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The Ruiner - Who are the Elders / "the parents" ?

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Who are the Elders, the immortals / "the parents" ? per the Ruiner




The Ruiner gave a fascinating interview with Kerry Cassidy, wherein he speaks of various subjects, such as the Illuminati and their methods (he claims to be from a bloodline family), and also about his interactions and communications with three types of giants and ETs




A specific part I want to pick-up in this thread starts at 1:09 Hours where he talks about "The Parents" - whom I believe are the same people that others, such as David Wilcock have called the "Immortals"


Here's what The Ruiners says:


"Also called the "old ones", they are a group of humans that were given Life extension technologies by the Draco which have allowed them to live for thousands of years," They oversee the Illuminati structure as a whole, and work for the Draconians..."


They are not ET's. But are an earlier version of humans, with darker characteristics, and serve as middlemen. Few Illuminati actually knew of them, yet they have the role of "monitoring bloodlines". They are "close to being humans", though they have some draconians traits.


They should not be considered good guys... "not at all", says Shane. And some are killing themselves, because "they wanted out, and are willing to take their chances with reincarnation."


He claims to have met some of them, and interacted with them - but does not "see eye to eye with them." Some of them are disfigured, but can still pass as human

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Wilcock on The Immortals, ... and How Putin will do battle etc?

DW audio link http://www.mediafire.com/listen/jpyf…ug/Wilcock.mp3

Made some notes FWIW:

Solving the Unified Theory ( 2 scientists in 2013)

At the coldest temp. there is still movement. Amplitude Hedron shows the wave patterns of the singularity. We are the holograms of the one MerKaBa. It fractalises, infinity is unity, size does not matter. Free Will was given to the components. Because of non separation any transgression has to be balanced (karma). Forgiveness is the key – Law of One.

The rush for Disclosure to claim (good guys) or retain (illuminati) control.

Draco reptilians 12-14 ft tall. Reptoids, their minions – smaller.


Draco’s made some people ‘immortal’ approx. 20 of them.

They have to feed on living people who have to consent.
The Pendar (penis of the dragon) is Rothschild. Draco betrayal has just happened so they can escape the solar system. So all the families have been ‘outed’ & are now on their own.
Rothschild, Bruce, Cavendish, Kennedy, Medici, Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupps, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Warburg, Windsor.


The Nazis cut a deal with the Dracos. Spaceship technology, New Berlin in Antartica, moon bases. Obliged Roosevelt & Eisenhower to make a deal.
Solar Warden – policing space for the 40 groups who have bases on the far side of the moon.

If we can energise our DNA we can acquire amazing god-like abilities – thus they splice & use it & are terrified if just ONE of us can ascend.

Our location is prime real estate to the main entry/exit portal of the Milky Way Galaxy.

So called new fighters are old technology put out periodically.

SSP, in 5 main Groups:
+ Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate – the biggest who don’t share.
+ GGLM – compromised by the illuminati
+ Military faction – who think they monitor everything but can’t.
+ Draco ET group
+ Small ‘monitoring’ groups, scout ships.

In the 80s, huge (moon size) sphere ships enter, confronted & leave.

The 9/11 was 2000 yrs after the biblical birth of Jesus. Designed to offset this resurgence of christ energy.

Then x100, Moon, Neptune & even Jupiter sized craft appeared. 8ft tall, blue & violet feathers, bird like faces, flexible beaks, communicate using telepathy & hand signals – now identified with the Ra group consciousness.
They made a deal with the Solar Warden group (who want Disclosure).
They have superior weaponry, including metal expansion (= no assassinations, bombs go dead etc), EMP drones that immobilise all electronic technology, new missiles – the russians have them. Have already been used with effect. The game is already over for the cabal.

Putin is the most knowledgable concerning the secret space program & is on the right side!

The Cabal did something stupid. They used a weapon on a sphere which returned the energy & blew everything up with loss of life in Australia, nr. Pine Gap.
Policy shift: Solar Warden now enforcing a No Fly Zone around the Earth. The cabal has nothing left, no more access to any off world weapons. Stargates closed down, no galactic exit/entry. All they have is HAARP, look at California. They can only move around the solar system via some portals.

The prophesied Energetic Event leads to 4th density where earth is going to a new layer, activating our evolutionary potential for those NOT on a negative timeline.

The cabal expect this can happen as early as summer 2016. They have this future looking ‘telescope’ technology. They believe that in their forthcoming trial & judgement & defeat they will be resurrected victorious by their gods.

Feb. this year the russians contacted VT that they have satellite photos proving the use of exotic weaponry in 9/11.
Snowden was the front man of 15 or so people feeding info. to Russia re. EVERYTHING! This is Russia’s check mate move.

