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Chiangmai, Thailand : News, Attractions & Creativity

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In Chiang Mai, Thailand, a Hub for Creative Types


By NAOMI LINDT / FEB. 13, 2014 ... NY Times

Gallery SeeScape, a gallery/design shop/lounge. Credit Giulio Di Sturco for The New York Times

Alongside its reputation for gilded, Buddha-filled temples and treks to hill tribe villages, Chiang Mai in northern Thailand has in recent years attracted creative types seeking a chilled-out alternative to Bangkok, 350 miles away. Nowhere is this more evident than Nimmanhaemin Road, a thoroughfare west of the old city center anchored by Chiang Mai University and known as Nimman. The area’s tranquil side streets, called sois, are home to quirky coffee shops, design boutiques and galleries. These, combined with boutique hotels like Artel Nimman, where guests access the ground floor by a slide, make Nimman an appealing base from which to explore the city.



Tucked behind an ivy-covered facade, this gallery/design shop/lounge is a hub for the city’s young creatives. Catch exhibitions, performances and screenings by local artists, or pick up unusual handmade notebooks, key chains and figurines.

22/1 Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 17; 66-86-114-2845; galleryseescape.com



At this Aladdin-meets-Communist-China boutique, you can find Mao buttons and rabbit-shaped paper lanterns, hand-sewn corduroy loafers bearing red stars, and mandarin-collared tops with billowy sleeves, along with colorful lamps and pillows.

Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 1; 66-81-241-2711



Metal Studio. Credit Giulio Di Sturco for The New York Times


In the footsteps of generations of Chiang Mai silversmiths, Sirilak Samanasak displays her nature-inspired gold, brass and silver earrings and necklaces at this whimsical contemporary shop, where metal birdcages and insects stand in for display cases.

Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 13; 66-83-208-8820; metal-studio-thailand.com



In a lantern-hung courtyard, nine variations of Chiang Mai’s signature dish, khao soi, an egg noodle, curry-based soup, are served, from classic chicken thigh to pork sausage (from 50 baht, about $1.50 at 33 baht to the dollar). There are also many other northern specialties to sample, like sweet pork curry and chile dips with vegetables.

Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 7; 66-53-894-881



Ristr8to Coffee. Credit Giulio Di Sturco for The New York Times


Winner of several coffee-making awards in Australia, Arnon Thitiprasert, known as Tong, returned to his native Thailand in 2011 to open this exposed-brick and wood caffeine paradise, where Chiang Mai’s young and hip charge up on single-origin blends and silky “flat whites,” similar to lattes, adorned with hearts and phoenixes.

15/3 Nimmanhaemin Road; 66-53-215-278; ristr8to-coffee-chiangmai.com

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SOME HOME TRUTHS about Thailand


> http://blog.nationmultimedia.com/print.php?id=13464



I believe that chances of success or survival in Thailand are better if you belong to one of the following groups. If you are rich and also sensible with your money, then go ahead. If an international company or similar offers you a high salaried job in Thailand, then fine. If you are retired or have steady funds from abroad and want to live modestly on those funds, go ahead, but watch yourself. And if you're a young traveler seeing the world, and you want to spend some time in Thailand teaching or whatever for the experience, then that's fine too.

If you don't fall into one of these groups, then you should probably only consider Thailand for short holidays. Many middle aged westerners in particular (including professionals) like the idea of living there, having a business or making some money and "enjoying life" in Thailand. But very few make it...

. . .

Remember, in Thailand you'll never have any real business, legal or ownership rights. But Thais can probably go to your country and buy and own anything they can get their sticky hands on (because of the more tolerant business laws). To Thais, this is just further evidence of how clever they are, and how foolish are the foreigners who go to Thailand.

Thailand is ruled by a comparatively small business and industrial elite, mostly from Chinese origins. They hold all the power and most of the wealth in the country. Although the king and royal family are revered by ordinary people, they have little real power in a 'parliamentary democracy'. The idea of western foreigners living in the country and achieving wealth and status through individual entrepreneurial efforts is seen as a threat to the hegemony that the elite has over the Thai underclass who form the bulk of the population. For this reason, it is never allowed to happen.

. . .

Don't make the mistake of thinking that as a foreigner (even with professional skills) you can "make a contribution" to Thailand, no matter how good your intentions or needed your skills may be. Your contribution will never be welcomed, only your money. There is a saying in Thai that captures it well: "farang roo mark mai dee" - foreigners who know too much [about Thailand] are no good.


