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George Lincoln on Money and Other changes needed

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George Lincoln on Money and Other changes needed


These are some posts from Youtube, under RVD's videos:




MONEY 1.01, the Risk of FREE MONEY: (under 21-02-2015: FUNDAMENTALS OF TRANSITION)


... I want to talk about Money, and what is needed to have a money system that works. Let me keep it simple: If you hand out money easily, to all and sundry: If you print it and distribute as Free, what do you think will happen?

Let's compare two types of money: Money-Gold (MG) and Money-Free (MF). Let's suppose that MG gets spent into existence, where money-receipts are created, as exchangeable for Gold in a vault, and they get spent into circulation by the original holders of those receipts - who only spend them in return for tangible, goods, and work of some productive sort. In the second system, people only work 4 hours a day, but get paid for 8 hours. And those people who do not work, also get the equivalent of 4 hours of wages, deposited for Free in their bank accounts.



Consider that it takes work... To grow food, to build homes and cars, to refine crude oil into gasoline. If people are working half as much, and there is the same amount of money in circulation - or more because of those who get paid and do not work, then what is going to happen to the value of that money. I can tell you: the Laws of supply and demand will operate. More money, and Less work, with less actual food and goods produced, will lead to big inflation. People will have to spend more for those fewer goods that are still available. The message here is, for those who support the idea of money being distributed freely to everyone: Think about what it will do to the economy. Is it really going to give the result that you want? We need reform. In our present system. Banks have too much power, and control too much who gets the cheap money. But let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Let's think clearly, with good and true knowledge about our system and how it works. Consult genuine experts, don't listen to those with half-baked ideas that have never worked, just because they are "new and different." Be a skeptic, ask the hard questions, and keep studying and learning: even from those who you think (at first) are not in the same camp that you are.



+ A.C. George ("Aristo"):

I think we need to take into consideration the part social parasites that control the majority of resources have to play here before we assume that "less work means more inflation". Because a large amount of the work done now is toward destructive ends. How can ware be profitable? How can genocide, environmental destruction and destructive human mutagenesis contribute to the value of any means of exchange?


Most exchange is done to serve a monopolistic system of world destruction under the guise of dominating control. How does that influence the estimated value of things? In this overwhelming insanity the "standard work output" of anyone is at best a skewed and distorted variable. In this case the bathwater that seems to set the standards of exchange is overwhelming the baby. More like a giant swamp sucking it in.


Remove the destructive determinants and then figure out the value of exchange. Then we can see how much effort in labor as well as creativity (and a little creativity often is equal to a lot of physical or even mental labor) can "balance the books" so to speak.


+ George L.:

Yeah, Aristo, I certainly agree with that.

We could improve the efficiency of our economy, and the wealth generated, by eliminating wars and other unproductive "work"


+ Steve S. :

If everybody took some time to watch , The Secret of OZ By a Mr Bill Still , we would have an understanding how money is made and what we can do to fix the system we have now ! :-) Blessings to all..:-)
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MONEY 1.02 : Confidence in Currencies ... from 28-02-2015: BOOK OF WISDOM ; RVD Video


1.02 : confidence in currencies
For money to maintain its value people need to have confidence. They need to be willing to accept the currency in return for their work, their goods, and the services they provide. And they need to be willing to hold them as a store of value. Even the idea of backing a currency by gold is merely a mechanism to instill confidence. People expect Gold to hold its value, as it has done over hundreds and thousands of years. So if people can easily exchange a currency for a fixed quantity of gold (as they could with the US dollar until 196x), then they may see the gold-backed currency as "good as gold". But the dollar is not that anymore, because it is now no longer gold backed; it is now a "fiat" currency. Another way that a government can build confidence in its currency is to make it "legal tender, for all transactions, public and private" - and especially to accept it in payment of taxes. New currencies, like Bitcoins, do not have this advantage. And so their valuations can be volatile. People want to introduce new currencies, but they forget basic principles. And handing out big payments "for free" to many people who do not work for them, would undermine confidence in the US dollar, or whatever currency those payments are made in.