Cabal release ‘claiming the high ground’: Nasa – Ceres, lights on this dwarf planet. The ‘Dawn’ craft will explore it. + Proof of water on Mars. Dribs & drabs of the truth are now coming out.

LOC (Lunar Operations Centre) meeting of the Alliance. Putin disappears for 10 days… After that Obama makes a joke re. UFOs. NBC Jimmy K? asks ‘Did you checkout Area 51 files? Obama replies: ‘ ‘The Aliens won’t let it happen. They exercise strict control over us. I can’t reveal anything. That is is what I was instructed to say.’

Next day Putin shows up.


> http://benjaminfulford.net/2015/04/28/pentagon-plays-military-card-against-china-as-washington-d-c-struggles-for-cash/

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Here's a long critique on The Ruiner's material - from Mr C.W. Chanter (who sounds like a lawyer)


On The Ruiner, Illuminati Insider Interview Analysis


Published on Sep 18, 2015

An in depth analysis of the recent interview conducted by Karen Cassidy of Project Camelot with purported Illuminati insider Shane, AKA " The Ruiner".


... and he even did a part-2 ...

(after listening to the Shane interview on Cosmic Voice, see below)


On "The Ruiner" Part 2, Analysis of Cosmic Voice Radio Interview



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In mid-Sept. 2015, the Ruiner did a second public interview


The Ruiner - Shane interview with Thomas Williams on Cosmic Voice Radio

Published on Sep 18, 2015

Recorded live on Drake Bailey's Cosmic Voice Radio, September 15, 2015, this is Shane’s second public interview, aka The Ruiner, the name of his now closed blog and nickname he was given by the Illuminati for ruining the plans they had for him!


At about 43 minutes, he speaks of the Parents
+ There were 21 long-lifed "Parents" on the planet
+ Oldest is 13,000 years, and the youngest is 7,000 years old


At about 1:21 Hours he talks about the Illuminati is disarray,

and Disclosure, which is what he calls "the pathway of discovery"


"There's no more louch farming, so the pedophilia is falling apart"

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The Future Choice of Humanity - A "shocking letter" from "Cassandra"
THOMAS: The purpose of this show is not to enhance fears but to shed the light of truth, that is their (the illuminati controllers)
Nemesis, the purpose of this show is to create empowerment for the people.
A letter will be read aloud in this show, after this preface, is shocking, and riddled with disempowering Psychotic rationales
that outlay very sick and twisted plans for Humanity. This letter was written by one of what is called The Parents, An
earlier version of human group, who were created and controlled by the Draco, which I will explain later.
They are named the Parents because that is what they believe themselves to be. The Parents of Humanity. We are all their
children, in their mind.
What is in this letter may be hard to believe but the truth is too many actual events, laws of sovereign free will have been broken,
and too many movies have been made that disclose this very plan outlaid in this letter, for it not to resonate as the controllers future
We can stop this, individually and as a collective- by standing up to these Parents and showing them we do not need their
parenting. We do not consent to be their children. How could we consent when many where not aware of their existence until this!
. . .
The following is the verbatim letter written by one of the Parents)
We do not hate you, we are indifferent. Left to your own devices, you act as if you wish to destroy this world for your own comfort
and convenience. The happiest you ever appear, is in a state of ignorant bliss so why shouldn't we continue. You had your
chances and your perfect world when that wasn't enough, we were created to lead you. And as the lion feeds on anything it can, we
do unto you. A few may act or feel differently but the focus remains on the majority not the few lonely villages questioning and
The energy you possess is squandered, neglected, abused. For a hundred years we have fed you your entertainment and you have
devoured our offering, supporting the lies you're told, ignoring the nuggets or people of truth. Not once giving us any indication you
wish things to be any different. Speak up if you have something to say we are listening, but we will not allow you to waste such a
resource as yourselves. You can not be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to.
So we will give you the escape you so desperately want, we warn you ourselves and you swallow it like greedy little piglets,
expecting us to deliver you from your own evil and call it entertaining. You have given us no reason to feel any differently
than we always have about you, and that is why we are building this world for you.
You will become cybernetic while we allow it after which time you will be fully inserted into a brand new world. "The Kingdom
of Heaven" the bulk of you have been worshiping while we waited for our chance to take over you. You want a savior and we will
save you from yourselves. We will enjoy the fruits of our labor while you sleep and dream as we create our own world for
ourselves in which you are not suitable to exist. You are breathing dead and your time is ours. Billions of you and only a few are even
reading this, and that would still be true even if this was your nightly news station. A capable race would see beyond the swamp
to find the fresh water.
My very letter to this man called The Ruiner will be a representation of the fact that you all cannot see truth when it is in
front of you and you will always choose the more comfortable free ride provided by leaders who are willing to be responsible for you.
Leaders with the strength of will to create the world. Children is what you are, the children of animals. And we will have our
utopia without your presence, doing anything but powering our new creations. What a hundred readers or more and you think
you're all ready to be saved.
To address you the runaways. We hope you enjoy your freedom and wish you luck knowing you need it. You've damn near voided
your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco so tread carefully.
The writer of this blog has tried to argue on behalf of a few thousand humans who are aware of us, what we do and how the
world really works, as if this is some sort of defense of humanity as a whole. These few have always existed and are laughed and
ignored because of their own inability to digest the knowledge they have. They sit at computers and attend conferences that feed the
money cycles as if they are outsmarting the system. This is no threat any damage these types could have ever done, as it would
have been done long before today.
Go ahead and prove us wrong. Hope this is what you wanted Mr.Green though I doubt it. Until we meet again;

