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Power Tools for the 21st Century - Richard Alan Miller

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Power Tools for the 21st Century - by Dr Richard Alan Miller


51hKnwa%2BLEL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jp : $21 +postage : Order at Oak Publishing

NOTES : 8 chapters, 244 pages


Power Tools is loaded with information to help the reader expand his/her consciousness.


Here's an interview with Dr Miller about the Power Tools book:



Like in much of Dr Richard Alan Miller (RAM)'s writing, it connects many different pockets of knowledge in a fresh way, and the book moves across many fields of knowledge pretty quickly, connecting many dots as it goes.


As an example from the beginning:

The physics of the very large and the very small are different, and in the book, RAM focuses on the huge bit in between - where we humans live... As he says more than once, it is our human consciousness that connects these different worlds, large and small. If the universe is a hologram, and all is is connected, and then the connection brings all these different elements together, is what is working through our consciousness. It is the different systems or levels of consciousness, and how to access them, that this book is about. After reading it, you may find you have a new and richer appreciation of the world around us.


As RAM puts it: "New physics shows the dynamic entanglement of our conscious thoughts with the quantum representation of our world."


To explain how consciousness differs at different levels, the book uses the 8-circuit model of Dr Timothy Leary, summarized as follows:

Four Circuits (or "brains") function at lower levels of normal psychology, ranging from Survival to Social-sexual, and Four Circuits at higher levels; these include psychic, mystical, enlightened, and psychedelic states of mind. Tim Leary himself had said that each of these levels was related to the character of consciousness opened up by different types of drug taking. These range from drinking alcohol, most influencing the lowest level of "survival" consciousness, to LSD which can influence people at the enlightenment level. He also thought that humans were mostly rooted and living in the four lowest (3D levels) and awareness of how to live and function at the four higher levels was only beginning, with the higher levels mostly reserved for the "future use of humans". Dr RAM's work will help to get people comfortable at those higher levels now.



Dr Miller's Website ----- : http://richardalanmiller.com/shop
Book Order Website --- : http://OAK-Publishing.com

Richard A Miller thread : http://tinyurl.com/GEI-DrRAM


Link to here :: http://tinyurl.com/RAM-Tools

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#: Chapters. / Chakra :

1 : Cordyceps Sinensis & Transfer Factor : (Survival - Khien)

2 : Biofeedback & BrainwaveTraining : (Emotional - Water)

3 : Breath Control & Virtual Audio : (Intellect - Air)

4 : Belief Systems & Change of Values : (Social-sexual - Earth)


5 : ESP & Self-Hypnosis : (Microtubule. - Moon)

6 : Archetypal Encounters & Mythical Living : (Holographic. - Fire)

7 : Frequency Studies & Brain Entrainment : (Resonance.. - Khwan)

8 : Mystical States of Consciousness & Free Will : (Enlightenment - Sun)



Are there 7 or 8 chakras?

(Not all explanation use the 8th chakra, which is outside the human body)


chakras8_zpsd42633f8.jpg: ColorChakraTable.jpg


"Each successive circuit represents a more complex phase of evolution. In line with recapitulation theory, the model applies equally to the evolution of an individual organism and the evolution of the whole tree of life. Each neurological circuit provides a new cognitive function (whether or not the organism is aware of the circumstances that led to its activation)."


> Leary's Eight Circuits, or Systems : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight-circuit_model_of_consciousness


#: Chapter- 8 Circuits. / Chakra :

1 : Survival...... - Khien.. / Root

2 : Emotional.... - Water / Splenic

3 : Intellect........ - Air..... / Solar

4 : Social-sexual - Earth / Heart


5 : Microtubule. - Moon. / Throat

6 : Holographic. - Fire.... / 3rd Eye

7 : Resonance.. - Khwan / Crown

8 : Enlightenment - Sun.. / Divine Love

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ENTANGLED Thinking ?


We all "stand on the backs of giants", right?


