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The FUTURE : Can Come from Inside Us - What's Yours?

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The FUTURE : Can Come from Inside Us - What's Your Vision?




Envision a positive Future.

Share it with others.

Work to bring it into Reality.


Top Futurists ::


The exercise of THIS thread, is a POSITIVE Future, not a dystopian one.


One big question, is what will be the role of machines and technology in your "positive future"

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STAR TREK - provided one of the best known positive futures



Above is from talk : Disclosure, Four Barriers


The Star Trek future is highly technological.


The main occupation of the humans we saw was exploring the galaxy.

Mundane tasks like growing food had disappeared as people got their food from replicators.


Truly, I wonder how this food would taste.

Would it be nutritious and satisfying? Or like the processed food of today.

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An opposite Future (to Star Trek's) is JH Kunstler's World-Made-by-Hand




In this future, humanity begins to run out of oil, and we revert to something like the living arrangement of 1800.


Private cars, highways, mobile phones, computers... are all left behind.


To some, this may seem to be a fully dystopian future. Most humans having "a relationship with agriculture",

which entails them doing the back-break farm work, with help from animals, rather than machines.


But there are positives that come from this:


+ People rediscover their local communities
+ They NEED help from others, and so they learn to give help, to get help

+ Without cinema, there is man-made music and performance

+ All food is organic. It is fresh, and tastes better

+ The government has withered away, with its taxes and regulation


You can hear more about this, in the recent podcast that Chuck Morahn, of Small Towns did with JHK.


MP3 - http://shoutengine.com/StrongTownsPodcast/StrongTownsPodcast-0191-jim-kunstler-4040.mp3


Podcast-#191 : http://shoutengine.com/StrongTownsPodcast/jim-kunstler-4040

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