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Last Stand in September (for the cabal?)

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Last Stand in September (for the cabal?)


(thanks to CMJ):


David Wilcock : "The Cabal has to pay-up... And they don't have the money."


There’s some pretty big stuff missing here but I guess it depends on who you’re talking to. The short answer is that “everything bad the Cabal is hoping to accomplish is either being done now, or is about to be done.”

Thankfully they are being systematically counter-attacked.

I now have three independent high-level insiders telling me the same thing about next month. One of them has the intel from two completely different sources, so technically it’s four different very informed insiders saying the same thing. Each of these sources has access to the different major factions, so it constitutes a uniform consensus.

We’ve heard almost all of this story before and I have become skeptical and distrustful. That’s my disclaimer. There is no point in fearing this information and, as has been the case in at least seven other instances, whatever they plan doesn’t end up happening.

Nonetheless, here is the gist of it:

The Cabal has to pay up in September and they don’t have the money. Everyone hates them because of the NSA snooping and the destruction of the world’s economy. The international community has lost its patience. BRICS is accelerating very rapidly as the Cabal is withering.

Therefore the Cabal has to go all out, and do everything they possibly can to create maximum chaos, before the end of September, as that apparently is their “moment of truth.” Ben alluded to something big coming, and I have heard no specifics, other than that the Cabal seems to see the end of September as their deadline and whatever they do, it needs to be before then.

In the “moment of truth,” the USG will be forced to declare the Fed and its dollar to be bankrupt and in default — or it will be declared for them by others. We will shift from the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) to the TRN (Treasury Reserve Note). Money will now be issued and backed by the US Treasury itself. No money will be allowed to be printed without collateral of some kind behind it.

I have heard conflicting reports of what the valuation of FRN to TRN will be. One of the highest insiders said, roughly two months ago, that if you have money in the bank it won’t change in value. FRN dollars will be able to be redeemed at full value, but only up to 10K at a time and only for a short period, say a week. Then the value depreciates considerably.

This is intended to get rid of a massive glut of “black cash” hoarded by criminals, and also tons of counterfeit 100s being printed by Iran to try to destroy the US. You can easily see the president making a speech about how this will be good for America and strike a killer blow against organized crime. It will also seriously rejuvenate the purchasing power of the new TRN.

Anyway, apparently there are two factions now within the USG that are fighting over how much the TRN will have depreciated from the FRN. The group we could call the “good guys”, i.e. aligned with BRICS, are apparently now lobbying for 16 percent. [Again, this could be way off because another source told me it would not go down at all.]

The “bad guys” say this is only “kicking the ball around,” and “within 10 years we’re going to have the same problem” if they only devalue by 16 percent.

The “bad guys” apparently want an EIGHTY SIX PERCENT downgrade of the value of money — at least the American version. The excuse is that this will permanently resolve the problems in our financial system. We take the hit, tighten up our belts, and weather the storm for the benefit of future generations and a new, permanent stability.

The reality, which they gleefully are excited about, is that if it actually happened (which it won’t,) society would collapse. An announcement of this type may very well be the “Hail Mary Pass” they are hoping for, the last, best move they can make that would hopefully create the social breakdown they feel they so desperately need right now.

So here’s the deal. Ben hinted at it but didn’t really get the scope of it.

The Cabal are trying to fire every shot they’ve got right now. They deliberately sent agent provocateurs into Ferguson and goaded the police into maximum aggression with minimum thought behind it.

Some Cabal agents posed as police and worked alongside them, increasing the violence. They said they were there to help and swore them to secrecy. Anyone from the Ferguson police force who dares to speak out about this will very quickly decide they want to commit suicide and carry it out, possibly even leaving a note, or their car runs off the road in a tragic remote-controlled accident.

These guys were not part of the normal force, hence they did not have any badges on. This was widely reported and written off as the police not wanting to be profiled by civilians.