Various thinkers have made important contributions to Tim Leary's theories,

....and also to Dr RAM's Power Tools, including:


Emanuel Swedenborg / Heaven and Earth (Jan. 29, 1688 - Mar. 29, 1772 : 84)

George Gurdjieff / Fourth Way (Jan. 13, 1866 - Oct. 29, 1949 : 83)

Carl Gustav Jung / Psychology and Alchemy (July 26, 1875 - June 6, 1961 : 86 )

P. D. Ouspensky / Fourth Way (Mar. 5, 1878 - Oct. 2, 1947 : 69 )

Aleister Crowley / Golden Dawn (Oct. 12, 1875 - Dec. 1, 1945 : 70 )

Alduous Huxley / Brave New World (July 26, 1894 - Nov. 22, 1963 : 69 )

Erik Erickson / Eight Stages of Man (June 15, 1902 - May 12, 1994 : 91 )

Abraham Maslow / Heirarchy of Needs (Apr. 1, 1908 - Jun. 8, 1970 : 62 )

John Curtis Gowan / Ontology of Mystical States (May 21, 1912 - Dec. 2, 1986 : 74 ) : his son's cosmology

Timothy Leary / Eight Circuits (Oct. 22, 1920 - May 31, 1996 : 75 )

James Hillman / The Soul's Code, Imaginal Psychology (Apr. 12, 1926 - Oct.27, 2011 : 85 )

Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) / Be Here Now (Apr. 6, 1931 -> present : 83 )

Robert Anton Wilson / Prometheus Rising : (Jan. 18, 1932 - Jan. 11, 2007 : 74 )

Richard Alan Miller / Power Tools : ( 1944 -> present : 70 years old )


Note: Dr RAM told me that he passed on many ideas to RAW, and even inspired

a character in one of RA Wilson's best-known books


Robert Anton Wilson: Timothy Leary, LSD, and Aleister Crowley

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCTWR4kJDa0 =


Robert Anton Wilson - 8 Circuit Psychology 1/7




"8 systems sounds less mechanistic than circuits..."

(Leary had used the "circuits" label because of his obsession with technology.)

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CHAPTER Summaries:


/ BTW, one approach to reading this book might be to jump right in at chapter 5 where Dr Miller talks about ESP and the work that was done to improve the psychic functioning of the Seals, creating Super soldiers. Those in a hurry for "something different" can do that, and come back and read the other chapters later. All the chapters are summarized very briefly below. /

1 : Cordyceps Sinensis & Transfer Factor :

Theme : Survival..... - Khien. / Root


Talks about ways of improving one's physical functioning - "We are what we eat."

There's a particular focus on Cordyceps sinensis, a new generation of mushrooms with some very special properties, and now considered as a "super food" to be included in every diet.


The properties identified are quite amazing, and it can help treat cancer, reverse tumor growth, increase blood flow, improve athletic performance ... and may even be effective in reducing the symptoms of aids. The secret of the plants incredible properties lie in the ability of Cordyceps extract to deliver more oxygen at the cellular level, More oxygenated cells function better.


Dr RAM writes about the history, the chemistry, medicinal properties and the processing of this unusual plant, drawing on his many years as a herb farmer. Another positive treatment, beyond taking cordyceps that he mentions is Transfer Factors which are "tiny protein molecules that are produced by immune cells called T-cells". These allow the immune system "to remember condition for which immunity has already been established. (I think of them as a data download, or a sort of library.) These are normally in our mother's milk, or in the colostrum that a mother passes to a child, and can also be found in eggs. He speculates that in the future transfer factor molecules "may someday cure the diseases ravaging the world population, such as AIDS and Ebola." (Yeah, he wrote "Ebola" in a book published in 2013.)


One thing that I might have liked to see throughout the book was more anecdotes, telling the stories of those who used the "tools" described in the book. I shall tell one of my own stories. I first became aware of Dr RAM's work as an expert on herbs. I listened to a few interviews where he had spoken about growing various verbs, and watched a very enthusiastic video on Cordyceps. I had also read about how some Chinese athletes had achieved remarkable performances using a Tibetan extract of the planet. And there's a colorful story about how Yak farmers had noticed their animals functioning better after eating the mushroom in its wild state, on the side of mountains where it grows, often as a parasite in insect bodies.


I decided to contact Dr Miller, a little later when I discovered when had some commonalities in our backgrounds. I had been a psychology major at Harvard, with a strong interest in physics and math, a place where he had taught (but not at the same time.) I missed Timothy Leary at Harvard by a few years, but some of his papers will still used and some ex-colleagues of his were still teaching there when I was a student. Anyway, when I contacted Dr RAM, I ordered some of his books, and obtained a bulk shipment of Cordyceps, which I have been taking semi-regularly. I have noticed some changes. Soon after taking it, I had some very vivid dreams, which I inspired me to take notes, as Power Tools suggests. And I have thought deeply about some of the images received in Dreams - they have helped to inspire some creative new threads in the Acore section of the GEI website.


