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China & BRIC's : A key role in the NWO gambit ?

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China & BRIC's : A key role in the NWO gambit ?




This is some very good investigation work by Stephen Corbett


China and the New World Order


One of the most interesting bits, was the connection between Yale and China

(many "bonesmen" were Ambassadors, or Reps for the US in China, starting of course,

with George HW Bush - only Carter's presidency was the exception.)


Sidebar : on the Russell family =======


William Huntington Russell was a founder of Skull and Bones:

In 1856, with several other Bonesmen, he incorporated Skull and Bones as the Russell Trust, later the Russell Trust Association. The Russell Trust Association is a tax-exempt association; it holds possession of the Skull and Bones Hall at Yale University and the society's holiday island, Deer Island.

> wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Huntington_Russell



Samuel Wadsworth Russell, born in Middletown, Connecticut (August 25, 1789 – May 5, 1862), was an American entrepreneur and trader, and founder of Russell & Company, the largest and most important American trading house in China from 1842 to its closing in 1891. Attracted by financial prospects, Russell set out for China, an assured profitable venture. He arrived in Canton, China, in 1819, engaging in trade on behalf of the Providence firm of Edward Carrington & Company in various goods and products including opium, an extremely profitable activity despite being outlawed-yet protected by foreign forces. The profits made by Russell enabled him to found Russell & Company in Canton, China, in 1824. Dealing mostly in silks, teas and opium, Russell & Company prospered, and by 1842, it had become the largest American trading house in China.

> wiki : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Russell


Opium was once: the "largest business in the world"


The Opium Origins of Skull & Bones

Perkins and Russell businesses merged in 1830.

American clipper ships revolutionized the opium trade, speeding it up


Video : The History of Opium



Mao was also connected with Yale-in-China, and edited their magazine.


Someone who researched the under-the-surface realities, was Anthony Sutton:


anthony%20c%20sutton%20book.JPG : antony%20c%20sutton%20photo.JPG


> http://www.collativelearning.com/author%20antony%20c%20sutton.html




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George Soros and the elite’s China-fronted New World Order (Updates 1-3 – The BRICS were the brainchild of Goldman Sachs)

Posted on January 28, 2015by Jean

January 26, 2015
Thanks to J.


The BRICS alliance has been hailed as a saving grace for humanity from the grasp of the New World Order; but is it true? If we are to take our lessons from history it would seem unlikely.

The BRICS nations have been involved in NWO activities in the past, and this should not be overlooked because their present rhetoric seems beneficial. We would do well to consider ALL data available, and not place all our eggs in one basket.

Calls of mass arrest by huge alternative news icons such as David Wilcock have come and gone to no avail, but now the new tune being sung, is that the BRICS alliance opposes the NWO and is fighting to free humanity. Once again a fabrication of opposing sides are being shown to battle each other, but it seems they are controlled by the same masters.

While we would love to see major change happen in the positive as a result of the BRICS alliance, given the core problem is ignorance and lack of action in humanity at large, unless that issue is resolved, another master will come in to rule the well trained slaves; slavery in perpetuity. As such, we would do well to focus our energy on personal education, and action in addition to remaining hopeful for sweeping change.

- Julian


Behold the engine that is driving humanity into the New World Order, the G20…

…This picture was taken during their first summit, “The G-20 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy,” which was held in Washington, D.C. two months after the Lehman Shock in 2008.

Almost a year later, FT conducted an interview of George Soros in which he subtly laid out the banksters’ post-crisis plan for ushering in the NWO. When a reader first passed me a link to the interview, though, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it might be faked, so I did some checking on its authenticity and found out it was actually real. Here was George Soros — who is unquestionably a Western elitist even in the eyes of the most ardent Kool Aid drinker — speaking of using China to bring in the New World Order. But it just goes to show that the banksters have never really hidden what they’re doing; they just reveal it in dry interviews and insufferably bland policy papers while the public is distracted by an emotionally charged, easily understood “good guy” versus “bad guy” fairy tale.

According to this fairy tale, which is offered by both the mainstream media outlets and the overwhelming majority of alternative media sources, the US is in conflict with Russia, and a determined band of freedom fighting nations (the BRICS) are on a quest to free themselves from the evils of Western imperialism once and for all. Well isn’t that precious? It’s also a load of childish bullsh*t.

In reality, both the Western powers and the BRICS nations are working closely together through the G20 to bring in the Central Banking Cabal’s New World Order. Here are the nations of the G20 (the 20th “nation” is the EU), with the core Western powers circled in blue and the BRICS circled in red…


…Once their plans come to culmination, the world will be ruled by a multilateral / multipolar financial and political order that will feature China as the most prominent nation, supplanting the United States. But don’t take my word on this; take it straight from the gefilte fish-eating horse’s mouth…


Starting at the 9:26 mark of this video and continuing on into the second part, George Soros tells us why the globalists used China to bring in the NWO…

>>> I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commeasurate — their voting rights are not commeasurate — to their weight. So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies. <<<

So he is saying that the way to bring the Chinese into the NWO is to have them help create it and to give them “ownership” of it. This is not a new idea, of course, since the Rockefellers hinted at this strategy back in 1961 in their NWO blueprint book Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports


> https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/george-soros-and-the-elites-china-fronted-new-world-order-updates-1-3-the-brics-were-the-brainchild-of-goldman-sachs/

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Why China? Why would the Illuminati, whose home base is in Western Europe, have the Chinese front the public face of their New World Order?

A clue to their motivations and strategy can be found in this article, titled “Colonial Elite Rules China for the Illuminati.” In it, the author states…

“The Chinese people would revolt against overt foreign domination, but embrace their place in the NWO if they believed they were in control.”

The Chinese have suffered greatly at the hands of Western imperialism, as has much of the world. As a result, the Illuminati would have trouble roping many nations into a Western-led New World Order, especially the nationalistic Chinese. Since you can’t have a truly global order without the most populous nation on Earth, the Illuminati opted to use their own legacy of destruction to their advantage. Their two-part strategy to do so is as follows:

1 – They set up a China-centered alliance as an opposing force to the Western alliance.
This part of the strategy was hinted at in the mainstream press in this 2002 UPI article, titled “China Wants Its Own ‘New World Order’ To Oppose US Version.” It is common practice for the Cabal to use opposing forces to achieve their ends, and they always make sure they have influence or control over both sides.

2 – They have been driving the world public into the hands of the Chinese alliance.
How have they approached this, you ask?

> They have widely publicized a heinous New World Order planned by the Western Powers while simultaneously publicizing a benign New World Order planned by China and its allies (thus establishing danger from one side and safety from another).

> They have instigated outrageous and provocative action, both economic and military, by the Western powers (this adds a new insight into the open-for-all-to-see Wall Street / City of London criminality and recent Western military boondoggles in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria).

> They have broadly exposed damaging information about Western nations, especially the US. This is the motivation behind WikiLeaks, Snowden, and a thousand smaller disclosures. And after Snowden outed the NSA’s activities to the general public, where did he run to hide? First to China (Hong Kong), then to Russia. So what is the psychological message? China and Russia (the BRICS alliance) is where you run for safety from the evil US, its Western allies, and all their horrible behavior.

It is really very simple: the Illuminati built a rabbit trap (in the BRICS alliance) that looks like a nice, safe hole to hide from danger. Now they are beating the bushes (with the Western powers) to drive the rabbits toward the trap.

> https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/george-soros-and-the-elites-china-fronted-new-world-order-updates-1-3-the-brics-were-the-brainchild-of-goldman-sachs/

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