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Hold Real Assets: AU, AG, etc. - Use Ratios to spot opportunity

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Hold Real Assets: AU, AG, etc. - Use Ratios to spot opportunity

Paul B. : Savers vs. Speculators vs. Investors
"Savers" can be smart and shift when "they see opportunity"

VIDEO : Don't Own Paper, Hold REAL Assets

Ratio : Oil-to-Gold : "Oil's cheap at under 0.10 ozs."

Ratio : Silver-to-Gold : "Silver's cheap at under 1/63 (0.016) ounces"


Ratio : Bonds-to-Gold : TLT-to Gold : Bonds are expensive now



(Flip it around: Gold-to-TLT):

"Gold-to-Anti-Gold" : Gold looks cheap at under 13.50 - now: 11.35



Ratio : SPY-to-Gold



Channel : http://YouTube.com/BelangP

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SILVER Looks Cheap versus the other markers


The Ratio charts Below looks at the extreme : cheap-Silver to expensive-Stocks


Video: HOW TO BUY a Nice HOUSE with 5 OZ of SILVER - BrotherJohnF (late June 2013)


Brother John F (back in June 2013) was talking about how the Ratio of "Dow-to-Silver" was at an extreme

when it was at something like 819-to-OneOz of Silver. Today it is at 831, having hit a high near 894 recently.R-Dow-toSilver_zps9afe7882.png



The Ratio of Silver-to-SPX is down from a Peak over 3.5% to today near 1%


Ratio: Silver-to-SPX



Will the Low, near 0.96% be retested? Maybe... provided stocks hot new highs.

Flipping it around: SPX-to-Silver


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Way back in 2010, Mike Maloney was talking about buying a house for 500 oz. of Silver


500 oz Silver To Buy A House? - Mike Maloney - Silver vs Real Estate



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SILVER BEAR versus Bull - from March 2013 - and how it went...





Published on 14 Mar 2013

For years, JPMorgan has been accused of silver price suppression. Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee faces Don Harrold, founder of the Day Trade Show, in a debate on whether JPMorgan has engaged in this criminal market activity. Besides JPMorgan, could other large market players be manipulating silver prices? Could even the Federal Reserve and US Government be conspiring with others to artificially suppress precious metal prices? Stay tuned and find out!

Find Don Harrold online : http://DayTradeShow.com / http://www.youtube.com/user/DayTradeShow
Find Bill Murphy online - : http://www.GATA.org / http://www.LeMetropoleCafe.com


On March 14 2013, SLV closed at $27.80, and Silver about $28.90 (x1.04)
Same old, same old from Murphy.
Don Harrold said: GATA is good because it "pushes the envelope".
But he does not believe that JPM engages in one-way (downwards) manipulation.
BM : "Silver is going to blow Sky-High... Prices are artificially low."
DH : "You ought to be waiting for lower prices... We should warn the public.
The last time I bought was at $28. I'm out of the trade right now... React to next move."
My target is $17.50 -18.50 on the downside."


Update: Silver Charts


Silver - since Aug. 2011 - peak was above $48 on Apr.28, 2011 / SLV: $48.35



SLV / Silver etf ... SLV-5yrs : SLV-from-Jun.20141yr :



The Silver Low may be in place ("triple bottom at $18.17 / $18.72 / $18.61) , with inverted Right Shoulder forming




Or a retest of the Low may be needed.

I think it is not too early to start putting Silver / SLV / AG positions on.


I think whether or not the Timing is right may depend on DBA / CRB,

which I am now watching closely.

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