One of the puzzles I had to solve in using Cordyceps is how to take it. It comes in the form of light brown powder, with a slight mushroomy-taste, but is too dry to eat on its own. I tried mixing it with yogurt, which works. But I prefer to take it late at night, before going to bed. I now stir the Cordyceps powder into a glass of water, and drink that before going to bed. Recently, I have noticed that certain back pains are much less noticeable the following morning after taking it. And I will take it regularly now, to see if that problem diminishes over time.



2 : Biofeedback & BrainwaveTraining :

Theme : Emotional - Water :


Most of this chapter is about brain waves, and how a new dimension of learning and self-realization can open up to us through understanding brain wave patterns better, and using devices such as EEG's, and even home computers to measure, monitor and enhance the positive patterns.


As a quick summary, the principle brain wave patterns follow, and each is associated with a particular state of consciousness:


State : Frequency : Amplitude : Comment

Gamma : 25-60 Hz : 0.5 - 2.0 : hyper-aroused, dangerous to the brain

Beta..... : 13-25 Hz : 1.0 - 5.0 : Normal conscious brain, non-rhymic activity

Alpha... : 8 - 12 Hz : 20. - 80. : Conscious brain state, synchronous activity

Theta... : 4 - 8 Hz.. : 5.0 - 10 : Usually unconscious, slow rhythmic activity

Delta... : 0.5- 4 Hz : 100-200 : Usually unconscious. Large rhythmic activity


A technique to make use of this information, is biofeedback. People monitor how their brain is reacting at key moments, and what brainwave or emotional state is associated with those moments. By being aware of the brain pattern (either through an EEG, or some other monitoring device, or simply paying close attention to subtle changes is emotion or heartbeat), a person can detach from the emotion, and learn to control it.


The good news is: "It is now possible, within several weeks of autogenic training, to achieve states of consciousness (equivalent) to those of Zen masters with 20 years meditation effort." (But) "the main drawback once we learn these states is that continual reinforcement is necessary for similar ability results."


One of the examples he gives is that appetites can be controlled. Hunger is associated with a brain wave "drive state", and we can train ourselves to recognize it "through physiological signals" in the gut and in the brain. Once they are recognized, the awareness of them can allow one to modify them, or switch them off, to be replaced by another state through conscious effort. Several other examples are given.


Towards the end of the chapter, he writes about how home computers might be employed to enhance learning, including the ability to monitor and modify brain functions. He looks forward to the day that we can move beyond the 10% of the brain's capability that we are presently using.

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3 : Breath Control & Virtual Audio :

Theme : Intellect....... - Air..... / Solar


Breath control as a means of controlling emotion and consciousness...


Learning to breath properly and walk properly is important to quality of life. As RAM says: "one of the single most important aspects of good health." To have control over our lives, we need to move away from automatic responses to those that we can monitor, understand, and choose, and are in harmony with our long term goals and purpose. Controlling the breath is the first and most basic startung point. And by doing so, it can change our perception of time.


An understanding of Qi helps. Mastery of the breath can be gained by practicing the flow of Qi from two locations:


+ Huiyin cavity (perineum): between genitals and the anus, and

+ The palate of the mouth


Squeezing the perineum, and holding the tongue at the top of the palate can both be used to regulate generate bursts of Qi energy, and which may be associated with feelings of heat and cool. Learning to regulate the flow with these two can improve the functioning of the body and increase overall energy. (The chapter gives more details.)

The chapter also talks about breath control when diving, and its positive impact upon bodily functions, such as the liver, digestion, mood, and many more. Poor breathing creates health issue for at least one third of humans, we are informed.


The chapter also explores hearing, and sound, as well as the impact of music on learning (the "Mozart effect") and healing. He mentions something called the "middle pillar effect", where sensory input gets "crossed", and sound is experienced as light. (I have heard that this is common during psychedelic drug trips, but Miller does not discuss this in the chapter.) However, he does mention that visualizations can be used in place of sound as a sort of "access code" to reach images and ideas in the subconscious, as people do in practices of Magik. He gives several examples of how sounds can be translated into colors and light.



4 : Belief Systems & Change of Values :

Theme : Social-sexual - Earth / Heart


The chapter begins with a nod towards the writings of James Hillman, whose theories aim to restore psyche to "its proper place in psychology". Hillman sees the soul at work in imagination, fantasy, myth, and metaphor. The soul reveals itself in images and fantasies.and can be the source of psychopathology, with psychological disorders as symptoms.