(related thinking)

Long Term Life in Thailand

Published on Feb 4, 2013


"No matter how well you speak Thai... even if you have a Thai wife,

you will never be Thai... you don't have the same rights."

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BOI - Board Of Investment route to investing in Thailand

(skip foward to 4:30 mins)

Chiang Mai Creative City GEW Seminar

Uploaded on 3 Jan 2012
Chiang Mai Creative City Global Entrepreneurship Seminar (Creative Coffee).
Talks by Sven Ernst of Buzzwoo and Sirisak Koshpasharin, Chairman of TACGA.
He spoke of a software investment that was set up, with 100% foreign investment
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Thai debt burdens augur ill for economy

Spike in household borrowing casts doubt over generals’ plans
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Trying out Retirement in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We live in a 968-square-foot condominium in the center of Chiang Mai, the principal city in northern Thailand. We have two balconies overlooking a large wooded farm -- an uncommon rural oasis in this growing city. Despite this, we're close to everything -- trendy cafés, glitzy malls, and craft beer pubs. Living in the center of a modern city for less than the price of many small towns in Canada is one of the reasons we like it here.


Our delicious coffee is locally grown and we get it at a small shop nearby for about $6 a pound. It's easy to head out to the street to pick up a fresh bag of sticky rice and a few skewers of barbecued meat for a couple of dollars. By 7 a.m., the street vendors on every corner are serving hungry customers, both local and foreign. If we're feeling lazy and want a slice of home, there's no shortage of restaurants serving enormous, tasty, Western-style breakfasts from as low as $2 for the basic eggs, bacon, and toast.

Ten years ago, I would have laughed if you'd told me that I would retire in Asia...


Over the next six years, we lived in an exciting city of 10 million people at small-town prices, and we traveled throughout Asia. We fell in love with Southeast Asian culture and the people. When I reached age 60 in China, it became more difficult to renew my work visa. I decided that 30 years in the classroom was enough...

Trying out retired life in Chiang Mai is easy and fairly commitment-free. Short-term rentals at good prices are easy to find. And obtaining a renewable, one-year retirement visa is simple.

Finding a place to live was easy. Small houses and studio condos can be found for as low as $200 to $300 a month. However, lower-priced properties tend to be outside the city proper.

. . .

Luckily, Chiang Mai has other options. For our one-bedroom, two-bathroom condo, the monthly rent is less than $600, including the HOA fee. There is also a large outdoor pool and several businesses on the first floor, including a couple of restaurants, coffee shops, and a massage parlor.

Trendy Nimmanhemin road, with its upscale condos and eateries, designer boutiques, and popular bars, is only a 10-minute walk away. At the corner of Nimman is the new Maya Mall, where we go every week to watch the latest blockbusters. The same theater hosts an International Film Festival every year, where you can watch current films from around the world for no admission fee.


Walking in the other direction takes us to the charming old part of town, which is surrounded by a 700-year-old moat and is home to most of the city's 300 Buddhist temples. The old city really comes alive every Sunday, when Ratchadomoen Road becomes a walking street, complete with a craft market, local dancers, and musicians.

. . .

More than 30,000 expats live in the city, and the active expat club holds monthly meetings. Its local interest groups include everything from hiking to computers to photography. Add the abundance of volunteer opportunities, classes of all sorts, and inexpensive trips to nearby exotic locations, and time passes quickly.

We have grown to love the wonderful people, food, and climate of Southeast Asia


> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/internationallivingcom/retire-in-thailand_b_7092900.html

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Question : Where and how do "Digital Nomads" network in CM?


This is something that I want to investigate more thoroughly...

Is anyone willing to offer some Tips, or comments on the following spaces?


Shared Workspace in Chiangmai

-- Hotdesks: Dedicated: Mtg.Rms : Provider
thb ??? / d. : 270 /day : ??? /hour : Starwork--- :
thb ??? / d. : ??? /day : 150 -200 : Punspace--- :
thb ??? / d. : ??? /day : 199/hour : @Nimman-- :

thb 250 / d. : not avail. : 170 /hour : CAMP : assumes 5x thb50 purchases, & thb500/3hrs

thb ??? / d. : ??? /day : ???/hour : http://Nomadspirit.net

CAMP, Maya : Maya mall, 5th fl., on Nimmanhaemin Rd.
Punspace--- : 14 Siri Mangkalajarn Lane 11 , CM :




Punspace is a lively coworking space in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Located 2 mins (by motorbike) from the hip Nimman area,

Punspace offers peaceful and creative work environment yet is close to many popular coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, bars, as well...

