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Keenan, Collateral Accounts, the WDS & Planetary Power Shifts

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RESET or Stronger Dollar?


I'm not sure I agree wit THIS:



After the reset, after 3 weeks, there will be a devaluation. In the U.S., the U.S. dollar will be worth 50% of what it was before the rest, and the British pound will be worth 30%. In the 1970s in Great Britain, the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson said that the pound in your pocket is still worth a pound, and it still will be after the rest. However, items imported from abroad will become between 3 and 10 times more expensive. This will be the end of the multinationals, the corporations. Values have got to change. We will go back to make do and mend. This is also an opportunity for business minded people, entrepreneurs to develop British businesses to help provide people with what they need.

Some of Simon’s colleagues say 5 or 6 times, Simon says this is the seventh time for Humanity, and we have never gotten as far as we did by the 21st December in 2012. The probabilities were locked in then. It was always going to happen that Humanity would evolve and would survive and make it, but how much damage or hurt we would take on the way was and is still the question.


Recently, near Glastonbury, the White Dragons had a meeting with the Rothschilds, who, believe it or not, had never signed up to genocide. The Rothschilds want to make a profit, and are into greed, and the White Dragons can work with that, but they can’t work with those who are genocidal.

On the Hillary Clinton situation: Obama may announce that Hillary is too ill to run for office, and it’s too late to put up another candidate, so they will have to postpone the election. In 1776, there was a little known clause put into the American Constitution, not by the Founding Fathers, but by the Senate, that if there’s no democratic election within 30 days, the U.N. can come in and rule the U.S.. What they may do is bring in some old mercenaries from the former Yugoslavia, who don’t have a role anymore, and bring them in through private security firms to man some of the FEMA camps. Those who have murdered have no exit strategy. But the bad guys are like a cartoon cat with its claws hanging on, because they know no different, and they have murdered, and they have no exit strategy, and they are too proud to come to the negotiating table and say, “We’re sorry.”



> More from Simon Parkes : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21003

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Finally, some plausible references concerning the "huge" amounts of Gold held in Trusts,

and used to issue Gold certificates!!


The MASTERS: of Wealth - Daniel Sheehan

Danny Sheehan - The Masters of Wealth & History,

Part 1:

Published on 15 Aug 2016



. . .
+ (at 24 minutes) $1.2 Trlllion Trust* was set up, funded by Gold and Jewelry recovered from WW2 Japanese
: 175 troves were left in the Philippines, representing wealth once
: 12 troves were found, with $100 Billion in each trove, for a total of $1.2 Trillion
: This fund was controlled by various lawyers, including John J McCloy (later chmn. of Chase Bank)



*Anderson Trust


$1.2 Trillion at $1,200 per ounce (an estimated price near today's level), would be:


$1,200 Billion / $1200 = 1 Billion ounces ... that's approximately 1/6th the "accepted" World Gold holdings of about 6-7 Billion ounces


6,000 Million ounces / 35274 oz (per tonne) = 170,000 tonnes


> see: Masters of Wealth thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21008

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FULFORD on the Elections - Another Miss?


US elections to be cancelled and war crimes tribunals to be held Pentagon and CIA sources say

Posted by benjamin
October 10, 2016

The US Presidential election due for November 8th will be cancelled and instead there will be war crimes tribunals held, sources in both the Pentagon and the CIA say. The excuse for cancelling the election will be the resignation of one of the presidential candiates, the CIA sources say.

Here is the raw intel from the CIA:

“There is now a 90% probability that the elections will be postponed.”

I asked my contact in DC why? His answer was:

“You can’t have an election with one candidate”
I asked him which one will be removed. His reply was:

“I am not allowed to tell you, let’s just say that Obama will make the announcement very soon.”

The Pentagon sources, for their part, say “The 911 law will push Saudi Arabia to expose Israel, Bandar bin Sultan and the Bush cabal behind 911 and will lead to a real truth commission and a war crimes tribunal.”

