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Hong Kong's Gold Standard Society

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The rationale for choice of Hong Kong is given in the article on page six at http://www.goldstandardinstitute.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/TheGoldStandard47Nov14.pdf


Our mission is to create a decentralized infrastructure for gold invoicing, payments and credit to enable worldwide commerce using gold and silver as money, and to crowd fund enterprises and technologies to enhance the gold money economy.


Our concept of the operation is to create a decentralized network of micro-issuers of digital gold with a unified clearing system allowing payments from customers of one Issuer to customers of other Issuers, just like writing a check from Bank A that can be deposited in Bank B.

Using our contract framework and payment system local bullion dealers may join as micro-issuers or Agents. The micro-issuer issues digital gold against their gold coin inventory, which can be redeemed for coin at their store or gold ATM machine.

This will enable us to create a decentralized digital gold payment system where the gold coin is held near the people instead of deep inside of a centralized vault on the opposite side of the world from the users. Decentralizing the network also reduces the risks of operating such a system.

Our intent is to fund the Gold Standard Society in three phases. The first phase will use an existing crowd-funding website to raise 4.5 kg of gold (~ US $180,000). By the third phase, the Society will set up its own internal crowd-funding platform to perform the second and third raises.

Phase 1 – Lay the Foundation
  • Register the Society in Hong Kong.


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If China does not get the position it wants in the SDR,


It might build a new (gold-backed) currency around the HK Dollar


> see: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19679

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