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Commodity related shares below $10

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Commodity-related stocks have been hammered below $10


These stocks were once like blue chips, held by many big investors


sym. : Company------------ : Last : Low : 2015H: '14Plug: 10yrH : decline : fr.Plug
FCX- : Freeport mcMoran : $4.35 : $3.77 : 23.97 : 35.00 : $64.00 : - 93.2% : - 87.6%
TDW : Tidewater Marine-- : $5.49 : $5.05 : 33.84 : 45.00 : $80.00 : - 93.1% : - 87.8%


FCX vs TDW ... update : 10-years :



interestingly, the stock charts look pretty similar - down 90% from the starting point 10 years ago.


Since Sept. 2014 (9/02/2014) the PLUG was pulled on both - and they have fallen about -87%

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Will surprise inflation wreck the Stock Market?


Oil, Copper, and the CRB have fallen a long way, and maybe have started an important bounce, and even a Bull market


"Big Three" Charts (SPY, GLD, DXY) ... 10d-Intraday : 6mos-D : 2yrs-D : 5yrs-D // CUvsGLDvsCRB



CRB / Commodity Research Bureau index - on its own



CRB- long term - up to 2012 ... & showing the recent Low near 155




Here's one voice talking "Inflation Ahead"


Is Inflation Around the Corner?


The world is awash in worries about deflation, but here in the US it appears that inflation is making a comeback. If this new trend continues, it may catch a lot of investors off guard. Inflation, or the lack thereof, drives financial markets...

. . .

overall inflation took a nose dive lower, nearly crossing the sharp 0% line (which would mark the transition into deflation). We can see that that the collapse in headline inflation pulled core inflation down with it, but to a much lesser extent.



Now, over the last few months, inflation has begun to rebound (black arrows). Many people find this phenomenon strange when they consider that oil is still trading close to its recent lows, near $35/barrel. “Doesn’t oil need to rise for inflation to pick up?” they ask.

The answer is no; it doesn’t. It just needs to stop going down.

The reason oil took such a toll on overall inflation is because oil itself was experiencing massive deflation. The price of oil, when compared to its price a year earlier, kept on falling and falling. But now, oil has been sharply suppressed for over a year, and this effect is diminishing.

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