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The Tide Has Turned : Signs of Awakening, Triggering events

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The Tide Has Turned




It's turned. It's probably turned a while ago but we have not noticed the early signs but they are getting clearer now.


Just saw this


Sure is quiet out here tonight. Busy reading all the great news and predictions? Meditating?

New York Times, surprisingly, has a report on the chemical weaponry left behind in Iraq (Iraq-Iran War) that the American, etc. troops were made sick or died due to. The surviving soldiers were told to deny any reports concerning them. It is quite a long article and being shown on our msn desktop tonight.

There are increasing numbers of mainstream reports that are startlingly informative to the unaware population.

We sent Melissa’s link, ‘9/11 in 5 minutes’ video to some who are disbelievers. It is a good one!

Everything is moving forward at the correct speed. Any faster and too many folks would be nauseous and overwhelmed.
Personally, I feel that things have changed somewhat this week and news is getting clearer and less speculative. I like that.

Good night all.



Comment by food2 on October 15, 2014 @ 2:25 pm

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The JFK Assassination...


... in Two Minutes


... in Four Minutes


Or: in 64 Minutes : "Lyndon only bet on sure things"



Oswald in the doorway - Two places at once? Not likely

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50 Years History of Coups ... in 22 minutes



JFK Saved our lives and the World... by ignoring Advice


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Blackwater guards convicted in 2007 Baghdad shooting


[ Editor's Note: Prosecutors did a good job, as these convictions will dampen the "anything goes" attitute that grew out of the situation in Iraq of "shoot first and ask questions later". It was one of the issues that framed the US as an occupation army, the civilians were expendable in any and all situations... Jim W. Dean ]

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