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Is the Philippines = Lemuria ?

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Are the Philippine Islands = The mountains of Lemuria ?


Lemuria & the Philippines connection - Ancient Mysteries ...

Apr 3, 2005 - 10 posts - ‎5 authors

Lemuria & the Philippines connection - posted in Ancient Mysteries & Alternative History:

The diplomat who remembers his past lives, Carlos...

Carlos asked me if I knew that the Philippines was part of Lemuria. I said yes, and told him I even saw a map of Lemuria, and the Philippines was in it. And this could explain why in the Philippines there are so many healers, psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and spirits.

Lemuria was known for two things, high telepathic powers and high spirituality, which present-day Filipinos are known for.

"Don't you find your belief in reincarnation to be in conflict with your profession and your Catholic religion?" I asked Carlos.

"Not at all," he replied instantly. "I've always been very discreet about my personal beliefs. And as far as religion is concerned, you yourself pointed out in a recent newspaper column that the Catholic Church has not formally condemned belief in reincarnation."

: ...

The Theory of Lemurian Origin

The Philippines and other countries of Southeast Asia were once part of a bigger land mass called Lemuria or Mu.

Because of earthquakes and geological activities, most of the land mass sank and only parts remained including the Philippine archipelago.


> http://www.slideshare.net/nonelee/civics-5-class

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Q & A:

Do you believe that THE PHILIPPINES is the ancient LEMURIA?

Many peoples are wondering if filipinos are really asians because the country is located in the pacific it is also believed that this country is from the ancient lemuria (the greatest civilization the world ever witnessed) and the philippines is believed to be the center of prosperity and governance of the said ancient continent one of the things that makes the philippines is because there was a sunken kingdom which was found above the philippines under a japanese island.Geographers also found out that the philippine rocks are the same as the rocks found from that sunken kingdom and according to some historians maharlika is the ancient name of the philippines some geographers also found out that lemuria had 8 subcontinents one of them was maharloka which is the closest to the philippines ancient name maharlika another fact is that lemurians believe in superstitions the same as the filipinos.Some historians say that the true name of the philippines was maharloka but the peoples are called maharlika (royalty/elite) but the meanings of both supposedly believed ancient philippines name is still the same even if it's called maharlika or maharloka it still means (the great land of small peoples/society) that was back in the earlier times of the philippines and not in the times wherein it was invaded by the spaniards because most countries back in the ancient times (like about 1400) call the ancient philippines the land of gold as how indians and chinese peoples call the country so what do you think?
Lemuria today is a restaurant in Horseshoe Village.

Read up on Lemuria (continent) in wikipedia. It's like Atlantis. So many theories, which have not been proven."Maharlika" is from Sanskrit, which originated from India in the 4th century BCE, which is some 10,000 years after the last ice age. (The last glacial age was when land bridges disappeared.) In other words, timing-wise and in terms of word origin, it doesn't match the Philippines.
> More Answers:
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NEW VIDEO!! Giants, Little People & Subterranean Secrets with Steve Quayle & Klaus Dona

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Lemuria Blog

Philippines: A freely associated state

RV, An Intro

> BLOG: https://www.nedmacario.us/2016/03/19/remote-viewing-an-introduction/

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Ancient Prophecy Philippines: MARCOS Prophesied! The Life of Lam-Ang. Solomon's Gold Series 15B

30,975 views    May 22, 2022


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