Since it is only a few weeks before the election, it will not be long before we see if these predictions come to pass....


> more: http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/10/10/us-elections-to-be-cancelled-and-war-crimes-tribunals-to-be-held-pentagon-and-cia-sources-say/



In any case, the data dump of over one million documents revealing the extensive crimes of the Clinton Foundation make it clear there is a powerful faction within the military industrial complex that is fighting to overthrow the Khazarian mafia. That is because such a data dump cannot be carried out by individual hackers and requires a governmental organization with access to high level computer systems. At the same time, the fact the corporate media and net giants like Google are censoring this data makes it clear the owners of the big corporations

(Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller/Rothschild etc.) are in battle against white hats in the military and the agencies.

No matter what though, the Khazarians are not going be able to murder themselves out of trouble this time because too many people are now aware of them and their crimes. That does not mean they will not try though.

Bill Clinton, who is close to death from HIV, recently issued a death threat against this writer and Neil Keenan. The signs are that Neil Keenan has already been murdered. Although he used contact this writer regularly on Skype, the current person pretending to be Neil Keenan on Skype is unable to answer a simple question that only the real Neil would know the answer too. Furthermore, the Neil Keenan website is now promoting Bush/Clinton mafia con jobs like the Zimbabwe currency scam. Revenge for Keenan’s death will be comprehensive and thorough, White Dragon Society sources promise.

Furthermore, if this writer is killed, you can be sure the entire 13 ruling bloodlines will be wiped out going back 5 generations to the founding of the Federal Reserve Board.


The families must think hard if they are willing to sacrifice the entire tree just to try in vain to save a rotten branch.

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(From a few days ago):


Republic of the United States of America


The reason English citizens fled Europe in the 1,700’s was because of ever burdening taxation and legal constraints on both their daily lives and religious freedoms. Is this not what is happening now in the United States of America? The question is why is history repeating itself?

The answer is simply that those same powerful DN families followed them to the new world, and figured out how to stay in control of their lives regardless of the 1776 rebellion known as the Republic of United States of America. They have throughout the centuries used tireless tactics of coercion, treachery, murder and media deceit to create the illusion of mimic corporate government (USA, Inc.) in lieu of the Republic of the United States nation.

They have of course installed their appointed leaders to appear as morally righteous men and women, governing our affairs in the best interests of all the people, when in truth they serve only the DN’s best geopolitical interests regardless of the effects upon the native Republic population.

Their minions are all groomed from known DN families and appointment, some with the illusion of elections, but all have sworn their allegiance to “The Family” even if that means death. And this is the invisible body in full control of your country, your home, your military, your foreign policy, your currency since constitutional inception.

They both allow and perpetuate the illusion of American independence, freedom and strength in order to psychologically keep its masses enslaved in their own ignorance. All who fight and die for their country are fighting and dying for DN macro agendas, and this is why the American military complex is so overly publicized and made to be revered.

Their illusion of freedom includes all democratic state and national elections, as only their candidates are allowed to run in these races which they determine the winner by voter fraud. I know this is a very hard concept to comprehend, let alone understand and believe, but its nonetheless true and coming out soon for public consumption. Consider yourself with a head start.

And the USA, Inc. corporation that was created back in 1871 and domiciled in Puerto Rico, defaulted in 2015 when the entire nation of Puerto Rico defaulted on its sovereign bond loan obligations. This included the IRS, Homeland Security, FEMA and NASA. The USA, Inc.’s major creditors were also China and Russia, who have been in full possession of all USA, Inc’s assets since the DN’s political leader, Pope Francis, surrender all Vatican corporations over in September 2015–operations, assets and populations.

One of those assets is the USA, Inc. corporate government which they are disbanding...

. . .

