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Preparing for a 4-6 week Collapse Event (Simon Parkes)

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Preparing for a 4-6 week Collapse Event (Simon Parkes)


Will it be a "failed hellstorm"? / An attempt to start a "hellstorm"... which will fail ? (see post #4)


Simon Parkes recent video interview, Part 2, with notes from ~Jean


Notes to help you key into some important points in this video:


1:18:00 In preparation for financial collapse – don’t buy gold or silver.

Do buy dry/tinned food, water, store gas, etc. — check the reasons given . . .

I remember reading about what Roosevelt did, and this makes sense to me. Prepare for 4-6 weeks.


1:21:00 – the actual timing of the collapse – as seen from where we are now . . . with reasons why. From here, it looks like it could be in July.(I do’t think the US will determine how/when it happens.)


DXY / Trade-weighted US Dollar / Value thru 2015 ... update : DXY-all-data : 10d



1:23:00 – When the collape happens, it will occur because US foreign trading competitors no longer will honor dollar.

U.S. has precious little gold. (Research) . . . 5,6,7 years ago U.S. defaulted on a payment to China.


1:25:00 – US paid China in gold, but gold was actually tungsten, similar in weight. China flat out caught them. US had no Notes, no Gold. China was given Boston Harbor. Every ship that comes into that harbor pays tax to China.

1:27:00 – Long Beach (the harbor in that area) was apparently also given to China. . . the interesting history of how this happened is discussed.

1:32:00 – What is China’s agenda? Why have they waited? They want us as weakened trading partners.. . details given.

1:35:00 – Opinion of BRICS? We are still using money. They want power, and money equals power, and that is the goal of the BRICS.

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Is JADE HELM part of the collapse plan?


Jade Helm and the American Massacre – Zen Gardner

Posted on May 2, 2015


by Zen Gardner

I’m prefacing my thoughts with this provocative title for a reason. What is being perpetrated on the American people is virtually a complete dissembling of everything they supposedly hold dear and will only lead to their ultimate destruction. A nationwide massacre of their infrastructure, personal rights and protection, and even livelihoods and food security is not only at stake, but now in progress.

Let me number my points.


1) Jade Helm is a military exercise endorsed by the American government and perpetrated on its own people in complete violation of not just the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 but is a total affront on every civil liberty the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is supposed to espouse and maintain.

2. Occupying sovereign territory with a nation’s own armies indicates the very people for which a government was established to help provide for and protect are their declared enemy.


3. The fabricated external threat of terrorism has been deftly translated into meaning that anyone challenging the status quo, be it political, economic or psycho-spiritual, is the enemy. Not external enemies but domestic, as has always been the case, but openly declared since the first so-called Patriot Act. Dissent has become illegal and they’ve virtually declared any thinking American an enemy of the State with a litany of laws, rules and regulations at their disposal while mechanisms set in place long ago to protect personal rights have been eviscerated.

4. The very massive size of this operation and the vast amounts of military hardware pouring into distribution locations around the country indicates this is not just an exercise, but a stealth occupation, at the very least designed to intimidate and acclimatize the American mindset to living in virtual martial law conditions, while they step up their preparations for worse social conditions to come.


5. As wars rage on against supposed terrorists abroad, targeting a nation’s own citizens in such draconian measures makes absolutely zero sense when hardly a non-government induced “terror” incident has transpired. Many more have died from medical and pharmaceutical abuse, police killings and even strikes by lightning, along with a host of other causes. Where’s the big brave justice league on the real problems?

6. The inherent doctrines of personal freedom and individual sovereignty are being violated with abject impunity, a repugnant affront on human dignity.


7. The question haunts: who’s even noticing? Besides those that fall for the supposed need for such a massive operation, how many are totally ignorant that it is even happening?


And the Potential Outcome of Such a Maneuver?

1. Anything could trigger this operation to go “live” as has happened repeatedly with such staged government sponsored operations.

2. One resisting individual, real, or more plausibly planted, could cause a chain reaction of events that would be devastating.



> MORE: https://jhaines6a.wordpress.com/2015/05/02/jade-helm-and-the-american-massacre-zen-gardner/

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Just Crazy Talk?


Thinking of Simon Parkes' comment that the date of the Event has been moved forward to July (maybe.)

You can find various videos like this on the web, usually with dates in September or October 2015.

This one even has the image of a comedic currency


"New World Dollar" Coming Oct. 20, 2015?
Published on Apr 27, 2015

"New World Dollar" On October 20th , 2015 The International Monetary Fund is expected to a new reserve currency alternative to the US Dollar.


"Something BIBLICAL is going on," he says. But this lacks useful details.