The Cabal’s hope is that Ferguson will be the spark that ignites a nationwide race war between blacks and whites. The corporate news heads are being good “heels,” in the carnival wrestling sense of the term. The more angry they can get the audience, so they root for the “face,” the better they do their job.

Of course, carnivals are organized crime. Every sideshow event is rigged, and the “face” and the “heel” laugh over beers after a match. Then the same carnivals that feature porn (girl shows), pharmaceuticals (snake oil), sports (wrestling), entertainment (clowns, sideshows), occult (palm and card readers), et cetera in the town go into the country.

Out come the Bibles. These same folks re-arrange their game to become tent revivalist preachers shouting the glory of God and the coming Apocalypse. It’s all about WHAT MAKES MONEY.

Now the same “barker” who was luring people into the girl show has a Bible in his hand. He is preaching the Good Word. The girl who just had a bottle in her hand, and elsewhere, is now behind him on stage — clapping her hands and leading the flock in the singing of the gospels.

The Bibles sell like hotcakes.

If you don’t believe me, read books on the history of carnivals. It’s all about making money. They’ve been run out of town after town and city after city and yet there still is no widespread understanding about how every single event is cleverly rigged so you don’t win unless they let you. The wrestling matches are completely staged.

The carnival was the main source for porn, because in the “girl show” you pay to get in and see her dance with skimpy clothes. Then she says “step behind this curtain and you’ll see me with this bottle and nothing else. I’ll teach you things that will make a woman do anything you want!”

Anyway, the big “reveal” is this: The same people stage both sides of the wrestling match, and the same people then move into a Christian country and pose as religious zealots to maximize profit.

This business is very, very ancient, far predating the time of television and movies, and therefore had a near-monopoly or at least a strong edge on industries including professional sports, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, occult and porn, and posed serious competition to the churches.

All you have to do is see that the Cabal is using this same “carnival strategy” on a much larger level. The person at the gate sees how much money you have, thanks to cleverly-positioned mirrors, and if you have a big wad, he pats you on the back with chalk and you become a “mark.” Then everyone knows to concentrate their focus on you.

They’re all in on it, working together, face and heel. They buy off the police and judiciary to avoid prosecution for ripping people off. It all sounds very familiar and it’s a really old game. They can only work one town for so long before they get run out.

Thankfully now there is a massive international alliance that has run out of patience — and the game is up.

So what we’re seeing right now is the worldwide carnival of doom breathing its final death-rattle.

They hope to spread Ferguson-type riots across the country. They are simultaneously trying to create a West Versus Muslims war with ISIS agitprop. I watched the “beheading” video, even after being told that I should honor James Foley by not seeing it.

I agree that there were tons of problems with it suggesting it was fake. It appeared to be a dull, fake stage knife, and they immediately start fading to black as soon as his neck is allegedly being cut. No visible blood gushes out, and if it had, wouldn’t they have wanted you to see it?

After the way I screamed and cried when I thought I was going to be murdered, and remembering what that felt like, I highly doubt James Foley is dead. I think he was given the opportunity to play along, read his cue cards and disappear with a new identity and a hairpiece for his freshly shorn head, probably along with a Lord of the Rings-style theatrical beard.

He probably doesn’t like the US after what happened to him, and his work as a journalist, and was given the offer he could not refuse. Remember the Northwoods documents… we know that they stage these things and tell their insiders “he didn’t really die, we just need to attack these villains while we still have a chance.”

That helps everyone play along, feel special for knowing how the masses are being fooled, and be part of a group that is using these deceptions for the greater good — so they think.

It is very unlikely that they will succeed in any large-scale strike against the US or elsewhere, due to a combination of an ever-growing alliance against them. This includes folks from here and other folks who have been called “angels” in the Bible.

That’s a complex subject, but we have a huge wealth of links showing “Divine Intervention” happening over and over and over again, systematically stopping them from succeeding in any of these plans.

