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Discernment: Unraveling media hoaxes - why so essential?

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Discernment: Unraveling media hoaxes - why so essential?


More info at link on those tools




Six easy ways to tell if that viral story is a hoax

Outlined below are six free, simple tools that any curious news reader can use to verify digital media.


Reverse image search

YouTube DataViewer

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer



Online maps




EXCERPT from Post #3:


I believe the whole reason we are going through this current DIFFICULT PERIOD that we are in is so that we will learn discernment. We are now far too naive and trusting, too easily manipulated (and too dangerous)

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(recommended by someone on RVD's channel):


Science Of Persuasion

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Why is DISCERNMENT so important? Even in a society LARGER than the Planet Earth


It is an essential part of waking up - as I said in a private conversation that I will partly copy here


Someone had written a message about a usefulness of a Galactic Consitution that someone had proposed.

I wasn't in favor - because for me, it wasn't enough. We need to know what sort of citizens there are, who are wanting to be guided by the constitution.

And so I posted the following to explain my idea




Better DISCERNMENT Is Needed by those who want to be Galactic Citizens


"Do you not think that a Planetary Council would understand who the rogue factions are or how they operate?

Do you really believe that the charade we are used to here on Earth is logical and hard to determine who is doing what?"


What makes you think that Galactic leadership would be free of deception?

I believe the whole reason we are going through this current DIFFICULT PERIOD that we are in is so that we will learn discernment. We are now far too naive and trusting, too easily manipulated (and too dangerous) to join the galactic society the way we are now.


Look at the idiocy and gullibility that surrounds Ron Van Dyke, and the fake Ambassador. People were so willing to buy into the lies and misinformation he spun, because they were hooked on Hopium. Do you think the Galactics want a planet of RVD-like fools with guns and spacecraft to manage? Perhaps they are putting us "through the ringer" so we will begin to wake up. Currently on our planet we have fools telling people they are awake and aware, and people believe them because they have a new narrative that sounds hopeful. Not because there is any Truth or evidence to back up their claims.. Genuine truth-seekers like myself, get accused of being a "cabal agent", or being too harsh, or too obsessed, merely because we insist on evidence and actively connect dots. If we humans are going to be good citizens of a galactic reality, we need a MAJORITY of people who are discerning, and actively see through hopeful lies, and scary false flags that are designed to manipulate us. So long as the hardcore Truth seekers are a tiny minority, then we are not ready to move on to a more adult existence - one where Childhood ends.


So my main point is this:

I do not trust in documents. The US Constitution is an amazing document written by the very wise founders of America. But the document itself is not enough. It needs to be used as an everyday tool by people who are willing and able to enforce it - not by citizens who behave like sheep.


Thomas Jefferson had the right idea - a Free people are those who are "led" by a political class who fears them. Right now we have a people who are afraid of the scare tactics used by a political class that rules through fear.... both real and manufactured. We are just waking up to how they use this tool constantly.


Here's what Jefferson said in his own words:


Tree Of Liberty Needs Watering - Thomas Jefferson


"God forbid that we would be 20 years without such a rebellion."

"Freedom exists, only when the rulers fear the people."



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From the thread on Justice Scalia's death, and possible murder


> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20633


Can I point out that people dying in their sleep is quite common.
Thought I'd better post something, or the thread might get hijacked by the xenophobes, homophobes, and conspiracy nutters..._


You are right, and that may have happened.


But examine the evidence - why are they so quick to call it "natural causes" and cremate the body?

It reminds me of 9/11 when they quickly removed all the evidence


"conspiracy nutters..."


I will remind you, I am NOT a THEORIST - pushing out a theory or explanation without evidence,

I am a Reality Researcher. You should know by now that corporate media lies about almost everything

and has weaponized the phrase "conspiracy theorist" to cover their tracks.

We need to FORCE them to provide solid evidence to back what might be Cover stories.

To keep them honest, we all need to become Conspiracy Researchers, since it is in the Nature of Elites

to conspire to hold onto their wealth and power !