Donald Trump who was born in the DN, is using the opportunity to ensure his family’s amnesty, as well as enhance his family’s “Trump” global brand name, and possibly curry favor for future Russian and Chinese real estate deals. Donald’s loyalty is to his ego, which needs prestige, fame and money to be satiated. He cares nothing of the American people and it shows.

The Clinton dynasty is using Hillary’s withering body to keep up normal campaign appearances just in case the DN were to reverse momentum in their geopolitical/military invisible battle–which clearly has not happened–thus the Clinton’s are now being left to “die on the vine” in full public view. They are the sacrificial lamb for the DN in North America–notice how even the Bush’s, Kennedy’s and Rockefeller’s slid quietly into obscurity over these past few years.

Neither China nor Russia will allow the restored Republic of the United States to be run by either a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton figurehead moving forward, and so they have also already appointed both a temporary controller of the Republic territory (General Joseph Dunford) and a permanent executive replacement (TBD).

. . .

Public Currency Revaluation

T1, T2, T3 assets have been been revalued, hydrated and completed as of Sunday evening, 16.10.2016. Some T4 hydration and accessibility has already begun, but the full out public invitation (via toll free 800#s) has yet to begin. However, it’s release is immanent.

Sovereign rate claims for this private Internet community are permitted with humanitarian and job creation project presentations only. And Zimbabwe’s defaulted bond/currency will be representing the entire African Union when it joins the IMF’s SDR Basket in 2030 along with Iran (Iranian Rial) for all Middle Eastern Union nations. Both currencies are to be included in this first wave of redemption’s.


eugenekalmes on October 18, 2016 @ 5:40 am

> http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/10/17/hillary-clinton-goes-into-hiding-as-cabal-takedown-continues-despite-empty-threats-of-nuclear-war/


It could all be pure FANTASY

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FULFORD : Desperate attempts to co-opt or undermine the Independent media (BF included)


The fight is also getting personal for this writer. This morning 9 goons from the Tokyo Tax office burst into my home and began seizing property. They work for Yuriko Koike, the Tokyo Governor and Khazarian mafia stooge who was fraudulently elected recently. All the money in my bank accounts, including that earned from this blog, has also been seized. Anybody with even a remote connection to me is being subjected to similar harassment including whistleblowing lawyers having their law licenses revoked. Gangsters from both factions of the Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza syndicate have also informed me that Rothschild Japan agent Michael Greenberg is trying to hire hitmen to have me killed. My webmaster has also been hit with a cancer causing poison by these same murderous gangsters.


The reason for this is because this blog has exposed the Khazarian mafia’s crimes, especially their privately owned central bank fraud scheme.

There have also been at least 3 honey traps (beautiful women who unnaturally try to make themselves available to me) sent my way in the past week. Other honest journalists and whistleblowers are experiencing similar things and the best advice is to avoid regular hang outs and new friends until this all blows over, presumably by November 8th.

The battle is expected to intensify over the coming two weeks as the US Presidential election approaches. Here NSA and other agency whistleblowers have revealed that Hillary Clinton (or whatever look-alike or clone who is pretending to be her) reports to Evelyn de Rothschild. Donald Trump, for his part, reports to Israeli gangster Roy Cohen, according to CIA and NSA sources. “I would rather have the Israeli Mafia in power than the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller crime family,” was how one (Jewish) CIA source described the Presidential election battle.


> http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/10/24/mass-arrests-and-extrajudicial-killings-going-on-as-part-of-cabal-takedown/

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Fulford on the Trump Victory


Carpe diem seize the day and mount a final assault on the Khazarian mafia


In the war against the Khazarian mafia, the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States is as the Russian victory at Stalingrad was for World War 2: a tide turning victory. However, it also means the war is far from over.
This is how a source who was in a secret meeting in Antarctica on US November 8th election day described the situation:

“The whole election strategy changed when John Kerry went to Antarctica as ordered. He was told by the special elite, the Gnostic Illuminati, who are still in control of this planet, to tell Obama and Clinton to back off and let Trump win. As we know, Hillary is only a front for the cabal and will most likely self-terminate within a few months at the most. Bill Clinton is at the end game now. His quadruple bypass surgery is not able to pump blood through his lifeless body anymore. We are informed that he will be gone by year end”.