He mentions something about a woman who attended one of his seminars
("new computers do not include the US Dollar in their software" - ???)


Rabbi Jonathan Caine's description of the Shemitah cycle is more detailed - an has some real history behind it:


Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn says you better get ready for “a great shaking.” (on or about Sept. 13, 2015)

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Is America scheduled to become the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s next Hellstorm?


Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on May 3, 2015


Now for the first time we have discovered the secret hidden Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) which is to create successive Hellstorms, using each on as a pretext for the next and culminating in an American Hellstorm and a final Worldwide Hellstorm destroying all of humanity.


During the last two years as more and more the of the secret Worldwide structure and mission of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) has been discovered.

These newly discovered facts which were never intended to be revelled. We know this because of the long term efforts to wipe them from the libraries and history, have been shared publicly on Veterans Today and other Alternative Media Publications.


We can now state that it has become unequivocally clear that the RKM is an incredibly evil, inhuman parasite that feeds of the enslavement of humanity using their two-faced criminally insane sociopathy to keep their incredible limitless evil hidden from recognition by their victims and future victims to be.

We now know for certain that the incredibly evil, markedly inhuman and anti-human secret but age old Agenda of the RKM is based on the ancient Babylonian Talmudic cult some experts now call Frankism, Sabbatteanism, Bolshevism, NeoBolshevism, or most commonly Rothschild World Zionism (historically called “Sionism” before the Bauers appeared on the scene).

These Evil RKM Bloodlines go way back to ancient Babylonia and Babylonian Talmudism, Black-Magic and Baal Worship and child and mass-human sacrifice to (Baal aka Satan).

We now know for certain that all of the RKM top players are genetically related and continue an evil bloodline going all the way back to ancient Babylonia where these family lines learned and mastered what is called the “Black Arts”, Black-Magick, Babylonian Money-Magick, secret “disguised” assassinations as a main way of attaining or maintaining power, which is the art of manufacturing Counterfeit money and distributing it fraudulently to extract everybody else real wealth and the fruits of their labor.

We know that these core family RKM groups from which these RKM leaders emerge, specialize in the ability to be two-faced, that is, able to project a fake people-oriented, caring, sensitive appearance on the outside (thus making them great confidence-men), while on the inside they are vicious anti-human snakes, parasites on humanity and perpetrators of child-sacrifice and major wars to kill of millions of humans as painfully as possible while making huge profits from doing so and gaining more and more centralized consolidated power.

Other experts refer the top Chieftains of the RKM group of incredibly powerful, two-faced anti-humans as the “Synagogue of Satan”, Baal or Moloch Worshippers or “the Children of Cain” or the Kenite Bloodline which they have alleged is a “fallen angel” or hybrid bloodline with deeply inbred desires to enact incessant evil and a main characteristic of its genetic code to be individuals with no real human soul and a complete inability for any human compassion toward humans.

Despite their incredible apparent Satanic Power, the RKM is going to be ganged up by the whole World and eventually eradicated, because they are soon reaching the point where their very top real leadership no longer need them.

. . .

What exactly is a Hellstorm?

A Hellstorm is what the RKM’s occult invocation and raising of what they believe to be the “fires and destruction of Hell” on Planet Earth in order to consume as many humans as possible as a large mass blood sacrifice to Satan (Lucifer). The top Babylonian Talmudic leaders of the RKM believe that if they do this they will be greatly anointed to run the whole World, own all its riches and power and status. they also believe they must engage in periodic Satanic Child-sacrifice Rituals to maintain their special power, wealth, positions and status.

They also believe that if they stop this process of raising Hell on Earth by creating successive Hellstorms, they will quickly lose their power and will never be allowed to become eternal Gods of “Mount Olympus.” How that for a criminally insane delusion, one that has killed hundreds of millions of innocent humans with incredibly painful needless pre-engineered deaths?


(within the article, there is a a listing of the actual Hellstorms)

. . .

As more and more Judaics are waking up to how they have been mind-kontrolled, conned and used by the RKM, an interesting new conflict is arising within the Judaic communities all over the World.

Many Judaics who now suffer from a group psychological disorder, best called RKM induced malignant Judaic Tribalism are waking up. they are beginning to realize that they have been mind-kontrolled to carry incorrect beliefs that have induced them to have a serious group mental disorder which makes them dangerous to humanity and the whole World.

This notable and dangerous group mental disorder is best characterized by a notable paranoid racial persecution delusion that has been and is now being used to justify hatred, abuse, asset stripping, oppression, tyranny, massive land-theft and mass-murder of what they define as “Goyim.”


