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Please introduce Yourself to the A-Core Team

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Please introduce Yourself to the A-Core Team



Dr Bubb:

I am the founder of GlobalEdgeInvestors (GEI), and I post here on the website as "DrBubb."
Location: Hong Kong & Far East
Interests: Trading and investing in stocks and commodities. Writing articles on related subjects, while building this website.
I am interested in creating ways for communities...
I have had my own awakening to a whole world of realities outside what is seen and believed by the mainstream.
I want to share some of what I have discovered, learn from others, and discuss this complex new world with those
who have also had an awakening.
Through honest cooperation, and use of "both Heart and Head", I think we can achieve so much more.



/ Your intro need not be long. Just tell us a bit about yourself, and why you are here /

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