Dr RAM writes about what Hillman has labeled "Callings" - ie ideas of what we should do with our lives. They arise from our belief systems, and may have been created at an early age. Miller says: "most of our current belief systems are first formed or originate from pre-natal and post-natal traumas. Circumcision, for example, can set up beliefs about that part of the body that will follow one all through his life in such lifestyles as sports."


Belief systems are acquired through perceptions (including early traumas), contemplation, and communication. They provide the foundation through which one perceives reality. They can be based upon personal experiences or on FAITH - ie by trusting the words of others.


A famous example of the importance of beliefs comes from the film, What The Bleep, where Indians in the New World are unable to see the ships of Columbus on the horizon, simply because they have no conception that they could exists.


As Dr RAM puts it: "I wouldn't have seen it, if I hadn't believed it."


We are all bombarded with information and each of us has filters which enable us to sift quickly through what is coming in, being received by our five senses. These filters have three basic functions: delete, distort, and generalize. This is why two people can share an experience, or hear the same thing, and come away with different memories and impressions of what happened - they have different filters which operate in different ways.


Most of us seem to be attracted to those who have the same beliefs, because it is natural to want to have your beliefs confirmed rather than challenged. But some adventurous people will be willing hear "the voice of the coyote" and seek challenges to their beliefs.


Miller gives some exercises for people to find their core values, and prioritize them. "Our values create, and limit what your universe might offer. By rearranging them in order of importance in our life, they become tools rather than drivers." What was once unconscious, becomes more conscious and within our control. We can even seek to change those values, which are not enhancing our lives.


At the end of the chapter he talks about cultures where one anticipates, even predicts their own date of death. He says this can be faced with equinamity, and may even help to enhance ones life before then. Death fantasies can help people consider what would make them most comfortable at the end of one's days. Dying people are remarkably sensitive to the feelings of those around them.

(I prefer to think of dying as the opening of a new chapter, where the dying person can reunite with their own larger consciousness, beyond the "small suit" we wear in our present 3D reality,)

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(Some may want to start with Chapter 5):


5 : ESP & Self-Hypnosis :

Theme : Microtubule. - Moon / Throat

(This chapter is mainly about ESP)


Dr Miller voyage into the world of psychics and the paranormal began long ago, (Though he does not say so in the book, I believe that his grandfather was a magician, and his mother was a famous psychic, so I suppose he grew up in a home where psychic phenomena were regarded as normal and he was encouraged to develop his interests and abilities in this area.)


At the beginning of Chapter 5 he talks about how he was teaching a popular course at the University of Washington on Paraphysics, and in 1971 was approached by Seal Corp. As a part of their plan to develop super soldiers, they wanted to identify those who tested in the top 2% in psychic skills, and then develop their ESP, to assist them in making wise intuitive decisions in times of stress.


Dr Miller describes the five types of psychic ability: clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, precognition, and "occult radar" or radiathesisia. All five can be regarded as a sort of shift in cognitive ability, where the mind releases some of its normal filters, and processes information in a different way than be using the five normal senses.


I will not go into his various explanations of the subject. But two stories stood out. He wrote about how astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who has shown some real psychic ability performed some ESP experiments from the Moon. From that distance, a signal traveling at the speed of light would take 1.8 seconds to travel from the Moon to Earth. What they found is that ESP signals were instantaneous, suggesting that psychic phenomena were happening outside time.


A second story related to a Psychic tournament in 1975 where various psychics were tested on their ability to predict the results of "even chances", like coin tosses. The average success rate for a non-psychic person would generally be in the region of 8-12 successful guess out of 20 tries, that's 40-60%. A few known psychics did much better. One famous person (unnamed) got 80% right out of 100 tries. That's way beyond chance.


There must be some real value in the enhanced skills that Dr RAM was teaching. He himself achieved some of the most incredible results. He did not have a single run below 16 successful guesses. And out of 100, he had 83 correct guess.


He gives some details on the techniques he used. (And will give more his is Power Tools workbook, I believe.) He talks about being in a relaxed space and counting backwards to reach a more relaxed state, while expecting a fluttering of the eyelids. Next, he focused on the area of the third eye, and imagining a white light there. If done properly, this should allow you to visualize objects, colors, or sounds which will help to trigger psychic results.


He also talks about some theories for how Psi energy works. The phenomena cannot be maintained indefinitely. They require focus and after a while the energy dissipates, or the subject gets distracted. But the time and distance between the subject and the target does not seem to matter.


