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L.A. WALL - Gonzalo Lira's future history... Resurfaced, KIDNAPPED?!

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The L.A. WALL - And Gonzalo Lira's (secret) future history

Looking back from 2020... Before he Resurfaced, & got KIDNAPPED!


As we get to Highland Avenue, up close, The LA Wall is even more massive and frightening than in the pictures I’ve seen: A reinforced concrete wall averaging 150 feet in height, as tall as a fifteen storey building, perfectly smooth, slicing lengthwise right through the middle of Highland Avenue in a north-south direction.

“Ain’t it somethin’?” asks Bryce jocularly.
It certainly is. The Wall separates Los Angeles’ Westside from the rest of the city.

. . . In fact, life in West Los Angeles seems little changed from ten years ago, except of course for the lack of gasoline-powered automobiles. Today, hundreds of thousands of bicycles and pedicabs flow through what was once the most car-friendly city in the world. West Los Angeles’ bike-sharing system is the largest on the planet. Apart from gasoline-powered military vehicles, the few automobiles that do cruise the streets of the Westside are all electric. “But with China shutting us out [of international trade],” explains Bryce, “those EV’s [electric vehicles] are beginning to disappear too. The rare-earth elements needed for their batteries are just not available anymore.”


Gonzalo Lira - has a book coming out



An interesting premiss : A Future History

Looking from 2020, back to Today

(sample chapters)

The View from the LA Wall:


The Bombing of the Gachsaran Oil field:

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I hope to do an interview with him soon - about this project

(in his book, he talks about the changing investment scene)

... from one of the sample chapters:

My clients were mostly retirees with investable assets in the mid-seven-figures—okay, that doesn’t mean anything now, granted, but what I mean to say is, these folks were fairly well-off at the time [mid-2014]; the equivalent today of between five and ten billion americans. Not mega-rich, no, but rich enough that they could afford a nice lifestyle without worrying too much.

The entertainment industry [is where most of my clients came from]; a very few actors [on my client list], but a lot of retired cinematographers, film editors, sound designers. They were the kind of people whose careers had often been feast-or-famine, which was good, because as investors, they didn’t panic at the first sign of market turmoil. Their professional lives had had so many ups and downs, as investors, they trusted me when I said that whatever was going on in the stock market would pass. Because it did—it had. Usually.

2008 had been horrible, what with the Global Financial Crisis and the sub-prime mess. Everything crashed [in 2008], and was in the doldrums in 2009, stocks, bonds, everything. But in 2010 things started turning around, and by 2011, ‘12, ‘13, early 2014, everything was booming along: Record highs on the NASDAQ and Dow Jones [stock price indices]. All the ground lost in 2008 had been more than made up.

Investing in those days wasn’t about buying some stock or bond and happily getting a steady dividend payment or coupon payment. The yield on investments was nothing—less than 6%, and after taxes, less than 3%.

So in that environment, you made money by asset appreciation. You bought a bond or stock at say 100, and you let it go up to 120, when you sold it, then bought something else for 100, and watched that go up in price. That 20 of profit? That’s what a lot of my clients were counting on to live. That was their “yield”.

. . .

What everybody knows now is that those boom years—2010, ‘11, ‘12 and ‘13, and the first half of 2014—were booming because of QE [Quantitative Easing]. This was the Fed’s [Federal Reserve, the U.S.’s central bank] bond buying program. They literally came up with money out of thin air, and then used this new money to buy bonds on the open market, thereby putting a floor on the price of bonds, and driving up the prices of everything,

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He / Gonzalo resurfaced!

On the ground in Ukraine on 'invasion day' & Trudeau's Martial law (w/ Gonzalo Lira)


( and there is MORE):

Scott Ritter and The Battle of the Donbas


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Wow!  Could this be True??

BREAKING! Gonzalo Lira Kidnapped in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris


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As I listen, I hear that Gonzalo may have been Killed... by the Azoff batallion

If so, it is very bad news indeed

For the truth about the Zelensky regime, Google these names: Vlodymyr Struk Denis Kireev Mikhail & Aleksander Kononovich Nestor Shufrych Yan Taksyur Dmitri Djangirov Elena Berezhnaya Once again: If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours or more, put my name on this list. GL


Guy was based in LA when I knew him.  A writer, screenwriter ... and become a "dating coach"


Pro=Putin?  Maybe not.  Possibly he was just better informed than some War-Mongers in the Lie Stream media.   Or maybe he was pro-Putin.

I will have to listen to more, to form my own idea on that


Early reports are saying that Gonzalo Lira has been captured and killed by the Azov battalion in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the mainstream media wants to discredit him for former YouTube channels because he was not a war expert. But he did live in Ukraine and he did say that the Azov battalion was dangerous. Now he has been silenced. #ukraine

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The measure of a life is the distance from troughs to peaks. Dartmouth '95, writer, film director, entrepreneur (renewables, real estate), blogging, YouTubing
"EUROPE NEEDS RUSSIA, more than Russia needs them".  Europe will not have access to Russian raw materials
2022.05.04 Russian Sanctions On Europe
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Tucker drops new episode on Gonzalo Lira.


Ep. 47 Gonzalo Lira is an American citizen who’s been tortured in a Ukrainian prison since July, for the crime of criticizing Zelensky. Biden officials approve of this, because they’d like to apply the same standard here. The media agree. Here’s a statement from Gonzalo Lira’s father.

(00:00) American Zelensky critic jailed in Ukraine

(05:14) Where is our State Department?

(08:40) Lira arrested after criticizing Biden

(11:49) Is Ukraine the democracy we’re told it is?


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VERY SAD.  R.I.P, Gonzalo


American Journalist and Political Prisoner Gonzalo Lira, Known for Criticism of the Zelensky and Biden Regimes, Dies in Ukrainian Prison: Report


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