This order to Kerry was followed by a special-forces attack on a Khazarian base in Denver that successfully stopped cabal efforts to steal the US election on behalf of their zombie proxy Hillary, CIA sources say.


The Pentagon, for their part, say “Mass arrests began right after the election, butt hurt Hillary cried a river when told to concede or she’ll be arrested, [President] Obama was ordered to stay in DC, finish ISIS, stop delaying the Global Currency Reset, and meet Trump to ensure a smooth transition.”

In addition to this the US military is advising President Elect Donald Trump to...


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Despite strenuous efforts by the Rothschilds and the bloodline families, the Khazarian mafia dominoes keep falling one by one.

The resignations or announced resignations of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President Francois Hollande, European Parliament President Martin Shulz, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and the defeat of Khazarian drug dealing gangster Nicolas Sarkozy are the latest falling dominoes.

There is now a major campaign unfolding to remove remaining senior Rothschild agents like the so-called “Vladimir Putin” of Russia (the real Putin died long ago), Chinese strongman Xi Jinping, Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Hitler daughter Angela Merkel in Germany, according to multiple sources in China, Russia, the US, Japan and elsewhere.

The shockwaves caused by the fall of Italy’s Renzi will be the biggest for now, because it paves the way for the election of a Five Star Movement government that promises to leave the Euro. There will be a “world of hurt” in the Italian banking system as a result that will only speed up either the re-introduction of the Italian Lira or else lead to the possible creation of a new Mediterranean currency, P2 Freemason sources say. A Mediterranean currency would co-exist with a revived Deutschemark that would take over the rump of the Euro in Northern Europe, the sources say.

The Rothschilds and the bloodlines are fighting back hard and are pulling all the stops they can to try to prevent US President Elect Donald Trump from taking power with their big push for vote recounts in the US,


>? MORE: http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/12/05/the-dominoes-keep-falling-hollande-renzi-sarkozy-down-xi-putin-abe-and-merkel-now-targeted/


COMMENTS on PHOTO and Antarctica


I have been reading/hearing about the human sacrifice and pedophilia networks for some time and I thought I had adjusted until I saw this photograph. I am sickened and saddened and repulsed to the point of bursting into tears…these bastards must be stopped at all costs!
I am still trying to wrap my head around the extent and evilness of these networks that operate openly and with our admiration (Disney) in society. God help us all, we must unite!

Comment by laylow1 on December 5, 2016 @ 11:33 pm
/ 2 /

Wow… the photo should be on a hidden link that gives you the option to click on it after hearing what it will be.

Corey Goode and I are about to publish a joint article on many different insider issues.

One key example will be that the Cabal may announce advanced ruins discovered in Antarctica as a last-ditch effort to distract the public from their imminent downfall.

I am finalizing it right now so stay tuned!

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on December 5, 2016 @ 11:40 pm

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Big change in Old Media coming? Fulford thinks so


THIS is from his Dec.12th report


The fact is the real fake news outlets are propaganda organs like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, BBC etc. These are the outlets that still routinely report lies about 911, Iran, Saddam Hussein, ISIS, Russia etc. All of these lying corporate propaganda outlets will soon experience a change in management and will be forced to either report the truth or be shut down.


Both Asian secret society and Western agency sources report that a major purge is ongoing and that large numbers of people are “disappearing” in Asia and in the West. The outward sign of this has been the domino fall of Khazarian mafia controlled governments.
However, the Asian secret society sources say that information provided by the NSA claiming that Chinese President Xi Jinping reported to Evelyn de Rothschild was false. They say the Asians have been having a series of meeting where, among other things, it was decided that since Xi supports world peace, he will remain in power. Other world leaders, however, will continue to resign, the sources agree.


