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Chinese Investments are boosting the Philippines

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Chinese Investments are boosting the Philippines


Is Shimao about to launch a push, to bring wealthy Chinese tourists to the Philippines?
This article, about its chairman's investment, suggests that maybe they are.

Shimao has had a great record in getting its timing right.

China Tycoon to Invest in Philippines
Thursday March 22, 1:20 am ET
China's 2nd-Richest Man to Invest at Least $2 Billion in Philippine Tourism

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- China's second-richest man plans to invest at least US$2 billion (euro1.5 billion) to develop high-end hotels and other tourism projects in the Philippines, officials said.

The chairman of the Shanghai-based real estate and furniture empire Shimao Group met with Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo this week and expressed interest in tourism investments, Trade Secretary Peter Favila said Wednesday.

Shimao was founded by Xu Rongmao, who ranked second on the Forbes' list of 400 richest people in China last year.

Favila said Shimao chairman Hui Wing Mau "told me he has made his decision, he will invest here, in the Philippines."

A Shimao Group spokeswoman based in Hong Kong, Chow Yiu Hon, said she was unable to provide any information at present because the company had yet to announce its plans to shareholders.

A Shimao public relations manager in Shanghai said the company did have the interest and intent to invest in Philippine tourism projects. The manager, who gave only his surname, Qian, said the plan was in the initial stages and no specific investment figures or other detailed information was available.

Arroyo was quoted as saying that the Chinese ambassador in Manila confirmed the plan.

Favila said the Shimao Group was apparently convinced to undertake projects because of an increasing influx of Chinese tourists in the country and the limited hotel capacity. About 300,000 mainland Chinese visited last year.

Favila said the hotels would be built inside former military camps in Manila.

@: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/070322/philippines...tment.html?.v=1

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