Once you acknowledge that benevolent ETs do exist, and then acknowledge that they have systematically stopped us from having nuclear war, the next step is to see that they ARE involved — and they are protecting us from the Cabal so we can finish the job ourselves.

So September is where it all comes together, from what I’m hearing. The Cabal is hoping to create a variety of simultaneous triggers that avalanche us into martial law, social collapse, gun confiscation, mass starvation and prison camps. The same old thing we’ve been hearing them lust for since at least the mid-1990s, which was when I first started learning about this. I am tired of hearing it.

I highly, highly doubt this will work, but this is what they are hoping to achieve, and they will definitely be making their best effort in that direction. Yet, what we are seeing is that the same old tricks do not get traction. Blow up an airplane, attack innocent people, stage riots, fake terrorism, chop people up, burn them, et cetera.

If you do this in times of peace it can create big results, but when you do it in a time of chaos, you get diminishing returns. Like a heroin junkie, you need a bigger and bigger “fix” to get any high at all.

They have desperately, desperately tried to do the big fix — and a lesser example is the utterly satanic nature of the music industry’s videos in the last four years particularly — but all the really big stuff is being thwarted by an impressive alliance.

The Cabal has been successful in using their HAARP-type technology to make it almost mathematically impossible for rain to fall in California, thus precisely driving us into an extreme emergency drought. This prevents food from being grown, which in turn can create mass starvation and the breakdown of a major city.

In this Rense post you can see the nice, straight-lined energetic wall they are creating that completely blocks any storm cells from getting in and raining. This has become very, very painfully obvious and profoundly unnatural. Why would ALL of California be singled out so that it never, ever frickin’ rains?


Additionally, the quake we just had in San Francisco was very likely a deliberate one. Again, the benevolents very likely intervened and distributed the stress in a way that was not planned. Their tech is far more advanced than the Cabal usually assumes it to be. The Cabal’s hope undoubtedly was that it would have been far bigger and more destructive than the 6.0 that we just saw.

The Cabal is also using HAARP to trigger the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland to go off, because the ash field could plunge Europe into extreme cold temperatures, thus again creating a destabilizing condition. This could help staged riots be more “successful,” in their terms, and kill people off faster if they get displaced. This is a setup for when the pre-planned whites versus Muslims war gets going.

I have no direct involvement in any of this on either side, and only hear rumors. All I can say is that we live in “interesting times” and we may finally be seeing an end to this madness in sight.

Time to shut down the Carnival of Death and run ‘em out!

I do not advocate torturing and killing Cabal members. The vast majority of them are victims and / or heavily misled. We do not want to generate more atrocities and repeat the cyclical mistakes of history. We can step up and realize these are people, not creatures or robots, and draw boundaries with them, saying “Enough is enough,” without doing the same things to them that they’ve been doing to us.

We’re better than that. We can accept heroes who defect from their ranks and come forward to help. Now is the time.

- David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on August 27, 2014 @ 1:29 am

Let me just say again that there is no guarantee that any financial system change will actually happen. Rumors are rumors and I am passing them along to share information.

Credible sources can leak plans that totally do not end up happening. This does not mean the sources lack credibility. It means the Cabal is ever-increasingly incapable of getting its plans to work.

- David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on August 27, 2014 @ 1:44 am

The time has come. It is very exciting to see the dynamic movement of events, as it seems very clear that we are building up to a Moment of Truth.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on August 27, 2014 @ 2:20 am

> Ben Fulford thread: post#1720 : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=11307&page=86

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(Might there be an Astro, or astrological, component to the current stress ?


The "Ambassador" that Ron Van Dyke is speaking to ... says in THIS VIDEO:



The increase in earthquake and volcano (and War-related activity) may be related to the



"It will be at its closest point (in the next 25 years or so) tomorrow, Aug. 27th."