The most recent domino to fall was South Korean President Park Geun Hye who was impeached last week. South Koreans were infuriated to hear revelations from Wikileaks and other sources that Park took part in “Satanic rituals” and allowed Demonic spirits “complete control over her body and soul.”


There has been a strenuous campaign by the Khazarian mafia to deny any connection to Satanism but more and more insiders are saying it is very real. The images of ritualistic cannibalism at an elite party run by Marina Ambramovic are a reflection of very real cannibalistic orgies that do take place, bloodline family sources say.


> MORE: http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/12/12/khazarian-mafia-still-planning-big-false-flag-events-but-their-defeat-is-certain/

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WILD RUMORS of Deaths and Arrests, mixed with some Truths (presumably) - Fulford


Old reality fading quickly as pole shift now fully underway

Posted by benjamin
December 19, 2016

The collective story by which humanity has been herded into the future is undergoing a pole shift, and the old reality is fading rapidly. The story by which the world, especially the Western world, has been living in was one of a never ending war on terror and an engineered clash between Islam and Christianity. The mass murdering criminals whose “social engineering” has perpetuated this story are being hunted down and killed or else are under house arrest or in hiding.

One of the most senior members of the cabal behind the atrocities in Syria and elsewhere, Bishop Javier Echevaria, the head of the fascist Opus Dei Vatican organization was killed last week after he tried to overturn the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Pentagon sources say. The Vatican says he died of natural causes.


Three independent sources, one CIA, one Pentagon and one bloodline are also saying that David Rockefeller and Nathaniel Rothschild, the respective bloodline leaders of the US and the EU were also killed last week. No confirmation of this has been obtained, as of the time of this writing from either the Rockefeller or Rothschild families.

The sources also say the Clintons, the Bushes, Senator John McCain and many other cabal leaders are under house arrest and are only allowed out under carefully chaperoned circumstances pending their war crimes trials.

We certainly hope these trials will materialize but in any case it is very clear that the people who have been running the planet (especially the West) until now are in a state of deep panic.

Part of the reason for the panic is that an updated membership list of the committee of 300, the secret government of the West, has been made public.


The fact is that even if these people are now backing away from the never ending war on terror scenario and are instead pushing for a global carbon tax, they have been so incompetent at ruling this planet that they have provoked a mass popular uprising against their rule. This tweet, on an account allegedly put up by AnadeRothschild, captures the sentiment: “Pat Taylor ‏@PT_Fino 11月29日 @AnaDeRothschild I’d like your entire bloodline to be executed on live TV. Call me old fashioned.”


This is why they are now in a state of deep funk.
A visible manifestation of their desperation is the hysterical claims by the corporate media and compromised intelligence agency sources like Saudi loving CIA director John Brennan that “Russian hacking” was responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Just like the Washington Post was forced to back off from a list of “fake news” sites it published recently, the Russians are now demanding that US Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama prove the allegations or apologize. This failing Russia story is a clear indication their ability to control the world story is over.


> MORE: http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/12/19/old-reality-fading-quickly-as-pole-shift-now-fully-underway/

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Trump’s chain will be jerked if he tries to stop the takedown of war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu

Posted by benjamin
December 26, 2016

Donald Trump, president elect of the shallow US state, will have his chain jerked by the deep state if he tries to prevent the final takedown of the Khazarian mafia, including war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu, Pentagon and agency sources say.

The takedown is now entering a mop up phase, Pentagon sources say. “The Cabal’s last stronghold, the vast underground base at Denver airport, was routed by a contingent of US, Russian and other troops, mopping up is in progress with more raids,” the sources say. In another operation “100,000 children and sex slaves were liberated from the underground bases of the Getty center in LA ,” they add.

The South of Chile was hit by an earthquake weapon last week to in order to “shake up the Nazi enclave in Bariloche and Patagonia in general,” they say.


