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H P Lovecraft / Aleister Crowley : Similarities

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H P Lovecraft / Aleister Crowley : Similarities


Dark Visions and Demon-influence:

"Suicide is the most logical thing on Earth." --H.P.Lovecraft


This is not happy material.

Worth understanding it enough, so you can see the pathway it may lead to.


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A gate to (or from) someplace dark.

Are we (some of us) the spawn of a demon race who is know gone, and has left an entity sleeping inside our planet?

These two have similar ideas, and use some of the same dates and places

(were they in touch with the same demons?)


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(skip the musical intro - it is audio pollution)

Peter Levenda 06 22 13 The Dark Lord: H.P. Lovecraft & Necronomicon

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