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Synchronicity & Telepathy

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Synchronicity & Telepathy


Does Telepathy begin with feelings of Synchronicity?


What Is Synchronicity?

Uploaded on Apr 8, 2011


www.whatissynchronicity.com "What Is Synchronicity?" is an award-winning feature documentary that explores experiences of meaningful coincidence. It is now available for streaming or download through Vimeo or DVD purchase through the web-site. Psychiatrist C.G. Jung invented the word synchronicity many years ago, and he said these experiences occur more often during changing times, which could make this film more relevant today. Interviews include Dean Radin, Michael Meade, Allan Combs, Robert Hopcke, J. Gary Sparks and other authors, scientists and artists. First-time director David Strabala has 30 years' experience as a journalist and psychotherapist. See whatissynchronicity.com

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The Return of Telepathic Civilization 5.12


There's NO LIFE, and No Telepathy without Water, it seems to me


Because water can be an effective receiver of subtle vibrations

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