+ More
Search for space:
> http://www.sharedesk.net
> http://www.coworkplanet.com
> http://thaistartup.net/directory/coworking-spaces

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Life at CAMP (in the Maya Mall) : "A large and friendly space... 20 steps from the cinema"


thb 250 /d. : CAMP assumes 5x thb50 purchases - that's cheap! when you consider value of the food


I visited CAMP today on the 5th floor of the Maya mall.


This is a cafe/workspace inside a high-end mall, shopping in the Nimman area, which offers the following:

+ Two hours access to the internet,

+ You have to rate the food/drink, before you get access to the web

In return for spending THB 50 or more on a drink or food. I spent THB 90 on a Smoothie.


The internet service seems fast and efficient, but this comment does not extend to the food service, which was slow, and I found myself rating as "needs improvement".

I found the place cold, and was shivering while drinking my smoothie.


I wound up staying for several hours, buying more food and drink. The place got more busy as the day wore on, and by 6pm there may have been close to 60-70 people in the large space. It did not feel crowded, just busy. I reckon it could comfortable seat perhaps 150-200


Here's a summary from OpenCM:

It is not 100% completely open and service given. However, it is such a cool and very new for Chiang Mai people. As the picture you see above, I think it might be familiar to some foreigners in some countries. This place aims to invite students, blue collars, white collars and anybody to enjoy working here. Lastly, as a reminder, noise is prohibited in case of disturbing other people.

> http://www.openchiangmai.com/camp-creative-and-meeting-place-maya/

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SPACE is so much cheaper in CM, it creates opportunities....


HOTELS - in the Huay Keaw area (Maya / Nimman)

+ Chiangmai Grandview (200 rm: HKD 187 /Thb 850/d. : Sep) August was Fully booked !
+ Chiangmai Hill 2000-- (249 rm: HKD 187 / Thb 850/d. : Aug): advertised with sign at thb700/ night
+ Chiangmai V Resid.s- (70 rm: HKD 148 / Thb 670/d. : Aug)
+ Dome Residence----- (136 rm: HKD 143 / Thb 650/d. : Aug)
+ Furama Chiangmai-- (294 rm: HKD 205 / Thb 930/d. : Aug)
+ Eastin Hotel ---------- (128 rm: HKD 518 / Thb 2,350/d. : Aug)

+ Mayflower Grande -- (112 rm: HKD 310 /Thb 1,400*/d. : Aug. on Agoda, offered in CM)
+ Nimman Boutique---- ( xxx rm: HKD 130 / Thb 590/d. : Aug)
+ Suandoi House------- ( xxx rm: HKD 148 / Thb 670/d. : Aug)
+ TheBliss, serviced apts (40 rm: HKD 151 / Thb 685/d. : Aug)
Compare, other areas:
+ Chiangmai Plaza----- (445 rm: HKD 244 / Thb 1,100/d. : Aug)
+ Rainforest Boutique--- (89 rm: HKD 210 / Thb 950/d. : Aug)

Note that many of these hotels are under Thb 1,000, and i estimate that several hotels

may have monthly rates in the region of Thb 8,000 - 12,000 .

I have met one person paying Thb 7,000 for a room at the Dome (7,000 / 650 = 10.8 days)
HKD : 35.02/ 7.752 = 4.52



Estimates from July 2013

- I have used HKD 10,000 = (US $1,290) per desk per month in my calculations below




OFFSHORING a HK start-up Team, basic calculation:


This is a simple calculation, to see if 10 people could be flown to CM for one month,

for a 1 month "working seminar" in CM instead of HK, and whether the Office Space savings would pay

for the costs of their air transport, and hotel accommodation.


(Obviously, if you could replace half the team with people already living in CM, not requiring air transport,

and accepting local Thb salaries, the savings will get far larger than indicated below.)