Perhaps some of the tension will begin to ease after that

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The OP - was a reaction by David Wilcock, to Ben Fulford's latest



The summer is ending and the Satan-worshipping cabalists are trembling in fear

...of what will come their way this autumn, according to White Dragon Society, CIA and Chinese government and other sources. However, instead of anything dramatic happening, the cabal will be left to continue its slow motion implosion as new international structures continue to be put in place to by-pass their financial control systems, the sources say. The mathematics of finance and the real economy are working irrevocably against the cabal governments in the US and Israel so, time is on the side of the 188 nation BRICS alliance. Just like it is best to wait for a sick lion to die instead of trying to pick a fight with it, the cabal is inevitably sinking so there is no need to do anything rash.

Nonetheless, there might also be some more dramatic actions planned but obviously they will not be announced in advance. We can hint, however, that these planned moves involve gold, silver, and, for some, lead.

The cabal, for its part, is continuing to produce one fake fear-mongering media event after the other in an effort to manipulate the opinions of a steadily shrinking audience of brain-washed believers. To this end the cabal has recently staged the fake beheading of a journalist in the Middle East, orchestrated race riots in the US, attempted to reignite a cold war with Russia, tried to start a global Ebola pandemic, threatened to blow up Chicago, LA and New York etc.

The people who wrote the Mossad motto “by way of deception, thou shalt make war,” obviously never read the parable about the boy who cried wolf. The lies and fake incidents are no longer believed by most informed people, especially in the world’s military and intelligence organizations. Instead of creating the desired effect of herding the sheeple in predetermined directions, the recent staged events have caused profound disgust throughout the world’s governments, armed forces and other agencies with the ability to actually fight if necessary.

That is why senior members of the Nazionist cabal are frantically looking for some place to escape what they see as an inevitable purge.


> more: http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/ben-fulford-full-post-august-26-2014/

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RESPONSES to The Posts of David Wilcock


lecox says:

My data differ on only one key point: How benevolent are the “good” ETs?
Per Simon Parkes and some others, “good” or “benevolent” are very relative terms in this universe. The “older” power structure apparently would prefer to maintain the status quo. They could act to prevent damage of too serious a nature on earth, and those actions would appear “benevolent” to us. However, the older power has been challenged by some newer alliances that seem to be making headway. Their activities, however, have little to do with preserving Earth. They are just hoping to create a calmer galactic environment for pursuing their own agendas. The newer group seems more agreeable to an “awakening” on Earth, which the older group was dead against. However, their ideas of what “being awake” is might differ from our own!
It would behoove us greatly to somehow “come up to speed” under our own steam, with as little “help” from external forces as possible. I think this has been the “secret government” approach for some time now. Whatever “help” we accept now could well turn into a demand for payback later. The reality of ET is now fairly clear. That doesn’t mean we should go back to treating them like gods. Didn’t we make that mistake at least once before?

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A COMING SPLIT between Europe and the US/Israel


- that's Ben Fulford's view


"MI5 sources in England say the Nazionist cabalists, having bankrupted Greece in order to buy up its Greece’s physical assets at bargain prices, are now counting on replenishing their war chests by doing the same with the assets of other European countries, starting with the Ukraine and France.


To prevent this from happening, the Germans, French and British are already making preparations to abandon the US and Israel and throw in their lot with the BRICS alliance, according to CIA and MI6 sources in Europe."


> http://english.despertando.me/2014/08/29/awakening-news-20140829-full-article-benjamin-fulford-8-26-14-major-fall-offensive-against-nazionists-begins-despite-continuing-cabal-threats-of-mass-murder/

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(Connecting with a Dream - this comes from two weeks ago):


ELON knows too much...


The last few days, I have been having amazing dreams, and I feel like I have an enhanced intuition on things.

Last night I dreamt I was at a board meeting of the Junior Illuminati. This was on the top of a high building, and there were about 18-20 people at a long table. That's 12 key decision makers and some key advisers or experts.



