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Psychic Ability is "Strategic" + It is in the blood (RH-, CK)

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Psychic Ability is "Strategic" + It is in the blood (RH-, CK)
... and the government wants to find those who have it

Never mind the NSA: Uri Geller is the real spy story



Populations With The Largest Percentages of Rhesus Negative Blood

Research for my film about the spoon-bender's 40-year career as a secret psychic operative turned up some unlikely facts

As those who saw the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats (starring George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey and Ewan McGregor) or read Jon Ronson's book of the same name (which inspired the movie) know, the US military ran a secret programme for more than 20 years training dozens of psychic operatives in "remote viewing" at Fort Meade just outside Washington DC. Fort Meade is better known as the headquarters of the NSA.

Remote viewers were expected to be able to see things thousands of miles away, for instance looking inside a Soviet military installation and drawing what they saw, for CIA and others to analyse. The people running the programme believed this was a skill that could be taught, and that anyone could do it. The programme ended, officially, in 1995 and in 1997 Bill Clinton declassified much of its associated paperwork. (Thank heavens for the Freedom of Information Act.)

Well, it turns out that the inspiration for this multimillion-dollar experiment was research conducted at the beginning of the 70s at California's Stanford Research Institute, frequently a front for CIA-funded experimental programmes. And at the heart of their research was a young Israeli soldier, called Uri Geller. The hunt was on, to militarise the paranormal.

/more: http://www.guardian....ler-psychic-spy


Search : Rhesus negative

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US Secret Psychic Spies And Remote Viewing In The CIA And NSA (Documentary)






"US Secret Psychic Spies and..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated


... so here's another :


Psychic Spies - Remote Viewing


Uploaded on 16 Apr 2010

The CIA Project Stargate disclosed in ABC Nightline. Psychic Spies working for the US Defense.

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The UK Govt is looking for people with Psychic abilities, says Casbolt




"Rhesus negative people, blue bloods with copper in their blood, are naturally psychic"


== ==


85% of humans share a blood type with Rhesus monkeys




Are you an Rh Negative blood type? If so you could be a decendent of the ancient astronauts themselves!

About a year and a half ago my sister Bonnie and I were discussing some of the unusual characteristics of our family. Bonnie had a problem with infants haemolytic disease. She has 0 negative blood. She has written a book including this problem called “The Deux” by Venus Thaddeus. One of the questions we asked was why does this haemolytic disease occur? Why, along with the Rh negative blood does our family have such a high IQ (135-140 average). Why so many psychic experiences? Why this urge to ask “why?” Why the early maturity or the large head and eyes? Why have, we always felt we were “different” from other people. And so many other things to set us apart.


/more: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/04/does-rh-negative-blood-type-equal-alien-heritage-2-2616566.html

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The RH Negative Blood Type: Geneticist Letter to Lloyd Pye



A "Deep Throat" geneticist gave clues on where to look for the origin of humans.


Neanderthals had "O" type blood, but we do not yet know their Rhesus factor.

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So what are those RH negative people really like ?





So make connections to stories back in pre-biblical times :


Blood type is a bloodline - RH Negative - RH Positive Blood


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Maybe Musical ability is "in the blood" also...


(this is from a Fringe thread on Michael Lee Hill ):


Here's an Update to Michael Lee Hill's story


It turns out that his "birth father" is Eric Clapton




MP3 : http://www.futuretheater.com/_Media/138future3913.mp3


Amongst other things, he talks about how Clapton is a blue blood, and "not from here."


And he talks about how he broken off contact with the A's after they were asking him to let a dog die ("you can get another one"), and he was unwilling to let the dog die.


He says the A's are returning, and:


+ "After the age of Pisces, in the Age of Aquarius",

+ "The Annunaki will forge a different relationship with humans"


Some claim the Marduke (head of the A's) is now back on Earth, and will one day be "King of Earth"

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Hill was tested, and found to have "CK" (Creatine Kinase) in his blood:


Does your blood contain high levels of CK?



05-10-2008, 10:17 AM

CK is called Creatine Kinase it has been observed that after a UFO sighting and abduction, the CK levels raise from a normal 230 to 2000 unit levels in the blood.

The History Channel interviewed to men whom did not know each other but had the similar UFO contacts of the 4th kind.


One of the men Terrell Copland was a U.S. Marine who had such an encounter and also have this enzyme trait. Which can be reviewed on YouTube. He was discharged from the military due to this mutation.


There are blogs of witnesses who claim to carry this diagnosed blood trait, which regenerates the blood every hour rather than every 7 yrs. Aids is said to be resistent by this enzyme. Although some carriers suffer palpitations, they do not have sever heart disease. The only other time this spike in CK occurs, is during muscle injury.


Could this blood trait be a mutant form of Alien serium? Are we hybrids?

I am sure there are bloggers who's profession is to study phlebotomy and can explain this medical dilima better than I. So therefore give us your experinces either as a subject or technician.


/more: http://www.astrology...php/t-9585.html

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Robbie Robertson - How to become clairvoyant (NEW 2011)


Music and Slideshow :


Named one of Rolling Stone s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Robbie Robertson sets to release, How To Become Clairvoyant, his fifth solo album and his first record in more than 10 years. Guitar virtuosos Eric Clapton (who co-wrote three tracks with Robertson), Tom Morello and Robert Randolph guest on the album, which Robertson co-produced with Marius de Vries. How To Become Clairvoyant also features Steve Winwood and Trent Reznor as well as vocalists Angela McCluskey, Rocco Deluca, Dana Glover and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. Bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Ian Thomas lay down the groove throughout.