The Khazarian stronghold of Israel is now also under unprecedented attack, as can be seen by the passing of a UN resolution condemning their illegal settlement building in the West Bank. The 14-0 UN vote, with the US abstaining, will lead to more UN resolutions aimed at forcing that rogue nation to agree to a two state solution to the Palestinian issue, many sources agree.

The murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the downing of a Russian aircraft over the Black Sea by the Israelis has given Russia both moral authority and legal grounds to pursue UN sanctions against Israel and to mount a real global war on terror by going after ISIS/Mossad assets worldwide, the Pentagon sources say.

In an attempted counter-move, war criminal Netanyahu sent the head of Mossad to visit Donald Trump and got him to issue a statement saying he would have vetoed the anti-Israel resolution. However, with the Khazarian base in Denver being wiped out, the Khazarians no longer have the military ability to impose their will on the US government, the Pentagon sources note.


The remaining Khazarian agents in the CIA are bracing for massive purge by Trump of the Bush faction, CIA sources say. The reformed CIA will end all drone attacks and drug flights, and will focus on human intelligence (humint), as well as open source intelligence (osint), the sources say.

Friendless Israel is now expected to face an air/land/sea blockade and other actions to force that state to conform to international law, Pentagon and agency sources agree. The Khazarian regime in Saudi Arabia will also be forced to end its various barbaric practices, they say.

Extra security measures have been taken for Donald Trump with Russian mercenaries and special forces sent to disarm nuclear weapons in New York and near the White House, the Pentagon sources say. One nuclear weapon under Washington has already been dismantled, they add.


The Khazarians are also planning to counter attack by creating a major financial crisis, multiple sources, including from the Rothschild family, agree. Here is what a twitter account claiming to emanate from Baroness Hanna de Rothschild, the daughter of Baron Jacob de Rothschild, had to say about the upcoming attack:

“Bss De Rothschild ‏@BssDeRothschild 14時間14時間前 Its going to be a frightfully dismal year for US in 2017. No jobs, hyperinflation, more debt & impeachment. Merry Christmas you fools!”

She is also making multiple death threats against Trump and needs to be taken down, CIA sources say.

The financial attack, which will accelerate rapidly in the New Year, has already begun with...


> source: http://benjaminfulford.net/2016/12/26/trump%e2%80%99s-chain-will-be-jerked-if-he-tries-to-stop-the-takedown-of-war-criminal-benyamin-netanyahu/

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Khazarian mafia chickens coming home to roost in the Year of the Rooster

Posted by benjamin
January 2, 2017

“As ye shall sow, so you shall reap,” has never been more true than in 2016 when the Khazarian mafia’s long list of crimes against humanity began to finally catch up with them. That year saw the removal from power and/or from this world of many top Khazarian mobsters including the Rockefellers, the Bushes, the Clintons and top henchmen like George Soros and Barack Obama. We also saw a revolt in the Anglo Saxon world that led to the end of Khazarian controlled regimes in the UK (Brexit) and the US (the election of the Donald Trump military government). Now in 2017, the Year of the Rooster, their chickens are really going to come home to roost. This will be the year of mass arrests, war crime trials and regime change as the final mop up of Khazarian mob rule takes place, sources in the Pentagon, the Gnostic Illuminati, Asian Secret Societies and the White Dragon Society all agree.


In the US, the arrest of over 15,000 Khazarian mobsters by the FBI already began January 1st, Pentagon sources say. The perpetrators of 911, the illegal Iraq invasion, the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear terror attacks on Japan and other crimes against humanity are being rounded up and there will be public disclosure about this in all major mass media, WDS sources promise.

“Cabal underground bases in Nevada, Denver, New Zealand as well as a cloning base under Camp David were destroyed and more bases in Australia, San Diego, Hawaii and Arkansas may be targeted,” the Pentagon sources report. “As Cabalists seek to escape to New Zealand, Congo, Brazil, or Paraguay, there may be more kinetic actions to stop them,” the sources promise.


