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Creative Real Estate investing (& swapping)

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Creative Real Estate investing (& swapping)


For the UK : Time to LOOK CLOSER at this?


"Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I'd say the smart money should now go long gold and short London property (although I would expect it to rise further this year)"

- Jim Turk


Like this? Swap every Two years (between Gold and BDEV)





It looks like the right sort of timing from Gold's perspective, but BDEV may have further to go



BDEV.L versus GLD - from beg. 2013 ... update




Key Points - The Highest Ratio?


Date==== : -BDEV- : --GLD-- : Ratio-1 : --FXB-- : Bdev-$ : Ratio-2 :
12/19/13 : 337.4 P : $ 114.82 : 2.939- : $161.38 : 544.50 : 4.742 :
12/31/13 : 349.0 P : $ 116.12 : 3.005- : $163.30 : 569.92 : 4.908 :
01/21/14 : 389.9 P : $ 119.70 : 3.257- : $162.31 : 632.85 : 5.287 :

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For the US : Some part of these "Solution Provider" ideas may work for almost anyone


Thriving as a Real Estate Solutions Provider in Today's Economy - Lior Gantz Interview


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This is from the UK Housing Thread


An excellent chart Bubb, that needs to be book marked. For me it throws significant weight and guidance as to the potential direction the London market may take.


Many new builds throughout London are due for completion 2015. Hence going long gold and shorting London property would not be a bad punt.


I agree that BDEV looks set for continued growth. Any second phase new builds that form part of the same development are planned for completion 2018, that is too far out to assess. London will continue to rise this year as the mania is in full swing, and is in a serious bubble now. There are alot of plumbs out there panic buying that will soon be in serious debt. Already the smart money in Central london are asking agents for valuations in anticipation in selling up for two reasons:.

a) they have made significant gains B) potential capital gains tax that may be introduced next year. If the smart money sells up even taking a 20% cut in todays prices they would still have made serious money. The knock on affect is that the ripple out affect to the suburbs will have a significant impact.


That's for the comment.

There's a thread on the Trading section about Creative Real Estate investing.

I will post the chart and your comment there - so it will be easier to find.

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