On his last two albums Robertson explored his ancestry. Now, with How To Become Clairvoyant, he takes on his rock heritage, delivering his first-ever song about leaving The Band, the evocative This Is Where I Get Off. What is lost? What is missing? Robertson asks on When The Night Was Young, a poignant reflection on youthful idealism. We could change the world/stop the war...but that was back when the night was young.



/more: http://www.amazon.co...n/dp/B004L79VUI



Eric Clapton ft.Robbie Robertson - I Shall Be Released 4-13-13 Madison Sq. Garden, NYC


Video : https://www.youtube....h?v=abqVjArmPQQ

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Harvard Doctor Uncovers Anunnki/Human Hybrid Bloodline for the History Channel!


Bill Birnes * (UFO Hunters - History Channel - NY Times Best Selling Author) Revealed Lake Erie Contactee Is A Human/ET "Hybrid"!


On the episode, the UFO Hunters decide to test Michael Lee Hill's blood and it is revealed Michael has a "Unknown" very rare blood anomaly/bloodline that the worlds best military and civilian doctors are at a loss to explain. A harvard doctor uncovered non-normal human elevated levels of Creatine Kinase in Michael's Blood stream.


Creatine Kinase brings oxygen into the bloodstream to usually facilitate healing of torn muscle tissue. Oxygen carrying capacity in blood equals percentage potential of nervous system usage and your bodies over all potential electrical capacitance ability.


"I've got a funny feeling," Bill Birnes told Copeland and Hill during the episode, "that you are being recruited and there is a branch of the government that you're being recruited for - that somehow, some way, you are a hybrid between "ET" and humans."


GLP : http://www.godlikepr...sage1631602/pg1


Normal human Creatine Kinase (CK) Levels 25 to 300 PPL of blood....(PPL) Parts Per Litre. Goes up to around 300 when there has been muscle damage.


The release of Creatine Kinase (CK) into the blood is to bring in Chi & Oxygen to facilitae healing.


Bloodline levels as I have learned from this gruop.


They have 12 members of this bloodline in their group, the highest being 12,000 CK, I am around 2,100 CK which they told me put's me about in the middle of the 12 members of there group who have my same bloodline. I am not sure how low it can go to be honest. - Michael Lee Hill

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Outlaw Jimmy Jones | The Rh Neg Blood Type Mystery, Aliens, & The Elite

At 8 mins in:

He says after a blood-test, he was brought into a room, and shown a picture of a grey alien


He says RH-negative blood is associated with:

+ An extra rib

+ Higher IQ

+ Worse than average eyesight, but powerful hearing

+ Lower body tem

+ Blue, green or hazel eyes (99%), and reddish hair

+ Red hair goes back to Ramses-3

+ Connected with "the tribe of Dan" /red-hair: "mark of the new jew"


Comment- cdngirl333 13 minutes ago

+f8lfrogman literal memo, not likely. look up miles johnston and his contacts max speirs and james casbolt/michael prince. Also Duncan O'Finian. Dr. Pete Peterson interview on the Project Camelot site. rh negatives on their own are different, and we 0negatives the only ones on the land able to save THEM and the ones we all talk about but can't really name,if shtf, you have to know they know exactly where we are if we are needed. Lots of sources from top positions in military and others in science community have talked about rh negatives.

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"All humans are hybrids"


RH Negative - Annunaki, Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt ~2013 ~ Bashar



RH negative blood is left over from an early mutation.

"Blue blood is a very ancient bloodline"



Rh Negative Blood - Holy Grail Bloodline


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(Comments from under a Youtube video):


+Friar Newborg : Actually, I think the TRUTH that is coming out has something to do with bloodlines, and RH negative blood. There are some new facts leaking out in 2015


+Geologic8 Interesting input for those ruling the world through dna.
What do you think Jesus came to overcome, exactly this and being 'born again' in spirit is the key... and overcomes any alteration in 'bloodline' yet there are those seeking to define bloodline for they imagine that it will isolate powers unto them alone and this is part of the deception of darkness seeking powers to appear as the hope and light. The following quote from the link is key. "With out telling you more about the Rh Negative blood factor itself, what we do need to discuss is that this appears to be the blood factor being promoted by the HOLY BLOODLINE authors as being Jesus (Yashua’s) blood factor. Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene, which would also seem to indicate that the Nazarenes had the Rh Negative blood factor as well. If this is the case then many people today have this blood factor running through their veins today.
It is this group who originally had the “Divine Right To Rule The World,” until it was stolen from them by these evil entities and their hybrid bloodlines." "If you have this factor in your blood you are special. The down side is that you are also a target for victimization. In the last Bilderberg meeting they decided to chip implant all blue-eyed blond people with Rh Negative blood. Chemtrails are designed to target those with the PURE RH Negative blood factor. Alien groups appear to abduct Rh Negative woman and us them as incubators in which to plant human alien fetus’s. These HYBRID BABIES are born with reptilian copper based blood that has been combined with the Rh Negative factor. Blonde blue-eyed babies are used in human sacrifices etc. THE LIST OF VICTIMIZATIONS GOES ON. These Rh Negative Reptilian Hybrids are then abducted over and over again and used for any number of reasons, most of which we don’t even want to talk about, you can only imagine why. "
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The RH Negative MYSTERY is admitted at last by geneticists

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