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BRANDS Hub: Can HK become one?

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BRANDING : A HK competitive opportunity


But HK needs more wholesale markets to become a world-class "Brands Hub"


/ notes from SCMP article: Hong Kong needs to burnish its image", SCMP, pg.A4 /



Many HK brands are well-known locally, but are "also-rans" in international markets


Eddy Li Sau-hung, president of the HK-based China Manufacturers Association see this as an opportunity.


He believes that Hong Kong's reputation will be enhanced if it can produce home-grown international brands and designs. And he wants the HK government to help by "creating the right incentive and support structure", and for private businesses to help to by giving young local talent a chance.


Brand Development Council : Founded 2005, and a non-profit

Seeks to promote HK brands, and develop the city into a "brands hub"

Eddy Li, thinks that govt and private businessmen both have a role to play in building new brands,

and offering better opportunities for local designers and artists


HK Government has proposed:

+ HK$300 mn to encourage private sponsorship of local arts groups

+ HK$500 mn to promote HK fashion designers and brands


Li thinks that Hong Kong also needs some new wholesale markets (market places?)

which are "not known for the Wow factor", but are a "missing piece" of the infrastructure that HK would need to be a Brands Hub.

New wholesale markets would be sited in less expensive areas, and would "add vitality to old industrial areas."


The article gave some examples these wholesale markets:


+ South Korea has Dongdaerum and Namdaemun markets

+ Shenzhen has many wholesale markets

+ In HK, there are five areas that used to be vibrant industrial towns in post-war HK:

: Cheung Sha Wan, Kwai Chung, Hung Hom, Wong Chuk Hang and Kwun Tong...


Cheung Sha Wan (& Sham Shui Po?) - could become a location for wholesale fashion and textile products

(as it is, Hong Kongers go to Namdaerum in South Korea to buy clothes)


Kwai Chung - could host a wholesale market for electronic goods


Hung Hom and Wong Chuk Hang - factory buildings can be used for selling jewelry and furniture


Kwun Tong - could be a place for gifts (& toys?)


Old factory buildings: can be revitalised by " turning them into markets"... (which could) "help the industrial sector to use their own buildings do their own (wholesale) trading business"


"Li himself has been buying factory buildings in Kwai Chung, Yau Tong, and Wong Chuk Hang and turning them into office towers and hotels." A HK$1 billion project in Kwai Chung was completed in February to provide offices and retail space. He says the wholesale markets plan will not only help him, but the whole of society. They might also attract buyers from mainland china, and that would benefit the local communities, and not just the established retail shopping areas like Causeway Bay and TST.


New Visa arrangements with visitors from the mainland, may mean fewer and longer stays. (Might those buyers become "more adventurous"?)



Li also thinks that HK business need to create more e-commerce platforms for local firms

He would like to see the emergence of platforms to rival Taobao... to permit more online shopping, rather than just exports.

He sees a role for the government in helping to create the technological infrastructure (does he mean extensive Wifi?)


Li will have a three-year term at the manufacturers association, and he has had a good start with HK$900mn in sales in January at the

49th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo - a 15% rise from the year before


One way he may expand awareness is by taking the Expo abroad, to: Macau, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.


HK can benefit from its key advantages is:

Free and open foreign exchange, tariffs, and distribution... but it cannot take its position for granted.

Last week, HK lost its number 1 spot to Shenzhen as the "most competitive city in China"


The HK govt's preoccupation with Occupy and otehr political issues during 2014 may have been a reason for that.

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Shenzhen usurps Hong Kong as China’s most competitive city

By Kevin Dharmawan May 19, 2015 / 15:51 HKT

Coconuts HK


Shenzhen has traded spots with Hong Kong as the most competitive and innovative city in China, according to the latest survey.

Released last week in Beijing, the CASS Blue Book survey ranked some 294 cities on how favourable they are for business activities.

For a decade, Hong Kong has reigned supreme at the top, but the market-friendly policies implemented by Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s are blossoming on the mainland, with Shenzhen reaping the rewards.

Shenzhen has reinvented itself in more ways than one, growing from a once-small fishing village on the Pearl River Delta into a manufacturing powerhouse. Next came its meteoric rise to become the industrial and technology capital of China.

Gone are most of the sprawling factories that produce clothes and toys by the tonne, replaced by assembly lines churning out motherboards and computer screens. There’s no doubt Shenzhen has become a Mecca for entrepreneurs, tech researchers and even venture capitalists.