> more : http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/05/03/is-american-scheduled-to-become-the-rothschild-khazarian-mafias-next-hellstorm/

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David Wilcock is also talking about a Collapse Event



  • The disclosure plan involves an economic disaster so people will get angry enough to want to know the truth. [The karmic corrections and polarization of the STO and STS paths discussed in the law of one.]
  • It will be announced that the US economy will be bankrupt. No major disruptions are intended.
  • Disclosure that the Cabal is the order of the black sun. [Mark Passio spoke of this in his demystifying occult presentation here.]
  • US government is going to try and do "bail in's", taking money directly out of peoples accounts. People will get very angry, which will cause a little chaos for a while [this is where those who are aware and brave enough to speak the truth will be invaluable to stabilize the chaos of others]. The alliance has pulled a lot of high level witness for this already. Their testimony will be given remotely off planet when the trials begin, some famous people will be speaking.
  • Leads a guided meditation to end the talk.

> http://sitsshow.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/david-wilcock-major-update-history-of.html




It sounds like the Cabal has run out of time to kill off 1/3 - 2/3rds of humanity, as they had once planned to do

George Green This is how they plan to KILL us


Scvmfvks like Heinz Kissinger were involved in planning that.

(I find it amazing that he, David Rockefeller, and GHW Bush are still in the world of the living.

Will these guys get put on trial?)


At 10:30 minutes into THIS video, GG talks about what happens "after three days"



"I'm looking for Utmost Chaos in the US, because everyone is so asleep. (that was 2008)

Mnay people are more awake now

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"To understand the frenetic power struggle now taking place in the US,

it is worth taking another look at the secret history behind the ongoing US corporate government’s bankruptcy."

> Ben Fulford / MORE:

$30 Trillion in Gold ??

Haha - Good luck trying to get THAT amount back from the cabal !


> http://hipknowsys.blogspot.hk/2015/05/benjamin-fulford-may-4-2015-chaos-in-us.html


To understand the frenetic power struggle now taking place in the US, it is worth taking another look at the secret history behind the ongoing US corporate government’s bankruptcy. More of this was revealed at a meeting last week between representatives of the White Dragon Society and Chinese royal family members. The Chinese royals presented documentary evidence that will force a change of how 20th century history is written. The documents describe secret agreements between US Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Chinese Nationalist ruler Chiang Kaishek and, members of the Manchu royal family. The documents show how Roosevelt, Truman and US Secretary of State George C. Marshall, over time, took 20 ships laden with Manchu gold to the US and fraudulently used the bullion to finance Roosevelt’s New Deal and the Marshall plan.

The gold was taken to the US starting in the 1930’s under the promise it would be used to finance the development of East Asia and the creation of a federation that would include Manchuria, China, Korea and Japan, the royal family sources said. The Americans also gave the Manchurians plates to allow them to print US dollars.

The two current heirs to the Manchu gold are Kim Young Hee (金英姫) and Zhang Sheng Zhi? (張勝植).

They claim there have been numerous attempts to kill them and replace them with look alikes so, as a security measure, they have asked that their pictures be published as seen below:



Photographs of their ears have also been taken as an extra precaution.

The reason these two people claim they are being chased is that they have the legal rights to gold worth about $30 trillion.

What is happening is that, at the highest level of global finance, paper and numbers written on bank computers are not accepted as currency. The owners of the US branch of the Federal Reserve Board (Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller etc.) are being asked to pay their debts to the rest of the world in gold. For that reason they are desperate to try to stake a fraudulent claim to the Manchu gold they stole all those years ago (and have long since used up). They will not get it because the whole world is sick and tired of their criminal antics.

In fact, looking through a gold lens sheds a whole new light on many recent historical events. First of all, the Lehman shock of 2008 came because the corporate government of the United States failed to make a gold payment that was due. That led to a temporary cut off of US trade. The US Corporate government then managed to get a large gold loan from the Ming dynasty faction in Asia on the promise that Barack Obama would be made president and the US would reform itself.

After Obama’s actions showed that he was no better than George Bush Jr., the Ming gold dried up. US cabal staged events since that time have all been in search of gold and financing.
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Yeah Gads! $30 Trillion in Gold? $46 Trillion ?


Does Ben never check these outrageous claims?

Well, I do! Official estimates of Gold on our planet come to maybe 175,000 tonnes.

That's equivalent to 5.63 Billion ounces.

Multiply it by $1,200, and you get a total of $6.75 Trillion on our planet - that's ALL the Gold we have.


If we had more: Where is it stored? When was the Gold produced?

We have over 200 years of gold production records and estimates from before that.

So I find Ben's wild numbers impossible to believe.

I certainly will not believe them at all, without some solid evidence.


Have a look at this Video :

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