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Robots, More People & Falling Growth - How can we cope?

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Robots, More people & Falling Growth - How can we cope?


I had a question that I kept asking:


Do we have too many people being born, or too few jobs. Or plenty of both?

Everywhere, I see people out of work.

I there a solution?

Surely, adding robots throughout the global economy is not going to help.




The only answer I go is: We can all go into farming, and growing healthier and better food -

since that pursuit can accommodate people of all skill and intelligent levels,

from digging holes to fine-tuning the best new food production techniques


Meantime, we see the infrastructure decaying in most countries - especially in the USA.

Surely, that is a better place for America to invest its wealth than in wars for Israel.

How about cancelling those wars, and having a war on infrastructure decline.


The US should fight the infrastructure decline, and improve it, until it is up to the standard of

Hong Kong or Singapore

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The banks (who needs THEM?)


Are getting rid of more employees...


#RBS to axe 550 staff and replace them with robo-advisers



Wow, does even Paul Krugman now realise the US has hemorhaged too many jobs


Krugman: the elite case for #TPP and ever-freer trade is "largely a scam"


Maybe the protectionist moment has arrived


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I Predict that Automation Will Not Be A Major Problem; But Globalism Will



Published on Jan 16, 2017

The neocons and neolibs are setting up a long term plan to blame corporations for job losses so they can justify more intervention and globalism which will be actually responsible for the job losses.

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The Davos crowd will go for Depopulation (via RNA injection)

 I think that you're right about AI. It will make millions more unemployed. Why would an elite want to waste the planet's scare resources (their resources!) feeding, clothing & accommodating 6-7 billion people with a UBI? How are we viewed by the technocratic elite? As 'useless eaters' ? All that these 'useless eaters' do is create man-made global warming Are there any historical examples that you can think of where a country's leaders have murdered millions of their own people, because it suited them? Just because we're living in 2021, why do we discount the possibility that something similar might be happening now? I don't think that the WEF wants to re-invent capitalism. I think that their goal is to abolish private property and to create an authoritarian planned economy - so the destruction of capitalism Hannah, yes, there are parallels to 1984 - this time the war that never ends is a war against a virus. Have you ever read Brave New World by Aldus Huxley? I think that the future will be like that - unless people wake-up

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