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PASSWORD: How to get one, and become an Acore Member

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HOW TO GET A PASSWORD, and become an Acore Forum Member


STEPS - To become an ACore / GEI member
1 / Click on the (green) "Create Account" button - HERE, or in upper right corner
2 / Fill-in requested information : user name, email, password, etc
What is DrBubb's favorite bird? - it has a strange spelling, and here are some clues.
The Answer is : "Ad---al B--- " (which I do not want to fully spell out here. Bots might pick it up)
Not sure what that means? The following photo is a strong clue
For more clues, and the spelling of the four-letter-word...
Just Click here: wiki - I think it will be pretty obvious what the missing characters are.
4 / Then, type in the characters requested for the security check
Welcome to Acore !
I look forward to seeing your posts !
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In Case you are UNAWARE of that Other Section...

NO PASSWORD is needed


/ Put on your Thinking Caps ! /


thinking-cap.jpg : http://tinyurl.com/Thinking-Caps


It has been a while since I put much focus on thoughtful threads and longer commentary on GEI.

I few people have asked me: What happened to those articles you used to write?

Well, I think they got a bit lost in the General Discussion (GD) section, so I am going to experiment with

something new !


I have renamed the General Discussion forum to : "General News & Commentary", and created a new forum called:

"Thoughtful Discussion". I hope people will visit it at: http://tinyurl.com/Thinking-Caps

I also invite and encourage people to participate in the discussions there.


Right now, this new forum is at the bottom of "Worldview Forums" section, but as participation grows, I will make it more visible.

(Beyond these Big Picture thoughts, there's also a more open-minded Alternative discussion Forum in the Acore section.)


Example follows, a post from:

CRASHING into a Brighter Future: Out with Old, In with New



> Thinkiing Caps Section : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showforum=47

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