Do you doubt that?

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THE DISCERNMENT PROCESS - How it has folded here:


i was just watching the train wreck but it seems to be done.


the past few years i knew a lot of new agers that believed this shit, they all seem to be moving on now.


in terms of more relevant charlatans today... i would give the title to the ruiner who has reinvented the ambassadors gimmick. david wilcock to his credit finds a way to re-invent himself as he is riding behind corey goode.


Interesting comment: That the New Agers may be "moving on".


I think they will just find the next bit of Hopium - or the next Big phony Revelation (Like Flat Earth Theory)


They call themselves "Awake", but that is just a self-delusion to make them feel superior to those they left behind.

These people seem to lack any discernment, which requires open-ness to the research of others


I started with an open mind tpwards each of Ron's Delusions, and then rejected them based on evidence.


(You can see that whole process as it unfolded here with the Fake Ambassador fantasy; there are three threads):


+ Open Mind phase:
WHO is "The Ambassador" from the Dragon Family? (136 r / 11,788 v)

+ They've failed phase:
Ambassador, GMOP and Dragon family Fall short of Realistic Expectations (786 r / 28,667 v)

+ Crush-the-bums phase:

Discerning RVD, DS, & GMOP, and moving forward (175 r / 4,861 v)

> that is: this thread*


I kept an "open" mind as long as I could, but the evidence became overwhelming that the Amba was a Fraud.

(Actually, I pretty much suspected that on day one - but I waited for him to hang himself with the evidence.

From the point that he did, I was relentless in exposing him. I gave him every chance to present something

solid backing his case, and he slid away from doing that every time.)


I even kept and open-mind towards RVD;s story that he was cheated by the bank, but the evidence shows


+ He signed a mortgage on the Merritt Island property

+ There is no evidence that he repaid it

+ Ron says the bank then claimed his other property, the one he bought with their money

+ There is no evidence that the bank agreed to forgive the loan, though RVD makes some bizarre claims that they did so

+ RON BELIEVES in a purile fantasy that banks get free money (somehow), when people sign loan agreements


Until I see real evidence that Rons-sort of Hopium-addicted followers have a real interest in deploying actual discernment,

I cannot believe that these sorts of weak-minded fools are capable of moving onto something better.


But, yes, many people do wake up along the way, and learn genuine discernment skills... just not enough (yet)

to crush the scamming out of the hopium providers, like Ron... who lives to scam another day (apparently)

===== =====

* BTW: I am still in the open-mind phase, with Corey Goode/ David Wilcock; and Andrew Basiago
the They've failed phase, with Neil Keenan and his followers; and the
Crush the bums phase, with respect to FET

. . .

I have moved on to the Conspiracy Researchers got this right phase, with:

JFK's assassination, 9/11's official story, the existence of UFO's/ETs

and I am nearly there with the existence of Free Energy devices, but I will stay in the open mind phase

with that, until I see more evidence of a working device

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The final nail ?

This QEG / Free Energy device scam never made it into the mainstream

- but it probably burned up way more than $1 million of funding around the world


Putting nails in the Coffin of another scam - Nice work (Jeffrey) Doziac !

Response to James Robitaille's video


Published on Mar 20, 2016


I believe they have wasted way more than $1 million of people's money on this useless device.

Not to mention all the TIME that was wasted.

It is good to finally see an end to it - so I hope people take note of your video.

With videos like yours, anytime Jamie or Hopegirl raise their heads backing another scam, there will be evidence of the QEG scam


Many people gave these people benefit of the doubt in the beginning - but they never lived up to their promises.

Even on GEI, we had an active thread about it, and I started out with a completely open mind - and QEG failed again and again,

while silly promises, and meaningless milestones ("we have resonance!" "we have reached over-unity"!) were flagged.


QEG: Working Free Energy device? / NOTES from Skype-chat (20,880 views)


Are we in the "Crush the Bums" phase yet with QEG?


Jaime seems like a nice enough guy - but if he doesn't want to face reality, what choice is there?

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