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Three junior mining/exploration stocks

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I have been asked this question by email from a HK-based friend:


I have three positions and wonder if you've ever looked at any of them.


Continental Minerals

TG World

TVI Pacific


Would appreciate any comments you might have, especially on the last one where I have been a shareholder

for many years


(note: i am awaiting permission from the sender to reveal the names of the stocks)


I will then mention the steps I go through in looking into them

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Right. Permission granted. Here are the companies:


Continental Minerals (ca:KMK) ... update : daily



TG World (ca: TGE) ... update : daily



TVI Pacific (ca:TVI) ... update : daily



I reckon that TVI has the strongest chart.

This is the only one of the above that I am long, having bought recently near $0.16.

The TGE chart still looks highly dangerous, albeit it could be finding support. I would want to see a better formed bottom before buying. It may be in the process of forming that bottom now, but I would want to see the lows retested on lighter volume, and then maybe some sign of strength.


KMK looks ok. The nice run-up over the past many months looks like it can continue, But I would be inclined to protect a part of the position with a stop.


More on the prospects coming

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hi Nimmm,


I never buy stocks AFTER their run- i only buy corrections.

CEY.L has done well in getting to 50p : CEY-chart


recently, it has been making new highs on lighter volume, so i would be cautious

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