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Wasting time on Academic know-it-alls

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Wasting time on Academic know-it-alls




(eventually you give up... and/or make posts like this one):


The smartest ex-academic I know, is very aware of the realities of this world.


The academics still in the belly of the beast cannot do any serious research when they are still paid by the system, Here are two people you should check out: Daniel Sheehan, and Dr Richard Alan Miller. They are of an age where they no longer have to kowtow to the narrow minds who run the academic machine. Narrow minded people who have had to compromise in their Truth search to stay "credible" are still under the control of the system. If is obvious when you use weaponized worlds like : Conspiracy theorists. If you havent yet become aware that the world is full of conspiracies, you are naive like a child. The intelligent and MORAL people are researching the very real conspiracies, not just buying into theories - they are Conspiracy Researchers look for a truth beyond media lies and half-truth.


Some day you may awaken from your kindergarten-type experience where the media "teachers" are seen to be all-knowing, Good luck with that

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The sneering academics look down on Trump's voters, which they fully suck-up the spin fed them by the Corporate-controlled media.


(This short-sightedness inspires posts like this one):




Time to take aim with both barrels.
Look at the unflattering photo that comes with this article, and ask yourself: is whomever presents a photo like that going to give you unbiased truth. The answer is they are not writing truth, they are probably trying to sell you a lie. Something like: only poor whites support Trump. Why? So you will go on supporting the establishment politicians.


Just think of what the establishment has brought you:
+ Ongoing wars for Israel
+ Lies about ISIS, Syria, and Russia
+ Open door immigration, which will soon make whites a Minority in "their" America
+ A supreme court with 4 Jews and a 5th one nominated for a position vacated after a possible asssassination
+ A totally-owned media that cannot seem to keep focus on obvious criminal activities by one of the leading candidates
+ A PC climate, where only a rich and brave candidate dares to raise the real issues


Do you really want four more years of Presidency under an establishment-supported candidate?


Please give me some reasons why that might be a good thing, since I cannot think of any

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