As he says near the end of the chapter: "The implications of having access to paranormal abilities (like ESP)... are staggering... The ability to listen to (ones) inner gut will provide the highest level of information and survival. This is why this set of protocols is now taught to almost everyone at the Naval Academy."



> source: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/proof-that-the-pineal-gland-is-literally-a-3rd-eye/



6 : Archetypal Encounters & Mythical Living :

Theme : Holographic. - Fire.... / 3rd Eye


The Concept of Archetypes is critical in this chapter

"The work of Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) is becoming of greater and greater interest to the general public. The growing interest in Jungian Psychology (or Depth Psychology) stems from the fact that it answers the needs of many people as a means of relating to "internal" as well as external reality. These people are seeking a fuller understanding of the meaning of life in such areas as dreams, fantasy, compulsive behaviors, and self-exploration or enrichment."
When I think of Holograms, I think of fractals, or self-similar patterns, that get repeated at different levels of magnification. This seems to be what archetypes are : patterns for images, narratives, and behaviors which get replicated across history and from one human life to another. There are not an unlimited number of human stories. Most dramas in life are similar to previously acted out dramas, in whole or in part. We act out in similar ways, because human nature, and the laws of learning and human reactions to situations are similar in most times. Thus, we can think of archetypes are a sort of fractal pattern, which is critical to how the Hologram is organized.
Dr RAM#1: "Food for Mars / Holographic Universe" - 2 Feb. 2014
The archetypes are also useful for self-analysis. We can gain in self-knowledge, by understanding the archetypes that are showing up in our thoughts and dreams, and seeing how they relate to each other. Dr Miller says Archetypes: "are an innate, or in-born pattern, which function as the underlying matrix behind any event.... they are not necessarily transmitted through our genes, but are fundamental..." (to how we perceive.) They effect styles of: behavior, thought, emotions, attitudes, dress.
In analyzing archetypes, we need to understand that a single one may have different names. "Thus, the goddess Isis (Egyptian), Artemis (Greek), and Diana (Roman) all share a common essence and all use the same lunar symbolism... also behind the Catholic church's Blessed Virgin Mary and all are derived from the theme of "Celestial Queen."
Getting better acquainted with them helps, because they can compel our behavior (being "their slaves") until "we develop a conscious relationship with them." Then personal choice take a bigger role in how we react. Recognizing them also adds "spice to life," and may help to enhance our own creativity, and ability to make connections*. They also act as filters, influencing how we perceive the world, so watching the Archetypes in action as an organizing principle, will help increase our freedom of action. Dr RAM recommends we use what he calls "creative imagination" to better visualize and interact with the Archetypes which are appearing in our consciousness. However, he cautions this can be dangerous if we do it alone, and recommends we work with a therapist (or shaman?) if we use this technique extensively. Separating wishes from reality, and setting time limits on sessions of creative imagination will help to keep the potential dangers in check.
For experienced people who can cope with the dangers, there's the possibility of "mythical living", or "active pathworking", where we make extensive use of the creative imagination.
* See the DREAM thread, in the Acore section of GEI: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showforum=36
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( held for later use )


A blast from the past - a Six Year old interview


Richard Alan Miller 05 05 2008 with Mike Hagan - Absinthe In the Studio


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDEDVQDFwJY =

Published on 12 Oct 2014

Richard Alan Miller is a favourite teacher of mine. His interviews with Mike Hagan were not the most accessible.

Mike is a great interviewer and they are all available below:
In this show, Richard is in the studio with Mike and they consume a batch of Absinthe over the course of the show. They have a really deep conversations on those topics Rick is expert at.

> from: ServantOfTruth org : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWO4JRIidOIkCAEUKCvkmXQ

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7 : Frequency Studies & Brain Entrainment :

Theme : Resonance.. - Khwan / Crown


"Resonance occurs when the vibrational frequency of a body is greatly amplified ny vibrations at the same frequency from another body... When in a deep meditative state, the regular movement of the body indicates that a standing wave is set up in the vascular system, specifically in the aorta."

Turning the consciousness inward, as in meditation, is a key part of "soul making", stimulating the creative imagination. This can give access to soma, which is associated with the "inner moon", which is said to release subtle secretions, or "soma drops", which nourish the psyccho -organism. The pituitary and pineal glands are part of this. The pituitary regulates sex hormones, metabolism, and growth. Stress stimulus can activate the pineal gland.


Using the brain's own waves, through meditate and sound techniques can help a person move to a state of resonance.