Assuming 10 people take 50*Sq.Meters, and this space costs HKD 30k per sqm per mo. in HK

Over one month, that is ------ : HKD 100,000, or HKD 10,000 per desk /mo.(=US$ 1,290)


The same space might cost just : HKD 10,000 / thb 45,000 (US$ 1,000/$100 pp*) in Chiangmai - ie. xx%

Monthly savings might be----- : HKD 90,000 / thb 406,000 x 10% = thb 40,600 per person


*Per person might be as little as 4 sqM in crowded HK

**US$100 pp is thb 3,500 per month person, or about thb 167 per day for a working month of 21 days



Compare that per Person : thb 40,600 savings with:

Estimated Month Hotel, maybe thb 12,000

Air Asia airfare--------- , maybe thb 10,000 = HKD 2,000

-----------------------Total Costs thb 22,000

----------------------- Net Savings thb 18,600 per person

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TOP 20 Sites for Office AirBNB type searches


See sites below: / More: http://www.quora.com/What-are-all-of-the-sites-that-do-Airbnb-for-office-space

  1. OFIXU - 'The World Is Your Office' Is the exciting new startup that provides a lower cost alternative to traditional and often expensive leased offices - ALL types of workspaces - Rental from 1 day or more - OFIXU is backed by an international bank and one of the original founders of AirBnB's closest rivals.
  2. Hubble - Find office space for your startup with 1000's of the most creative coworking, shared and private office spaces available to rent.
  3. PivotDesk - Helping startups find affordable, short-term office space.
  4. Copass - Be There. Anywhere - A global federation of coworking spaces. One membership to access any space of the network.
  5. http://www.zipcube.com
  6. Evenues.com
  7. LooseCubes.com - closed
  8. Regus.ca
  9. HubCulture.com/Pavilions (London specific)
  10. Kodesk.com - closed
  11. eworky.com
  12. Liquidspace.com - Real estate for startups (and companies who want to grow like startups); largest global network of meeting rooms, offices and team spaces.
  13. wiki.coworking.info
  14. http://ShareYourOffice.com
  15. ShareDesk - Coworking and Shared Office Space made easy (nice look and feel)
  16. DesksNear.me
  17. OpenDesks.com (closed)
  18. SpaceFindr.com (closed)
  19. Desktimeapp.com
  20. SpaceList.ca
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I am from Maui ( high cost of everything place ) . My boyfriend and I moved to ChiangMai , Thailand for 4 months . There is a massive population of western/ European people that move there that are “digital nomads “. They make western money , but reap the benefit of chiang Mai low cost prices .


Almost every single on of our friends have gotten sick at one time or another ! Two seperate times , we both got sick for a week of just constantly being in the bathroom and feeling like death . We stayed away from street meet , but we did eat at the mustache man pad Thai cart … Hmmmph. There is almost usually NO SOAP most bars , restaurants you go to . They have terrible sanitary practices . Be careful , be OCD about inspecting what you eat , drink bottled water . Some of the locals were great , but it’s part of thaiculture to say yes . No matter , so a few times I had a songtow drives get me lost , once a lady tried to rip me off for 200 baht , when literally she was a block away from house ( I showed her on GPS). Many times I have seen servers mess up food orders , then argue with the person ( who I witnessed what they ordered is not the dish they were brought ) , yet the Thais will argue with you that that is what you asked for . A Thai girlfriend of mine told me , literally they will lie to save face , even with other Thais , it’s just how they are. Stick to making your own food , a few choice restaurants that you trust .Thailand is basically turning into a military state . A month ago , at Zoe in Yellow ( a main bar with a few other bars in that strip ) literally shook down the place . 100 cops/ swag guys came and started making everyone do pee tests ? Thailand has some serious small man syndrome , and they treat people I nhumanely when people aren’t doing anything wrong . If you do a border run for your visa make sure your papers are intact . We went to the airport to fly to Hong Kong for border run , my boyfriend was literally 2days past his stamp . The guard started yelling at him , then he yelled at me to just go to the gate . I was scared because I never saw someone freak out, over what I think was something so small . The guard took my boyfriend off to the side , yelled some more then demanded he pay a fine 500 baht , then the guard was fine . There is major corruption with the cops etc in Thailand they are alllllllways looking to shake down especially white people for their money . Pretty low crime rate if you live in the city .

Now , I am living in Danang , Vietnam. The people here are nice , they stare at you a lot , especially if you are white . Tourism is still super new for them ! They also have crappy food sanitation practices here .
Living in Asia has taught me to be thankful being from America where there is just stricter sanitation practices on food



Top10 for Retirement: https://www.economyzoom.com/retirement/10-best-places-to-live-after-retirement-in-the-us/

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