(A view like this, and a guy this age might have been chairing the meeting)


This is the group "in waiting", that will take over after the older group dies off or retires. They are unhappy with the way that things are going on the planet, and want change - away from the secret and selfish ways of the Old Illuminati leadership. But they have been specifically asked by the Older and more powerful group to "Stop the leaks." Too much inside information was leaking out. So reluctantly, they were forcing themselves to close the leaks.


After a discussion about how they had to "stay united" and retain cooperation with the older group, they went around the room and asked each other, "Who will talk? Who is Dangerous?"


Apparently, there is some big plan or event about to break


One of them, (Christopher ?), who is among the most unhappy and rebellious, said:

"Elon knows too much."


They looked at him long and meaningfully.

Feeling the pressure, he swallowed slowly, and said quietly almost in a whisper: "Okay. I will do it..."


At once he absorbed the urgency of what he must do. He (Chris) got up to leave the room, and silence the leak. He had to act fast, before the Event.


His closest friend, if friends exist at this level of the Illuminati, was the only one thinking in a different way: Chris is off, and they think he will solve the leak problem, but it is possible he has other plans...


(the following post from today identified an unexpected connection with Elon Musk in a video)


http://www.HalfPastHuman.com : Is this The Event ?


"World's first cFF (cyber false flag) invented here! And coming to a bank/gov't near you in September!

Linguistics show that USA politbureau is linking [banks] and [national security] very heavily. They will be shutting down banks in response to a [cyber false flag] and they will then use this as [excuse for war]. We all really know that this is to try and save some zionist bankster butts from a very early, and violent death later as the revolution heats up for a cold winter.

Their 'target' in this first ever cyber false flag is Russia. "


Clif's been getting a lot of hits lately.

It's like they have been held back and now, they're all coming out.


The Fringe media is coming of Age.

Too many lies have been told on the Mainstream Media, and people

long for something more substantial, more meaningful




"Send the images (or Mars etc) to Elon Musk," says Richard C Hoagaland
I want to see them myself. I cannot find them, even on Hoagy's site !

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(Elon himself has good intuition, and is being careful in September):

Elon Musk cancels SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, admits to ‘dark dreams’

Posted 6:39 pm, August 27, 2014, by CNN Wire




NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Elon Musk’s dream to conquer space met with a major setback, when he canceled a plan to launch an Asian satellite that had been scheduled for Wednesday.

The launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket might be delayed for up to two weeks — and maybe longer, depending on what a troubleshooting investigation finds.

Musk, who founded SpaceX in 2002, made the announcement on his company’s website, “We are not aware of any issue with Falcon 9…. but have decided to review all potential failure modes and contingencies again.”

The launch was originally planned for Tuesday, but was delayed until Wednesday, following a malfunction last Friday that caused an F9 reusable rocket to self-destruct.

The explosion, which occurred over the McGregor, Texas launch area, did not cause any injuries according to SpaceX.

The company says it wants to “triple check” to make sure there are no potential flaws with the interfaces of the rocket and the AsiaSat 6 satellite that it was scheduled to launch 22,000 miles into space.

While Elon Musk’s daydreams encompass big ideas, such as manned space flight, it’s his nighttime dreams that can sometimes be really scary.

“As we get closer to a rocket launch my sleep is worse,” Musk told CNN’s Rachel Crane in an interview conducted Aug. 21 at SpaceX. “I did have for a while these sort of horrible nightmares of rockets failing before launch because in the very beginning our rockets did not succeed.”

The 43-year-old native of South Africa said he’s had dark dreams his whole life.

“I don’t know why,” he said “I’ve always had those from when I was a kid.”

He believes his “really vivid” dreams “correlate to stress in the real world.”

It’s a world Musk is trying hard to change.

“The five things I thought would most affect humanity were sustainable energy, the Internet, making life multi planetary, AI (artificial intelligence) and rewriting human genetics,” he said .


> http://wtvr.com/2014/08/27/elon-musk-cancels-spacex-falcon-9-launch-admits-to-dark-dreams/

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