. . .
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" For a hundred years we have fed you your entertainment and you have

devoured our offering, supporting the lies you're told, ignoring the nuggets or people of truth"
"... we will have our utopia without your presence, doing anything but powering our new creations."
- Cassandra, a "parent", or long-lifed elder
Oh yeah?
How about the revelations that we are getting from sources like this?

Jeff Rense & Preston James - The Globalist Plan To Take Down The World


"Let's look at the core group who runs everything... Apparently they are committed to taking down the whole world."

"They believe that Lucifer is god... and that ordinary people are like cattle... They call them useless eaters."

"They believe that Lucifer is rising... to take over and cleanse the world."


Rima Laibow genocidal agenda to cull useless eaters

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Preston James acknowledges that long-lifed hybrids are in our midst,

But here he explains their role somewhat differently


A Call to Action - "One of the best articles about Disclosure ever"


He asks those insiders who were involved to COME OUT of the shadows,

and talk about what they were doing.

It is by Preston james, and he discusses it with Mike Harris here

MP3 : http://content.blubrry.com/vtradio/The_Short_End_of_the_Stick-with_Mike_Harris-2015-12-22_guest_Preston_James_edit_final_version_2_final.mp3

(here's the article)
"American Fantasyland – Down here on the farm".


"Has the World been invaded and hijacked by an evil alien species that has infiltrated our institutions and consolidated them in order to fulfill an incredibly Evil Agenda? Are we being farmed? Have we all been manipulated into living in a false reality to keep us from fighting back or even knowing how to fight back?'

. . .

These Alien ET invaders have infiltrated and hijacked America and its key institutions of government and defense and done so indirectly through their Cutouts selected from the thirteen “Bloodline Families”.

But they have also deployed sinister mind-kontrol to keep the masses both unaware of the truth about this incredibly serious problem which threatens our future and also keep us living in a fantasyland of socially constructed lies.

The basic outcome so far is that they have been able to transform America into their “farm” and most Americans into their farm animals.

. . .


The Khazarian leadership was apparently based on these thirteen “Bloodline Families”. They have no Hebrew blood, are Judaic converts, and are completely two-faced and secretly act in such inhuman ways that some researchers have suggested that they are not really human at all but are Nephilim/human hybrids.

The leaders of these “Bloodline Families” have often presented themselves as converts to Judaism for false cover. Some researchers view these monsters that walk free among us as Anannaki/human hybrids. Others view them as Alien ET/human hybrids of the Dracos, a particularly vicious, blood thirsty and incredibly perverted bisexual bunch of “renegade ET” energy vampires who have long lifespans of 700-1200 years.

. . .

Our borders, our English language, and American Culture are being destroyed before our very eyes. The manipulation of these factors has been a coordinated by the USG at all levels to destroy character and integrity, American values, normal sex roles and independence and self-sufficiency. The PTB have made certain most corporate food has little real nutritional value or minerals and fluoride has been forcibly added to most public water systems to lower thyroid function and as a dumbing-down, dissent-suppression agent. Vaccines have been intentionally contaminated with ethyl mercury, and other toxic contaminants like anti-freeze, aluminum, poisonous adjuvants as well as SV40 and other long acting stealth viruses to create serious health problems. The environment is being poisoned on purpose and chemtrails are being sprayed to poison our food, air and water. Americans and especially young American women have been transformed (actually “farmed”) for the most part into unhealthy, obese, compliant individuals that keep Big Medicine and Big Pharma busy and profitable and take away self-respect. When Americans are no longer needed to build the NWO system, they will be disposed of in mass. In the meantime the USG has been doing everything possible to make Americans more dependent on Welfare, Medicare, Social Security and Food stamps to help destroy their character, integrity, self-respect, and to destroy their independence and independent thinking

. . .

