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Energy & Mining Picks - from Casey, etc

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Energy & Mining Picks - from Casey, etc


(It might be worthwhile keeping an eye on this... I am NOT buying it here)


"Secret" Energy play - unraveled maybe


TEAZER by email today:

TODAY, We're Publishing the Most Profitable Issue of the Casey Energy Report Ever
Dear Casey Reader,
It comes out later this afternoon and contains the full details of each of these three plays, including entry prices and rundowns of every catalyst that could push up shares of these companies very quickly.
The first of these three companies is one I guarantee no other analyst or brokerage firm has figured out, yet it could be best positioned to reap the greatest rewards of one of the year's most explosive energy plays.
Doug Casey and I found it so intriguing, we pulled out our checkbooks and made it our largest personal investment of the year.
It's an emerging shale oil and gas explorer - a high-risk speculation to be sure, but worth a serious look considering the incredible potential it holds.
Personally, I haven't seen a company this sexy since our subscribers made +600% on Cuadrilla. This could be our next big score.
- MK


The Stock Gumshoe came up with this:


What's Marin Katusa's "next Bakken" stock with results expected September 16? Posted on September 11, 2013 by Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

I originally wrote an article about this Casey Energy Report tease following the first wave of teasers from the Casey folks, on August 20 — since then, they added some more detail to the teaser pitch that made my solution not fit, so we’ll take a mea culpa and accept this as our mistake for 2013. I’m willing to release one incorrect teaser solution each year before I begin the process of self-flagellation, so we keep our 99%+ accuracy rate but, as always, we are not infallible.


> http://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/caseys-energy-report/caseys-lawyers-canceled-our-trip-to-a-secret-oil-drilling-site/


It might be...

"Which pointed the Mighty, Mighty Thinkolator directly at PRD Energy (PRD.V, PREGF) — they’re working on rejuvenating oil production on about two million acres, using unconventional technologies (horizontal drilling, etc. — I guess we have to start calling those “conventional” now). And more importantly, we had an exact match on those shareholders, here’s what I wrote three weeks ago..."


PRD Energy (PRD.V, PREGF) ... update : C$0.85 -$0.05




It looks like they got a nice run-up in the stock a year ago, when it was mentioned.

It will be interesting to see what happens this time (if it is the same stock... being recycled?)


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