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McMoneagle's Warning on changing Sealevels

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McMoneagle's Warning on changing Sealevels


I have just listened to a fascinating interview that Art Bell did with renown remote viewer, Joe McMoneagle - whom Bell describes as "probably the best Remote Viewer in the world." They spoke of many fascinating topics ranging, from how JE got involved, and his after-death experiences, to many more.


At one stage, Bell asked him what he sees in the future that he might want to warn people about. McMoneagle had some specific thoughts on this. He said the he sees sealevels rising and encroaching on cities all over the planet.


AB asked: "Is this something you would recommend your grandchildren to avoid?"

JM responded: "No. It is not my grandchildren's time I am worried about. It is now. I am suggesting to friend that they not move to Florida now. And especially south of ... (St Petersburg, was it?) But they don't want to believe me."



Want to know how far above sealevel your home is?

You can use THIS website: (coming)

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