

to rezone the site from “Residential (Group C)5” to “Green Belt” in view of the

remote location and the well vegetated nature of the site in order to reflect and

preserve the existing natural character of the area.


/more: http://www.districtc...2009_035_EN.pdf

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NT LAND - some prices / from AX


(1/ TI's comment ):

The HK Standard carried a small article about investors buying small plots of farm land in NT. Yields were awful at 2% gross, but that's not really the point of buying the land (I assume).


Has anyone looked into rural land in HK as an investment? Good title and access rights are the two obvious issues that come to mind.


(2/ OTP's response ):

We did look at that a bit, and found prices like HKD 200 - 350 per sf near Kam Sheung Road and Yuen Long. The further away from the MTR, the more expensive.


Some gangsters do harrass property owners there, unfortunately


EXCERPT / from the article:


"NT plots worth around HK$300,000 could prove to be wise investments, with both the government and developers expected to boost landholdings there.


A 280-sf farmland site at Po Sum Pei in Tai Po was auctioned last month for just HK$300,000, or HK$1,071 psf.


Also an investor pocketed (a profit of) HK$115,000 by selling a 3,920 sf plot in the district within two months of buying it for HK$700,000.


While waiting, Investors could also rent out their plots to families eager to grow vegetables offering a monthly yield of 2 to 3 percent.


Most sought after:

Tai Po, Sheung Shui, and Fan Ling, as these areas have be designated for further development.



One investor at Ta Kwu Ling, rented out his 16,000 sf plot for 60 cents, or a yield of around 2 percent on his $5.6 million asking price for a sale.

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This is for rent now at $6,800 Monthly: 2 BR




The Sea Ranch

Gross Area (sq.ft.): 1052 Saleable Area (sq.ft.): 822




Year -- Highest Lowest
2012-- : $ 2,462 : $ 1,028
2011-- : $ 1,314 : $ 1,086
2010-- : $ 1,983 : $ 1,115
History: $ 2,462 : $ 1,028
( Outlying Island, Sea Ranch )
Date-- : Address/ Block : HKD Price : Price / sq.ft. Area
08-20 : Flat 07-B 3/F - : $ 2,730,000 : $ 2,256 : 1210
05-16 : Flat 14-D 3/F - : $ 0,450,000 : $ 0,732 : 0615
01-28 : Flat A 2/F, Bl 2 : $ 1,760,000 : $ 1,455 : 1210
01-09 : Flat B G/F, Bl 4 : $ 2,650,000 : $ 2,190 : 1210
01-03 : Flat B 1/F , Bl 4 : $ 2,000,000 : $ 1,653 : 1210
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