DXY / Trade-weighted US Dollar ... update


(added by Dr.Bubb)


pt-2: The reason the US dollar is strong,

...while the US economy is not doing great, is the "US is the best house on a bad block" of weak global economies. But beyond that, the structure of the US economy is such that more and more wealth is concentrated in the top 1% and top 0.1%, who do not need to spend it. They invest it, driving stock prices up, but not creating demand to drive the economy. The US economy is not healthy. It now works to "Harvest" wealth from the middle class, and not create more wealth. The 4x Harvest mechanisms are: the US Defense (war) department, US Healthcare system, an addiction to cars, driving, & oil; and finally: the finance system itself, that channels cheap money to the most wealthy.


No one wants to talk about these Realities. People are programmed now to fall into distracting Flytraps, and leave Realities unexamined. It is frustrating for those of us, who can see this clearly.

What to do?

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There are those who cry out "give us our wealth back". I think they do this because someone is making false promises. Because if those of European descent want their "wealth" they would have to consider those of Native American descent (especially Central and South American descent) who had their gold taken by European forces. That gold circulated and literally created modern European civilization out of the ravages of the black plague. So how can it be returned? And to whom, when so many Latin Americans are of mixed native and European blood? Look at the problems establishing a country of Israel caused in the name of giving the descendants of former inhabitants back their land? If he give back the Native Americans their land, where will the descendants of immigrants go? All of this doesn't even take FN's arguments about throwing "free money" at people into account.

Many ask for debts to be cancelled. Well, maybe this has to go all around. And as this happens, maybe we do need to consider that many people are suffering injustice to the point that giving them some "free money" is actually making reparations in a realistic manner. How can the world start moving in the right direction with so much of human society (and the very psyche of whole collectives) damaged by the crimes of the "elite"? Can people even come to realize that making reparations is an investement in human social stability, peace and true progress?

I think FN raised a very fundamental issue: Money value is based on confidence. This leads me to think that it is not some metal or other standard we need, but a standard of confidence. Fiat money is false confidence. It's a con job. Electronic money is ok in a society of healthy and ethical people, but that is not where we are. It is, in fact, the most dangerous form of representation of value since it can not only be hacked if not under central control, but it can be wiped as easily as it can be created depending on the whims of an allegedly "dependable" central control.

I am not educated in economics. All I know of it is what amounts to my version of common sense. Since we live in a world of people conditioned to economies of oppression and authoritarian manipulation it may not be viable to come up with a "solution" that can be applied accross the board. Not unless selfless authoritarians somehow take control and dedicate their lives in self sacrifice to deal with the mass trauma and confusion raging in humanity. It might, however, be viable to set the clock back several decades to return to a gold standard, provided the stolen hoards of gold are reclaimed and used to invest in projects to restore creative social stability as a long term investment in humanity rather than a specific group's profit.

In other words, to do what the US, United Nations, IMF and World Bank claimed they were doing, but obviously weren't since WWII. Then we can think about creating a system that really works.

But that would mean that the current holders of wealth need to be brought to justice if they are criminals and what was stolen to be repurposed, and the middle class be encouraged to grow world wide. It means that humanity is rather comfortable with a Nation State scenario where International decisions can be made under a group effort of bodies such as a true UN where arbitration would be impartial and just. Am I too idealistic here. I think this is functional since it worked for at least a part of the world even as a lie.

For me the above would be step three. Step two would be organizing to neutralize the current autocratic system in some way, and step one to acquire the mindset, attitude and organizational capacity and courage to work toward that end. Many blanks obviously need to be filled, but these are some basic thoughts of mine on the subject.

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Thanks, AC.
You raise some interesting points.
It seems important to me that those individuals who took the Gold are no longer alive, and those from which they "took it" are no longer around either. Along the way, the gold moved from one set of hands to another, and the people who hold it now have either:
+ Inherited it, or
+ Exchanged something of value, to "buy" the gold
Is it fair to take Gold from those who have earned or inherited it, and give it to mixed blood descendents of those who appear to have had it taken from them?

Ultimately, the issues here are important. If we live in a society governed by laws, we should respect the laws of the land, OR CHANGE THEM, rather than rewarding those who whine about "crimes" from the past, and want to be rewarded for claiming their ancestors were Victims. I am sick and tired of how our society rewards victims, even when it means trampling on the rights of those who may be innocent, simply because they are labeled as victimizers (or the descendents of victimizers.)

To me, the issues we SHOULD be looking at, have to do with how Wealth is being drained, while some who pay little or no tax, by keeping money in offshore trusts, get richer and richer.

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