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Put on your Thinking Caps !

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/ Put on your Thinking Caps ! /


thinking-cap.jpg : http://tinyurl.com/Thinking-Caps


It has been a while since I put much focus on thoughtful threads and longer commentary on GEI.

I few people have asked me: What happened to those articles you used to write?

Well, I think they got a bit lost in the General Discussion (GD) section, so I am going to experiment with

something new !


I have renamed the General Discussion forum to : "General News & Commentary", and created a new forum called:

"Thoughtful Discussion". I hope people will visit it at: http://tinyurl.com/Thinking-Caps

I also invite and encourage people to participate in the discussions there.


Right now, this new forum is at the bottom of "Worldview Forums" section, but as participation grows, I will make it more visible.

(Beyond these Big Picture thoughts, there's also a more open-minded Alternative discussion Forum in the Acore section.)


Example follows, a post from:

CRASHING into a Brighter Future: Out with Old, In with New


Larry Page, CEO of Google, also envisions a better world




(as was recorded in "A New Page", an article in this weekend's Life&Art's section of the Weekend FT):


Page asks:

Wouldn't the world be a better place if:

+ 90 per cent of the people put their feet up, and let the robots do the work?; if

+ Your new house cost just 5% of what it cost to build before?; if:

+ We had limitless cheap power from nuclear fusion?, and if:

+ We all had a greatly extended lifespan?


How are these visions going to come about?

Larry Page has shifted his day to day responsibilities at Google to a colleague, and he will now focus on indulging his ambitious urges.

He plans to invest cash from Google's search engine, into developing new technologies for the 21st century,


Google's original mission was to "organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

And now Page wants to expand on that. He wants to chase the real breakthrough technologies, and thinks (with some real justification) that his success at Google shows that he is highly qualified to pick and develop the future winning technologies. He says that only 50 investors are are chasing the real winners, that will make a real difference in the lives of most people on earth.


The big challenge, he says, is not the capital required, but getting (really smart) people to focus in working on these challenges with a high level of ambition.


I suppose that after a crash, if Google's cash flow is still intact - which seems likely - people will be even hungrier for jobs, and Page and his Google team will have an ability to pursue these sorts of ideas with less competition and their choice of people.


Some fringe areas that Google is already looking into include:

+ Self-driving cars

+ Diseases that afflict older people

+ Artificial intelligence that can "read people's minds", by observing the images they are looking at


Page reckons that these new technologies will make people 10 times are efficient, and that many people will no longer have to work. He thinks that having people working less efficiently so they can maintain their jobs "can't be the right answer." And he sees a massive deflation ahead, as new efficiencies come into the economy.


For example, he thinks that the median house price in Palo Alto, California can be brought down from $1 Million to just $50,000.


Though some may seen these sorts of price disruptions as disturbing, Page wants to have the world embrace them.

"You can't wish these things from happening, they are going to happen," says Page.

"... When we have computers that can do more and more jobs, it's going to change the way we think about work."

"... We cannot wish it away."

(David Wilcock says here ; at 11-mins in: 37% of the people who want to work are without jobs.

A problem is: the tax and economic framework of our society does not support this reality.)


Page does realize that there are some big challenges ahead in how we cope with the changes ahead.

"How do we organize ourselves? How do we motivate people?" he asks.

"It is a really interesting problem... If you look at satisfaction in the US, it's not going up, it's going down."


He doesn't think that Europe has the answer, since he sees there weak support for entrepreneurship and technology.


And there are challenges within his own company. Can Google really be successful at so many things?

Steve Jobs used to tell Page that they were active in too many areas, and Page would respond that Apple wasn't doing enough.

"We we have these billions, we should be investing to make people's lives better," Page would say.


Google may already be pressing up against natural limits of what can be successfully managed by one company.

The biggest companies are all within the same order of magnitude of size in terms of market cap.

So far, there's no example of any company jumping ahead, above the limits of its large peers.