Our own USG (US Government) which is supposed to protect us is engineering and staging numerous false-flag attacks. It is doing this as an excuse to fight illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars of aggression for the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate the Khazarian Mafia and its chief action-agent and Cutout, Israel. Bottom line is the our own USG has gone rogue, has become self-serving and has secretly declared war on all Americans and America itself.

. . .

American has been transformed into a huge National Security State run by what is best described as a private defense contractor based Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that has asset stripped most of wealth and is now sucking up what little assets we have left. It seems like every day the USG is taking more steps to create more tyrannical Police State power for themselves. Our freedoms and liberty are being attacked almost daily on every front; and the America we grew up in is now being destroyed before our very eyes and replaced with a Stasi-style secret police state.

. . .

Everything broadcast or published in the Major Mass Media is controlled by an illegal Media Cartel controlled by six ultra wealthy Media Moguls who operate under the control of one major international investment house which is noted for being on the Vanguard of such matters. A fantasyland false reality has been socially constructed by this Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) using TV, radio and Madison Avenue advertising and mind-kontrol to keep the American masses satiated, confused or feeling powerless. This fantasyland is based on Big Lies, False-narratives and propaganda and is so far from reality that anyone who tries to tell the real truth about anything is viewed as a crackpot or a conspiracy theorist.

. . .

At the Roswell crash and several other ones close by in the American Southwest alien anti-gravity craft (AGCs), Alien ET bodies and even some live Alien ETs were recovered. This was used by private Defense Contractors to hijack American Intel and build their own Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and then overpower the visible USG including Congress, the Judiciary (Courts) and the Executive (President). This lock-down over Alien ET matters was rationalized by claiming that the American People couldn’t handle it. The real reason was that the KM Kingpins were frightened that such knowledhge would soon erode their money and power based on Big oil and combustion engines. The idea of zero point or free cosmic energy scared them beyond reason because they saw it as an end to their criminal family dynasties. This SSG has frequently deployed murder to silence leaks and scare everyone into compliance with their abject evil. The whole USG is scared to death of them and all the SSG must do is invoke National Security and everyone tows the mark.

. . .

Lately the Select Few Globalist NWO Agenda has been completely blocked by Putin and the Russian Federation in Syria. They are helping their close allies the Syrians defend themselves against the Globalist NWO Army, a terrorist mercenary group called ISIS (some insiders claim it is an abbreviation for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service which kind of makes sense since many ISIS wounded have been taken to Israel for treatment and secret Intel reports show ISIS commanders are IDF and Mossad.

Yes, the KM has used their slave-states including America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to assist in their creation training, supply and pay for their ISIS et al terrorist armies. Their goal is part of the Gobalist NWO Agenda which is to create massive chaos in the Mideast especially Iraq, Syria and Iran, flood Europe with Islamic refugees to destabilize Europe and all in order to try and start a nuclear WW3 in the Mideast. So far that ploy isn’t working for several very interesting reasons.

. . .

The result, the Select Few are now in shock. They are very, very old and their days are limited to attain the completion of their Evil Agenda, so you can imagine the time pressures they feel. Their rush is to gain the tools of transhyumanism and “eternal life”. If they fail in their mission they believe they will die soon.

. . .

Hard Kill and Soft Kill ... (read the article)

. . .

The best evidence so far is that an ancient Alien ET race bisexual but with a male reproductive appendage for coitus, notably evil, selfish, jealous defensive and murderous, came to earth and bred with human females. Some have called these Nephilim, the fallen angels or the fallen ones. Their offspring were apparently giants with two rows of teeth one in front of the other and six fingers and toes. These skeletons have been recovered and supposedly sit in a secret room in the Smithsonian Museum

It is pretty obvious that this Alien ET group at Dulce is somehow related to the Khazarian Mafia (KM) perhaps hybridized from their own species, forming a very small evil hybrid clan from which the Select Few come from.

Some researchers have called this new derivative clan the “Synagogue of Satan”, others have called them the Sabbatteans, others have called them the Frankists. I prefer the term Khazarian Mafia.

. . .

If we stand up now and house Truth to attack them at their weak underbelly we can collapse their system of power which is a house of cards and an Empire of Lies. There may be a big cost in American lives and blood because they may attack us, but if we do nothing they plan to mass-murder us all eventually anyway. But the bottom line is this: if we spread the truth about the how Khazarian Mafia (their main tool) has infiltrated and hijacked America at all levels and if we wake up about 12% of the populace, a critical mass will be reached and this will end the power of the evil Cosmic Parasites over America and Americans. Yes, by withdrawing consent, this forms a collective Psi-power to which these Cosmic Parasites can not stand against. Our secret weapons is Truth, love for our fellow humans and people, strength of spirit and a commitment to never give up or ever give in to evil in any form.


( LEFT MUCH OUT - if this appeals to you, please go and read the whole article! )

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