According to data from Bloomberg, the GDP per capita recorded last year in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen was HKD385,475, higher than the equivalents in Germany, Japan, and, by a country mile, Hong Kong (USD33,534 or HKD259,850 according to Trading Economics).

Established brands such as Huawei, Tencent and Ping An are all based in Shenzhen, and more companies, mostly technology, are entering the fray. Makers of the highly popular OnePlus handsets also call the city home, as does drone maker DJI.

Frank Wang, a graduate of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the founder of DJI, said he decided to set up shop on the mainland after failing to get funding and government support in Hong Kong. The rest, you can say, is history.



> more: http://hongkong.coconuts.co/2015/05/19/shenzhen-usurps-hong-kong-chinas-most-competitive-city

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BRANDS HUB related investment and business opportunities


(my own quick thoughts on this):


+ Stock listings in Hong Kong for brands that want more awareness, & access to HK and mainland China investors


+ Retail shops designed to attract HK and Mainland customers. (cf. the Apple store in IFC, or Debeers in Central)


+ "Transplantation investments" in businesses /&franchises that have been successful in the west, and "look right" for HK and China

(McDonalds, which came to HK in the 1970's? would be a classic example of that. And maybe newcomers like Vashi Diamonds)


+ New start-ups in Hong Kong to grow a business around a HK designed product or branded (online) service


+ Property investments, such as retail property to be leased to Branded companies, or an industrial building to be used for a wholesale market, or as a factory

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(Articles from HK Brand development Council):


"Brand Hong Kong ‧ ‧ new classic" series Newspaper Interview


Brand, a symbol of soft power and competitiveness of a city, Hong Kong has also entered the "brand capital" of the era....

The first newspaper interview was in the "Hong Kong Economic Daily" local news edition published July 28, 2014, reported the interview with President 施荣怀 Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Brand Development Council chairman Shirley Chan view of the Hong Kong Brand Development and Dr. visited Hong Kong designer Kan Tai-keung and Dr. Lu Dingguang Hong Kong Polytechnic University, talked about the elements of the Brand Hong Kong's success.

Brand story of a series of interviews and then every two weeks in the "Economic Daily" published once; newspaper interview published are:

(all articles are in Chinese)

- Construction brand of creativity and perseverance are

- adhere to the excellent build quality friendly service - Luk Fook Jewelry

- breaking all thinking framework to enhance the quality of service - TurboJET

- Goodway spiritual leader appliance innovation - Weimaraner

- Coronet Solitaire jewelery international reputation another way - Coronet Solitaire

- positive transformation with innovation and change with the growth of Hong Kong ─Neway

- GOLD create elegant interpretation of the beauty of the new century jewelry happiness - GOLD


> more: http://translate.google.com.hk/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-TW&u=http://www.hkbrand.org/&prev=search

(Here's the sort of project they undertake):

"Chongqing ‧ Brand Hong Kong Festival" Introduction


The Hong Kong SAR Government to "develop the brand, upgrading and expansion of the domestic market, a special fund (institutional support program)," funded, Hong Kong Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong jointly organized "Chongqing - Hong Kong Brands Festival" series of activities by the Manufacturers Association Exhibition Services Ltd. Project by the November 1, 2013 start, for a period of 11 months.

Project Summary

Hong Kong brands have accelerated the pace of expansion of the mainland market; most of them mid-range consumer-oriented market, and second and third tier cities to focus on business development. Chongqing is China's largest municipality, commercial city and economic center of Yangtze River region and the west and transportation hub. With a huge population size, huge economic development potential and broad market of the surrounding radiation, Chongqing, Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the brand to expand domestic as well as a good entry point into the western regions of a stepping stone.

With the trends and needs of Hong Kong enterprises in the Mainland market, the project will be "Chongqing - Hong Kong Brand Festival" as the theme, organized a series of rich and practical activities, including the "Style Hong Kong Products Expo 2014 Chongqing Expo" on the establishment of show Hong Kong's latest style of big brand products, and the establishment of distinctive themed areas to reflect the heritage and culture of innovation Brand Hong Kong


> http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com.hk&sl=zh-TW&u=http://www.hkbrand.org/chongqing&usg=ALkJrhhNvZsZ6qv7W9FRWEGeczs6Q8h73w

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