Page's firm has set up Google X, the internal laboratory for new projects. This was the brainchild of Sergey Brin,

Google's other principle founder. In that context, Brin was reaching for the biggest bets, and he remains a close

ally of Larry Page.


One possibility is that these new enterprises will be housed in stand-alone business units, with semi-independent leaders,

charged with building them, but still with some help and financial support from Google.


/ Note: the housing unit aiming at producing cheaper houses is called "Nest",

and there are separate units for internet access and energy. /


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"Wouldn't the world be a better place if:

+ 90 per cent of the people put their feet up, and let the robots do the work?"


SMART people have figured out some Sound & Essential principles


Growing up to be a Smart & Successful Adult

- A positive vision of Future is essential, especially for men


"90% of the people who watch my Videos are men"

"I talk about responsibilities, not rights. You cannot have one without the other.

Your Rights are my Responsibilities... There's no meaning in Life without responsibility."


Once a viable idea of a future is established, young men are much more motivated to carry more responsibilities which gives meaning to one's life.


Jordan Peterson - Growing Up and Being Useful is The New Counterculture

Published on 25 May 2017

original source: https://youtu.be/T4fjSrVCDvA?t=2h20m3s
Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson explains why the Future Authoring Program works better for men who are doing worse in society.

Once a viable idea of a future is established, young men are much more motivated to carry more responsibilities which gives meaning to one's life.



I never had someone had this big of an impact on my mental well-being through the internet before.

x1623 Likes !


/ 2 /

Strategy (1): 12 principles for a 21st century conservatism

Published on 22 Jun 2017

Conservatism has all-too-often found itself unable to articulate a coherent positive doctrine. By this I mean specifically that the laudable conservative tendency to preserve the best of past has too-often manifested itself in a series of "thou shalt not" statements, instead of laying out a manifesto of fundamental values that might serve to unite people around a set of common ambitions. I am attempting to rectify this problem with this statement of principles, some of which I believe might have the additional virtue of being attractive to young people, looking for mature and forthright purpose and responsibility.
I am not making the claim that the statement is perfect, comprehensive or final.
Background to the talk:
I spoke at Carleton Place, a town in Lanark County, Thursday, June 15/17. I was invited by Randy Hillier, who is a Member of Provincial Parliament for Ontario (randyhilliermpp.com).


12 principles for a 21st century conservatism


TENETS of a viable conservatism
1. The fundamental assumptions of Western civilization are valid.

2. Peaceful social being is preferable to isolation and to war. In consequence, it justly and rightly demands some sacrifice of individual impulse and idiosyncrasy.

3. Hierarchies of competence are desirable and should be promoted.

4. Borders are reasonable. Likewise, limits on immigration are reasonable. Furthermore, it should not be assumed that citizens of societies that have not evolved functional individual-rights predicated polities will hold values in keeping with such polities.

5. People should be paid so that they are able and willing to perform socially useful and desirable duties.

6. Citizens have the inalienable right to benefit from the result of their own honest labor.

7. It is more noble to teach young people about responsibilities than about rights.

8. It is better to do what everyone has always done, unless you have some extraordinarily valid reason to do otherwise.

9. Radical change should be viewed with suspicion, particularly in a time of radical change.

10. The government, local and distal, should leave people to their own devices as much as possible.

11. Intact heterosexual two-parent families constitute the necessary bedrock for a stable polity.

12. We should judge our political system in comparison to other actual political systems and not to hypothetical utopias.



Those wanting to be handed Prosperity, and gain from the redistribution of the Wealth of others,

would really do well to THINK about these 12 Principles.

They want to be handed something (meaning, wealth & a respectable livelihood) that simply cannot be handed out,

the respect & meaning MUST be earned !

The RIGHTS that so many are demanding are someone else's RESPONSIBILITY.

(Like double-entry accounting, you need Balance, and cannot have one side without the other.

The "victims" demanding their Rights, are in fact trying to ENSLAVE others into delivering those Rights.

This simply cannot work in the long term!


> thread:

Learning to embrace the Meaning of Life: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21615

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