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Good time to buy property in Australia?

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I clicked on the following ad: http://www.australianpropertyinfo.com/?id=03rem&gclid=CKnt99T2pcACFdgkvQod4WIAnA and I wonder if it's a good time to buy properties in Australia. I have about HK$1 million to spare, and I don't know what to do with it. I know that Australian house prices have increased considerably over the last years, and the Australian economy isn't in the best shape in the history of the country, but economies are always cyclical, so it will recover and grow eventually.


Also, does anybody know if one can make a mortgage in Australia, if he/she doesn't live there? I would borrow about 60-80%, as long as the rent more or less covers the mortgage.


Any advise/comment is welcome!

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Why do you want to buy there?


To Live, or as an investment?


I am far from an expert, but when I did look into it, I found it was not easy to immigrate to Oz

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