Techniques include:

+ The use of binaural beats - This involves listening to different frequency beats in each year. The difference in frequency will help to introduce a third frequency, being the difference between the two. Through focus on the third frequency, and slow rhythmic breathing, the mind can be entrained to a specific frequency

+ A rhythmic drum beat - This was used by Tibetan monks and Native Americans, and they commonly used a beat of 4.5 beats per second

+ Flickering lights


People who have been meditating for 30 years have been shown to have a different brain structure. Studies have shown that this can be achieved in less than 10% of the time (3 years), by using appropriate technologies. (Miller warns against converting CD's to MP3 files, because of the possible degradation of sound quality. And on Time commitments, he recommends no more than one hour per day. A longer time frame, could prove "overwhelming," he says. Meditating all the time "may not be the best way to utilize one's consciousness." That would be akin to sharpening ones tools all the time, without using them.




Two brain structures effected by meditation are next to each other, and are called:


+ The Amygdala (the emotional structure): this registers on the left side for positive emotions, and right for negative

+ The Hippocampus (the cognitive structure): is the reverse, registering positive on the right, and negative on the left

The hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, important aspects of parenting and attachment behaviors, thirst, fatigue, sleep, and circadian rhythms


Is Enlightenment about achieving sustained positive thinking? The following Excerpts suggest that it might be:
"Most spiritual practices exclude negative thoughts and emotions... It seems possible that long term practice might eventually stop their occurence. More likely, a threshold might be passed that will leave positive emotion with lower thresholds than negative ones, and positive expectations for ongoing events become easier than the opposite. This would suggest that meditation works by starving negativity rather than feeding virtue."

. .

Does this mean that Enlightenment is : "...When negative states are totally absent"?

"To stop scanning for danger would mean actually changing that the matrices of neurons that support the human sense of self (as the higher mind.)"

He goes on to explain that negative thoughts can generate various responses in the body related to stress, which can also tire or stess the body itself.

He mentions Schumann's Resonances, which are: "a set of spectrum peaks in the extreme low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum". He even gives an equation showing how they frequency can be calculated, and states: "the primary frequency is 7.83 Hz." The electro static field around the Earth "can be viewed as a stiff jell." Our bodies ground to the Earth... And the "micron motion of the body is about 6.7 to 7.5 Hz" - so herein lies the potential for resonance. Meditation can slow down the metabolic rate, so that less oxygen is consumed... and there is less disruption, to disturb our natural state of resonance with the Earth.

"By 'tuning' our meditation, it is possible to amplify, and have access to the other resonant systems, in and out of the body."

The human body emits EM radiation (at a low level), and also received radiations from the environment. The EM fields are the connecting link with the Earth, and they also STORE patterns of information.




8 : Mystical States of Consciousness & Free Will :

Theme : Enlightenment - Sun.... / Divine Love


In this chapter, Dr Miller writes of ritual and magic as a means to reach a higher and more powered states.

(By contrast, Leary saw drug-taking, and especially ESP drugs, as a way of approaching and reaching enlightenment states)

Both have stressed the importance of partaking in ritual in the right environment, where one is safe, and perhaps as part of a group

with common goals.


Dr RAM suggests 8-steps to creating the right environment for a ritual practice, including:


1. Setting up a circle to define a working area

2. A form of banishing to clear the working area and aid focus and concentration

... and so on


He speaks of the importance of having a clear goal so those involved will know WHY they are performing the ritual acts.

Goals suggested range from personal improvement, to helping others, to sensual pleasure, to Transcending illusions.


Leary used his exercises for reprogramming. Typically, he would prepare those for the visions they might encounter.

Leary's book on this subject was called: The Psychedelic Experience, and he saw the potential of creating rebirth,

as in the Tibetan Bardol, book of the Dead.


Right at the end, Miller mentions Aleister Crowley, who was a pioneer in discovering (or rediscovering) certain magical practices.

And he provided various quotes from Crowley, such as: "A man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe

to assist him." True Will relates to one's grand destiny in life, and is also "the moment to moment path of action that relates

to perfect harmony with nature (flow.)" RAM speaks of "true will". "We cannot have free will without full disclosure." Without it, we are manipulated by data being withheld and being "spun" to fool us.


In a private conversation concerning the book, he accepted that Crowley's own explorations strayed from what was safe.

He said it is essential to stay "in touch with your higher self", when employing these practices, Crowley himself:

"died addicted to heroin." Dr RAM cautioned.


On the last page, he says: "Let us be true believers, living lives of true morality."

"Freedom without accountability or responsibility can only lead to tyranny. You must develop a moral responsibility can only lead to tyranny.

