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Andy Basiago for President ?

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Andy Basiago for President ?


Is he Crazy or Brave ?

This looks like one of the most quixotic Presidential campaigns ever.

But he speaks well... and some of his ideas make sense.


Ep. 225 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Andrew Basiago Mars LIVE on air


Andy Basiago has claimed that he was a pioneer time traveller, and that he visited Mars,

as a part of secret US programs.


Yes, this will sound nuts to most people. But suppose his claims are backed up and supported by more evidence,

then his nascent Presidential campaign will get a huge shot in the arm, as a "brave truth-teller"


He has developed some sensible policies.

"we need to wage a Peace campaign", he says.


"You cannot be self-governing if you do not know the Truth"


I wish him luck, and want to see the backs (soon) of Hillary Clinton and JEB Bush.

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Ted Cruz stole Andy's campaign slogan:

"A Time for Truth"... which was personally crafted


original version:



Copied version:


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He's not doing badly on Paddy Power...


He's in the Top 20-27, tied with Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee

WINNER 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Saturday 1st October 2016, 12:00


US Presidential Election 2016 Hide

Singles only. Applies to the winning candidate.
(Top 5):
Hillary Clinton : 11/10
Jeb Bush : 4/1
Scott Walker : 9/1
Marco Rubio : 11/1
Chris Christie : 11/1
( #6-10)
Rand Paul : 14/1
Ben Carson : 16/1
Mitt Romney : 16/1
Martin O'Malley : 20/1
Elizabeth Warren : 28/1
( #11-19)
Joe Biden : 33/1
Ted Cruz : 33/1
Bobby Jindal : 40/1
Condoleezza Rice : 40/1
John Kerry : 40/1
Paul Ryan : 40/1
Andrew Cuomo : 40/1
Kirsten Gillibrand : 40/1
Michael Bloomberg : 40/1
( Tied, #20-27)
Deval Patrick : 50/1
Tim Kaine : 50/1
Andrew Basiago : 50/1
Susana Matinez : 50/1
Rick Santorum : 50/1
Mike Huckabee : 50/1
John Kasich : 50/1
Jim Webb : 50/1
(Beyond 50/1):
Mike Pence : 66/1
Rob Portman : 66/1
Rahm Emanuel : 66/1
Evan Bayh : 66/1
Mark Warner : 66/1
Brian Schweitzer : 66/1
Carly Fiorina : 66/1
John Hickenlooper : 66/1
Jon Huntsman : 66/1
Cory Booker : 80/1
Amy Klobuchar : 80/1
Julian Castro : 80/1
John Edwards : 80/1
Eric Cantor : 80/1
Russ Feingold : 80/1
Kathleen Sebelius : 80/1
Rick Perry : 80/1
Janet Napolitano : 80/1
Debbie Wasserman Shultz : 80/1
Donald Trump : 100/1
Ron Paul : 100/1
Sarah Palin : 100/1
=== ===
Ed Rendell : 100/1
Tammy Baldwin : 100/1
Michele Bachmann : 125/1
John McCain : 125/1
Antonio Villaraigosa : 125/1
David Petraeus : 125/1
Ron Wyden : 125/1
Michelle Obama : 150/1
Chris Matthews : 150/1
Arnold Schwarzenegger : 150/1
Newt Gingrich : 150/1
Al Gore : 150/1
Al Franken : 150/1
Chelsea Clinton : 300/1
Charlie Sheen : 500/1
Eva Longoria : 750/1
Alec Baldwin : 750/1
Kim Kardashian : 1000/1
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Andy Basiago reveals his "Truth" about the Mars program




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Time Traveler Andrew Basiago talks about his Presidential Campaign on F2B



Published on Aug 14, 2015

In our extended broadcast of FADE to BLACK, Andrew Basiago talks about his 2016 Presidential Campaign...his agenda and platform...and answers direct questions from both Jimmy Church and the audience. Very candid and open conversation that lasted for over 90 minutes.

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Midnight In The Desert with Art Bell Joined by Guest Andrew D. Basiago: 1st Hour


Published on Sep 21, 2015

This is the first hour of Art Bell's interview with Andrew Basiago on Midnight In The Desert on August 14, 2015. In order to listen to the whole 3 hours of the interview you need to take out a Time Traveler subscription for $7.99 a month by following this link: http://darkmatterdigitalnetwork.com/s...

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A fun way to promote Basiago's campaign?


That's how the maker of the film must see it


HELP: Who is this man? timetravel? photos from USA 2016?


Published on Nov 4, 2012

Photograph from the year 2016?
Can you identify the event or the individuals in these photographs? Please leave a comment and let me know


He can blame "uncle Olaf", I suppose

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Time travel pre-identified US President Andy Basiago announces 2016 candidacy to millions on C2C


Published on Dec 20, 2015

Time travel pre-identified US President Andrew D. Basiago announces 2016 candidacy to millions of potential write-in voters on Coast to Coast AM
By Alfred Lambremont Webre


(from THIS issue of C2C):


Secret Societies & NWO


Listen with Windows Player High Low
Download MP3s
Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Hour 4
IMPORTANT: Some mobile devices do not download MP3s. If this is the case, please use your desktop computer.


Date: Saturday - December 19, 2015 Host: Jimmy Church Guests: Leo Zagami, Andrew D. Basiago


Time Traveler Candidate

First hour guest Andrew D. Basiago says he was part of DARPA’s Project Pegasus as a young child, and was involved in time-travel and teleportation as part of various U.S. Government projects. Basiago announced his campaign for the highest office in the land by saying that he wants to be "America’s Truth President." He will be running as a write-in candidate in the 43 states that currently allow it. He wants to end the culture of secrecy because he believes that "we are being played by the permanent and secret government"


Leo Lyon Zagami says that he is a member of a branch of the legendary Illuminati, which he described as "a network of secret societies" as well as "a priesthood of various religions." They are composed of dark and light factions, which he says are continually involved in bringing individuals to power to control the world. Zagami thinks that the "good" faction is currently in the minority. He is revealing their history and workings as an insider to counteract the ill effects of Illuminati members who are driven by greed.

He commented that the leaders of various factions are chosen from among the aristocracy and royalty. Members of some groups are subjected to a blood test to prove their heritage and eligibility. He further described the role of certain American universities in choosing members to be groomed for future roles in power and high political office. He referenced the theory that the United States was founded on Illuminist principles of freedom, although he also stated that "there is no real ideology to free the mind and free the spirit any more."

"I have an order behind me that guarantees a certain security so we can bring you these truths" he said, adding that there is a debate within secret societies about what to reveal. "Knights" from various orders are constantly giving him information to help understand the current state of the New World Order, since he says that there is no longer such a thing as a free press.

He added that in the early 20th century, the activities of such occult groups as Aleister Crowley’s OTO opened some sort of dimensional pathway for evil entities which have manifested in modern times as what we know as aliens and UFOs. Ultimately, Zagami believes that the evil part of the Illuminati are assisting various incarnations of the "antichrist." He described the struggle as a "battle of angels and demons."

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