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RETIREMENT Locations : The Top 10

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RETIREMENT Locations : The Top 10


... As of 2015, a sampling of some top locations is:


: Ecuador - diversity, good value, health care, many expats
: Columbia - healthcare "hotspot", with low cost of living: $1200/mo
: Panama - best retirement benefits, Pensionado visa, friendly
: Mexico - "comforts of home" are nearby; much lower prices
: Malaysia - cost-efficient quality of life: property, food, climate
: Thailand - Chiangmai: friendly, good food, expats, hobbies
: Spain - rich history, diverse, food, good real estate : $2,600/mo
: Malta - one of best qualities of life, golf, beaches, food


With spiraling costs compelling more and more North Americans to retire overseas, retiring abroad has never been more attractive. But finding the right location among the myriad options available can be daunting.

That’s what our Annual Global Retirement Index does. Using input from our team of correspondents on the ground all over the world, we combine real-world insights about climate, health care, cost of living, and much more to draw up a comprehensive list of the best bang-for-your buck retirement destinations on the planet.


Keep in mind that, even though only 25 countries feature on our list, all of them are worth your attention. We selected them from among all the countries in the world for their qualities as retirement hot-spots, so even the lowest-ranked nation on our index is still very much an option worth considering.

Take into account, too, that ultimately no list or formula can automatically deliver the best destination for you. Only you can decide that. Only you can assess your personal preferences, needs, budget, and desires, and look at the options available to see which nation best suits your needs.


Are you an urbanite or do you prefer the wide-open spaces? Would you prefer a tropical climate with year-round sun or more temperate weather that reminds you of home? Would you rather live by the sea or on a mountainside? Sample the exotic delights of Asia or explore the rich cultural heritage of Latin America?

Only you can make these calls. In assembling this index, we aim to deliver an in-depth guide to the best countries available to you today. It’s been compiled using the solid judgment and on-the-ground intelligence of our correspondents around the world. All of them are expats who have become experts on their adopted countries.




> http://internationalliving.com/2015/01/the-best-places-to-retire-2015/

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