You must develop a moral responsibility for this personal evolution because men are built, not made."

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  • PLAYLIST by Guy Fox
  • 13 videos, 109 views, 15 hours
Videos from the GuyFox channel, featuring Dr Richard Alan Miller:
TOP SIX as of end of Sept.2014:
#1 ( 3,048 +10): Law of Threes, Mike Harris, 14-Dec-13 /
#2 ( 3,014 +24): R#2: The Web is Conscious, Mexico, 12-Mar-14 /
#3 ( 2,467 +15): Water and Magik, Mike Harris, 15-Dec-13 /
#4 ( 2,168 +11): R#1: Food for Mars / Holographic Universe, 2-Feb-14 /
#5 ( 1,076 +10): R#3: Living in the Flow, Connecting Dots, 3-Mar-14 /
#6 ( 1,026 +14): R#4: Changing the Movie, Away from Endless War, 6-Jun-14 /

#7 ( New One ): R#5: Power Tools

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Imagine... the whole world sits in a circle, and CHOOSES WISDOM : The Wisdom Barrier


Breaking "the Wisdom Barrier", Earth's Future (Kryon)


"The galaxy teams with life... You are a young civilization"


Channeler of Kryon (Lee Carroll) talks about Earth's place and its future




Kryon - The Future of The Earth



"You have reached The Wisdom Barrier" - where you will learn how to get along


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"What's coming is not a true ascension but rather a rise in consciousness.

Personally, I think what will happen is that our 'junk' DNA will be activated."


Dr RAM has some insight into this : The Sun can impact of the Earth's Resonance frequencies (such as the Schumann Resonance), and those in turn will impact on human consciousness, and which brain waves predominate.



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This is interesting...


Brain waves changed (for Channelers), when they channeled different entities


Arthur Hastings: Channels & Channeling - Thinking Allowed with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWP72qQgMlc =


Not separate entities?

"A deeper part of Eileen Garrett, connecting with different archetypes"


Mishlove was one of those "gifted" types that Dr.RAM said Harvard approached to take LSD In an experiment


He recommends "don't do it" for those thinking of channeling

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MORE Thoughts on Chakras...


Are there 7 or 8 chakras?

(Not all explanation use the 8th chakra, which is outside the human body)


chakras8_zpsd42633f8.jpg: ColorChakraTable.jpg


"Each successive circuit represents a more complex phase of evolution.

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This was an interesting post from the Fringe:

Truth of Chakras - Interesting PA post


Chacra's The training wheels of men.
I was first introduced to chacra's when I was about 18 years old.
Someone lend me their copy of Anodea Judith's Wheels of Life.
Having head some exposure already to Hatha Yoga and advaita vedanta books I read through the book and started doing some of the exercises regularly.
This was back around 1990, The new age ideas were just emerging and being popularized chacra's seemed to become the standard in those circle's Everywhere there were books, talks, workshops about chacra's. Every book about healing (hands of light by Barabara anna brennan) for instance.

Many of my first self-help groups I signed up for back then utilized some form of chacra meditation in their curriculum to ground, to clear, to heal, you name it.
It wasn't until oh say 2003-2004 The chacra's became alive through my studies of Ascension via the writings of Ascendpress and a few years later a group who were known as raising maldek. During those years I adopted a regime of 30 to 50 minutes of visualizations and meditation exercises to clear my chacra's from implants and impurities, Puff them up and speed their spinning rotation in order to heighten their vibrational quality. Infuse them with pastel colours of synthesis etc etc etc.

Then about 2 years ago I read George Kavassilas book Our universal Journey in which he pointed to a very different idea about the chacra's.
Namely that they were themselves a manipulation tool inserted by the gods. Somehow this idea of chacra's not being a natural part of our human make up resonated with me. The weeks after that i became pre-occupied with the whole chacra idea. I didn't even finish reading Georges book.

What I did do was instead of clearing and grounding and working with my chacra's i just observed them for a while.
I scoured the internet for stories and experiences of people who supposedly had removed their chacra system. And one day listening to how Laura Lee Mystica had removed hers on a podcast i turned my attention to my chacra and within a few minutes had unscrewed them from my system and let them dissolve into dust.

Feeling pretty good for the first few days. I noticed how my energy system felt more centred and whole. I even felt more connected to my surroundings and nature.
Sharing my story on a few forums back then I was well shocked to be honest about the feedback i had gotten. People seemed to go into full cognitive dissonance and told me for the most part I was the stupidest being on the planet for doing such a thing. So I investigated further. Asked those that could RV or otherwise get a reading from my chacra's to take a look and see for themselves.

