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Toynbee Tiles: Connections to Jupiter, & 2001 Film

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Toynbee Tiles: Connections to Jupiter, & 2001 Film



With today’s technology, it seems like there is no mystery or question that can’t be answered, or person that can’t be found. But the Toynbee Tiles are one of urbanity’s unsolved mysteries. Scattered throughout nearly two dozen cities in the United States and in three South American countries, these linoleum messages in asphalt have confounded viewers for almost 30 years, after the first one appeared in Philadelphia. The tiles bear the following message:






The latest tile was found three weeks ago downtown on Greenwich Street and North Moore Street outside of the Tribeca Film Center.

So who is behind this bizarre message? Philadelphia residents Justin Duerr, Jon Foy, Colin Smith, and Steve worked obsessively for six years chasing clues and putting the pieces together of the mystery to create the documentary Resurrect Dead: Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. The tiles are made of linoleum and asphalt glue wedged between two pieces of tar paper. They were often in places that are impossible for people to stand still in, like the entrance of the Holland Tunnel and the middle of freeways. It is thought that the tiles are dropped from the open bottom of a car’s driver’s seat. As the top layer of tar paper erodes, the tile and its message are revealed


> http://untappedcities.com/2014/09/30/unsolved-mystery-latest-toynbee-tile-found-outside-tribeca-film-center-in-nyc/

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