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In Defense of the RDF Ambassador ("other side of the story")

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In Defense of the RDF Ambassador ("other side of the story")


Where are the Defenders, the funding recipients... the Insiders ??




In the main discussion thread about the so-called "Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family", I made this suggestion:



They can attack him (the "Ambassador" here.)

They can also support him, or defend him here.

Someone should try to turn the tables, join GEI, and start a new thread here: "IN SUPPORT OF THE RDF AMBASSADOR"

" - DrBubb


But in case his defenders are slow to join, I decided to start the thread myself


Here's a posting I picked up from RVD's channel (before it was deleted) and the other thread:



+Karolina Enerlich They use multiple ID's, create fake so called government intelligence agencies, spread out and out lies, distort and twist what people say who disagree with them. They are trolls in every sense of the word. Your rhetoric, is exactly the same crap they have been spreading for over a year. If you do not like what Ron or his guest have to say. Stop watching. Why do you stay and comment the way you have? Because you are just one of the previous blocked ids here to keep trolling the Ambassador. Pretending to agree with all the trolls blocked is just classic! Your ID just popped up out of no where and yet you claim you have been watching for a long time..What proof of the so called RESEARCH you have done can you provide here to back up your claim?

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RVD has stopped defending the Ambassador on his channel.

He finds it easier just to delete everyone who makes a negative question, or asks an awkward question:


- under -



I feel like deleting nearly all the damning comments in this thread.
+paradoxman316 You've become a Tyrant, just like the ones you claim to be fighting. No wonder your viewers are leaving you.
I think that Ron needs to take a long walk, and think long and hard about who his real friends are.
Right now, he seems to be on a path that will leave him as a Useful idiot, kowtowing to a fake "Ambassador",
with no friends, but other sycophants and useful idiots like Rhm-bikes.
Is that where you really want to end up Ron?
Here are the sort of people who support you - comments you do not delete:
i appreciate your efforts, thx! have fun..........
He sounds like a very wonderful man...I can truly understand why he has to be anonymous....I loved the political views he said..exactly!!! U no all u need is one honest friend in your life...if anybody complains...don't let it bother u Ron, you're doing a great job..I was at Mayo clinic all week so don't often get a chance to watch everyday but I do catch up..take good care of ur health, you're doing fine...sending love & light...
Meantime, the overall reaction of the majority to the video should be a clear message:
Ron's Video: 302 views: 9-Likes, 17-Dislikes
Karolina's post had at least 13-thumbs up, before it was deleted
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Ask yourself....


"GMOP..., they are the one who are supposed to fund projects after they are evaluated!

When someone you have never met face to face asks you for money, it is a red flag."




I WANT PEOPLE who are in the GMOP Queue to step forward (as Ash has done), and describe their experience,

positive or negative, so we who are watching can get a clearer picture. You can do it anonymously, if you like


I am pretty certain that GMOP people are reading this thread - we are certainly getting a lot of hits - more than RVD;s

channel on many days - So if no one steps forward, then I will move to the conclusion that, either:


+ There are No successful applicants who have received money, and/or

+ Unsuccessful applicants, including those still waiting, are living in fear, and because of their fears will not discuss openly

what is happening. The fear may be:

+ Concern that they will be cutoff, and not given a funding chance, as the Amb has obnoxiously explain to Ash in yessterday's

video, or maybe (and I hope not)

+ The Ambassadors aggressive words towards Ash and other women leave them in fear of violence, or other forms of danger


If there really is an FIU, as I believe there to be, I want to ask them to step up, and use their authority to stop the fee gathering,

and remove the threat of danger to innocent people, including those who are just Truth seekers


WHERE ARE THE DEFENDERS of GMOP, and the Ambassador? Are there any?

It is not hard to join Acore. It is a Free and Open Forum

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The response to the deleted comment from Karolina was overwhelmingly positive. 14 likes in a matter of two short hours.


That is okay. I don't mind at all. Enough people viewed it before it was deleted. I am actually looking forward to see Ron and the Ambassador here but also other people who have the very good experiences with him and the RD family. I wish they would understand that it is not about bashing or causing drama, it is about getting to the truth. We aren't the ones creating a drama at all.

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A WEAK DEFENSE - where are the *happy recipients"?