The gist of reaction stated that instead of removing them I had succeeded in closing them completely. Making the compressed like tiny balls on a stick in the middle of my being and that I would die soon.
After a few days I received a message that someone who felt i was foolish to attempt such a thing had send her goddess/guide to investigate. That entity had seen me on the brink of a heart attack and took it upon herself to reinstate my chacra's.

All that had left me very confused and I decided to let the matter rest for a while.

Last week I was triggered by a thread on PA to take another look.(about 18 months after my initial removal and reinstatement of them. And felt I still resonated with the idea the chacra's are not a natural part of our make up even though we seem to be born with them in place.

In looking at the history of chacra I found no mention of the 7 system chacra's we are familiar with in the west until 1927. Before that there are mentions of chacra as far back as the 8th century, but those usualy consists of only 3 major centers. It wasn't until somewhere in the 1600's that a hierarchy of chacra was written about in several different structures.

This got me thinking.
What if around the 15/1600's AD some archonic plan was set in motion to overlay our energy system with 7 energy centers that would allow for easy manipulation of us humans. The chacra would be ideal to easily distort a little and have us believe we have to work with the concepts they represent. That way each human could be targeted in a variety of ways according to their energetic make up and level of awareness. If not manipulated they could be made to think they could gain enlightenment/ascension through working with them. Recieving small increases of awareness and "powers" if they worked with them long enough.

Now I realize many people have spend years working with their chacra's and built careers around them so its difficult to let go of pre-concieved idea's about them.
However on a forum full of truth-seekers I'd like to invite everybody to chip in and share your thoughts and idea's on the matter so we can hopefully find some truth about them.

It is not my intention to make this a flame war, so I urge everyone to think before posting and keep in mind this is about sharing and lifting possible veils. Not for putting down ideas that are differnt from yours..

With Love


> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=16516

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Cordyceps mushroom are considered a power tool for the physical plane according to Dr. Richard Alan Miller in his book “Power Tools for the 21st Century”. Someone here recommended his book recently.


Here are some of the benefits found on the internet:

By Herbs List | Published: 06/06/2011

Picture of wild Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps Mushrooms
Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits

One of the many benefits of Cordyceps is the fact that it dilates the lung’s airways, providing more oxygen to the blood.

Every cell is enriched by this process, enhancing energy levels and causing the body’s cells to work better.

It has been shown to improve the functioning of the respiratory system and is beneficial for people suffering from cough, asthma and bronchitis due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it’s action of relaxing the bronchial walls.

It has been used in the past to strengthen the immune system by increasing the amount of the body’s natural killer cells. These defend the body against bacteria and viruses. It benefits the entire vascular system by regulating blood pressure, strengthening the muscles of the heart and improving circulation.

It protects the kidney and liver by improving blood flow to these two organs and others. This helps them to better defend against diseases such as Hepatitis.

This herb is very popular with athletes as it can help build muscle and improve performance. The Chinese Olympic athletes are known to consume it while training and competing. It is said to noticeably increase the physical strength and stamina of anyone who consumes it.

Since this herb contains powerful antioxidants, it is often taken for it’s anti-aging properties. It also has sedative properties and can help promote deeper sleep.


If You Are Over 30
If you are over 30, you’ll want to take some GF20 with this. Then you’ll be able to run circles around people your own age. What is GF20?

Cordyceps Mushroom Uses

Promote anti-aging
Lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and raise good (HDL) cholesterol level
As a general wellbeing tonic
Increase athletic performance
Increase strength and stamina
Increase blood circulation
Protect the liver and kidneys
Treat Hepatitis
Enhance the working of the immune system
Treat respiratory problems
Dilate the lung’s airways providing increased oxygen to the blood
Enhance energy levels
Treat asthma, bronchitis and cough
Increase the body’s natural killer cells
Regulate blood pressure
Help build lean muscle
As a powerful antioxidant
Help promote deeper sleep
Sedative action
Treat fatigue and weakness
As an aphrodisiac
treat erectile dysfunction and impotence
Increase fertility
Lower cholesterol
Treat shortness of breath

…. Read Original Article: http://www.herbslist.net/cordyceps.html

In addition, Dr. Miller claims these mushroom help with DNA repair.


> xx


I take Cords. at night, juts before going to bed, and usually sleep better,

and sometimes have vivid dreams

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