> more: http://benjaminfulford.net/2017/01/02/khazarian-mafia-chickens-coming-home-to-roost-in-the-year-of-the-rooster/


Is it really happening now? It was predicted months ago:


Ben Fulford / Mike Harris Feb 9 2016 : Victory is Near!

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Chicago Tribune - ‎12 hours ago‎

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was grilled by police investigators for over three hours at his official residence Monday night, opening what could be a politically damaging criminal investigation into suspicions that he improperly accepted ...

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This seems to confirm some of what Ben Fulford has reported
CIA Black Ops Commander: The American Republic Has Been Restored

+ Wow - Steve Pieczenik talks convincingly about OBAMA's LACK OF LEGITIMACY - and no Legacy: (Obama was) "Created by the CIA... A mulatto with no background and history of homosexuality can be easily controlled."
+ "TRUMP NEEDS TO CLEAR OUT THE NEOCONS" - then he lists Jews. Not all Jews are bad, obviously. But the Neocon Zionists are toxic and must be removed
+ "We have to have a WAR TRIALS committee" (at 34 minutes)
(please cut and paste, if you want to)

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Richard Dolan is on the mark with his remarks


Ep. 583 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Richard Dolan : 2017 UFO Disclosure : LIVE


"I would rather the Russians under Putin, or the Chinese do Disclosure than the Americans (under Obama/Clinton),

who cannot be trusted"


Comment - please cut and paste, if you want:


It's good to hear Richard Dolan's realistic comments start at

Hours about Podesta's involvement in supposed Disclosure. Do people really believe this alleged child abuser wanted a clean and transparent revelation about the ET presence. More concerning to me is that the Red haired giants who may inhabit caverns in Antarctica, are said to be cannibals with a special interest in children. Might there be a connection between these monsters and the people running the World government. Was the plan to fake a UFO invasion, and reveal these monsters as our saviors? Until I get other evidence, this is my operating belief.

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Very interesting visit with Freeman (of the Freeman Report)




With a discussion of all eight Tarot cards on the Economist Cover


Ep. 584 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Freeman : The Economist 2017 Tarot Cover : LIVE


Published on Jan 5, 2017


Freeman has been looking at conspiracies for over two decade and has a deep understanding of the occult

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WILCOCK's TAKE on Antarctica, the CA drought etc, from Ben Fulford's Blog


Ben walked right up to the line but did not cross it.

His intel is very, very similar to what Corey and I reported in ENDGAME II, which he acts as if he is unaware of and hasn’t read. Perhaps he hasn’t, but he should as it is incredibly corroborating what he said, before he said it:


He’s mentioning a partial revealing of the secret space program and something big and ET-related in Antarctica.

The only difference is that he is saying here that a traversible wormhole will be the attraction to Antarctica, whereas our intel is saying it will be Atlantis-style ruins that have been dug out. They will apparently be presented as a last-ditch move for the Cabal to save themselves after war crimes tribunals have already started.

The wormhole aspect may also be correct. We cannot confirm the destruction and / or takeover of the underground bases but are not being told everything either, and it absolutely fits in with the overall picture we are hearing about.

I am working on another article and expect to have it up fairly soon, as in a few days tops. This new intel from Ben will definitely be part of it.

On the intuitive level I am having dream after dream after dream telling me that we are about to see major changes for the positive, and that also is a hopeful sign.

One “sneak preview” of the new article that is HIGHLY significant is it is POURING rain in California right now. We are experiencing something they are calling an “Atmospheric River,” and are in the second of what will probably be four waves.

Mainstream media sources are already saying that the drought will be greatly reduced, if not eliminated by this one series of events.

This may have been the result of benevolent weather manipulation. The “polar vortex” that descended over all of America may well have created an energetic low-pressure zone that allowed the users of this technology to laser in this “atmospheric river” to just where it was desired.