Rhm seems to be the only one willing to defend GMOP. I found this odd... and his defense is weak




+Ashllyne lol OK. So yes let me reiterate what you said and please correct me if I am wrong.. DS seminar 250? Gwen's optional not required pdf format project outline application 35? Anything else? I never said FIU was Friar. More than likely it was University of Knowledge playing that roll. Friar just popped in with guns blazing doing damage control. Looking forward to seeing the Europe FIU file posting.
+rhmbicyclersvideos : "University of Knowledge" ? Do you mean me? I can assure you, that I am not the same person as whomever FIU is. Do you really find it so hard to believe that different people have the same reaction to the Ambassador? To be honest, it is your reaction that I find surprizing
And why are you the only one willing to defend the indefensible? Where are the people who supposedly followed the Ambassador to Hong Kong and got funding? Why do we never here from them? Are you getting money RHM? How much? If not, why all the effort to defend this strange individual?
+UniversityOf Truth That is a great question..where are all the people who went to HK set up their bank accounts and business licenses and why are they not here making claims of fraud with your gang? Maybe it's because there is no fraud to claim! I don't need the Ambassadors money..living my dream in the Napa Valley! When people operate in integrity there is no need to defend them. I am here responding to Ash's false claims of me being a bully.
haha. They did not go to Hong Kong to open bank accounts. They went there to get their funding. Where is the evidence of funding? Where are the happy people talking about the money they received? Where? Not a single one has made a statement saying: I got my money.
+UniversityOf Truth You better re-watch the video explaining they went to China to open their accounts and business licenses. Where are all the people claiming fraud? Oh yeah it's your group! I guarantee you if they got duped it would be all over the place!
+rhmbicyclersvideos : Show me! Where? Where do they say they got money? Opening a bank account does not mean they got money. If I received some money from GMOP I would be very pleased, and I would want to tell people, especially when the credibility of GMOP has been questioned. Where are the happy recipients? Even just one.
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And then... the defenss all falls apart - on lack of evidence


RHM continues...

In response to: "Show me! Where? Where do they say they got money?"


+UniversityOf Truth You better re listen to the video pause it after every sentence so you can comprehend what they are saying!..now I really do have to go!! Been real as always! By the way if I got funded for a project do you think I would go play online instead getting busy with my project..You might but most would not!
No evidence! YOU made the claim. Now Show us! These guys say they are "like family", and it is a family now in trouble - their credibility is being questioned, big time! And no one wants to step up and say: I Got Funding ! It makes no sense. Instead, we are being fed by GMOP: warmed over and regurgitated old news about global events. / Also, you have accused some posters of being "paid Trolls". I would like to see your evidence of that too!
+UniversityOf Truth I made no claim regarding funding..it was a rhetorical question making a point My finances are my personal business as is the majority of smart peoples. Why would anyone come out and announce that they just got funded to complete strangers. You people need to get a life outside of the internet! Go back and watch the video that explains they went to China, set up bank accounts, got their business licenses, had a medical treatment then met the Red Dragon. Nothing was said in the video about them getting funded then. They got ready for it in advance. Now as the Ambassador has explained, these projects are humanitarian and they need to operate in a stealth mode because of the people who would want to stop them if they found out in advance. If that is the case I would bet a nondisclosure agreement was signed to keep it quiet. IMO. I would also bet especially after they have announced on a more recent video the medical treatment/healing chambers are now available to purchase treatments, that some projects have been funded.imo. It does not take a rocket scientist to put it together! It may help you guys if you actually listened to the videos all the way through!
+rhmbicyclersvideos You are a bully. You're Ron's gangster.


+rhmbicyclersvideos : RHM, I know your character by now, having read so many of your posts. It is your habit (absolutely!) to make ungrounded assumptions, not backed by evidence, and you are doing it again here. "They got ready for it in advance." Do you mean they go the money already? Where does that wild assumption come from? Out of the blue. Or do you mean, they were being prepared to receive funding? Well, dear sir, that is how most scams work: They prepare people for something to build expectations. Then, they do not deliver. I maintain there is zero evidence, real evidence, that anyone got funded - else we would know. "these projects are humanitarian and they need to operate in a stealth mode" Bullfeathers! It is the sort of thing the Ambassaor would say, especially if he is running a scam. But: why? why? why? I cannot think of a good reason. Does the Red Cross, or any other humanitarian venture operate in a "stealth mode"? Of course not! They want people to know of their existence, so they can serve more people, and get more funding. Like Ron now, you also come across as delusional. Believing any sort of crap fed you by an experience scamster. We all need to be asking questions now.
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