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Dominic Frisby on London Property (and Gold)

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Same interview - a more direct link




MP3 : http://s39.podbean.com/pb/77d319256d9e7f8732d9cfbbccd45429/54869ed3/data1/blogs1/2516/uploads/NedNL3122014.m4a


Are Junior miners:

"The most leveraged and spicey slice of the net worth pie"?


They are also the most toxic, perhaps


That buying by Chinese consumers is MASSIVE, if true.

But we are not seeing the same enthusiasm in Hong Kong, from what I see.

(Maybe the Chinese govt. is doing the buying... or some imagination is at work here.)


"Attitudes change in a Bear market"


And I agree with DF that "London Property looks dodgy."




The most compelling things now, may be:


+ The Ratio between London and Rest of UK is now at/near a record

+ Baby boomers are hitting retirement age, and may be happy to sell at/near record prices

+ They can sell out, and move somewhere else outside London and put half (or more

of the proceeds in their property, as they buy something nicer elsewhere in the UK


30% drop in Luxury London Rents !?

Truly? That's shocking.

I wonder if the agents are telling HK buyers that?

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