I am not speaking in technical terms as no officially-recognized terms yet exist for torsion / scalar technology, which is what they are using to mess with the weather. I go into this science extensively in The Source Field Investigations, which is highly recommended.

I have watched California drying and dying every year since about 2010, definitely by 2011. The meterologists even called the weather system a “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge,” since every single time a storm tried to come in it was blocked by the same zone off the coast of California.

Every time there was a possibility of how the temperatures could go, the most pessimistic and horrible estimate was correct. We had vastly more heat than we should and it even was spiking into the high 80s in February, which was totally wrong and bizarre.

This was an attack against all of America. The hope was to depopulate the planet and punish America in particular for its work to rebel against the Cabal. No water means no crops, which means no food, which means mass starvation.

I have watched animal populations go way down and there are dead plants and trees everywhere. It has been horrible and there are constant signs warning you about a severe drought and water restrictions.

Therefore, the fact that we are getting so much water that it could completely end the drought is another very tangible, physical metric that the Cabal is, in fact, being defeated. This technology to control weather uses microwaves and it is simple to understand.

The point is that whatever stations the Cabal was using to do this have obviously now been overtaken and are in the hands of the Alliance. All this off-the-books stuff can be overtaken without anyone knowing. It does seem the Alliance is doing as much as it possibly can to defeat the Cabal before making a world announcement. Very exciting.

Also it is obvious that the “highly aggressive ET race that lost an intergalactic war and is hiding out on Earth” is the Draco reptilians. We have confirmation about this now from FOUR insiders who have come forward on Cosmic Disclosure:

Corey Goode
William Tompkins
Pete Peterson
Heather Sartain (just last week)

So without our work included this report would make less sense, but really, is there anyone reading this who ISN’T aware of what we’re doing at the same time? LOL.

Thanks, Ben, for continuing to fight the good fight. The rain is pouring outside and I couldn’t possibly be happier.

Comment by dwilcock on January 9, 2017 @ 10:39 pm

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Latest Message from Benjamin Fulford

Countdown to the new age begins as final cabal underground bases subdued

Posted by benjamin
January 9, 2017

The battle over the planet earth is coming to an end as the final Khazarian mafia underground bases and strongholds fall, White Dragon Society sources report. However, there is still some heavy duty last minute horse trading going on between East and West as the January 20th start of the presidency of Donald Trump approaches, according to sources involved in the negotiations. The future of our planet and our species is what is at stake.


The big battle still to be concluded is the one over who exactly will be controlling the process of creating and distributing money, which is the real source of power on this planet. Put another way, what is at stake is the process of deciding what we, as a species, do in the future.

With a little over one week to go before the Trump presidency begins, it is a good time to take note that, despite his name, he is not the one holding the trump cards in this high stakes world poker match.

When the US dollar became the de facto world currency after World War 2, it was backed by gold and US GDP was worth 50% of world GDP. Now, the so-called US dollar is backed by nothing (the US has no gold) and US GDP, as measured by the IMF, is just 15.6% of world GDP on a purchasing power parity (real) basis. Furthermore, the US was the world’s greatest creditor nation at the end of WW2 and now it is the most deeply indebted nation in the history of this planet.


By contrast, China now controls 17.9% of world GDP, has plenty of gold and is the world’s greatest creditor nation. The members of the China led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, now over 100 countries, control close to 80% of world GDP while the US and its slave state Japan, the final anti-AIIB hold outs, control less than 20%.

This means that if China and its Western allies make a grab for control of the world’s financial system, they will succeed.

However, the US military industrial complex does have some big cards to play, many of them connected to its secret space and high tech programs. The US secret government is getting ready to show some of these cards including




/ 1 /

If only half of Ben fortells actually happens it will be great. I do hope we’re not just exchanging one group of evil overlords for another,still Disclosure will be dynamite.

We’ve been very cloudy here in central Jersey. I have seen some trails but cloud cover too strong sometimes.

It is clear that many of the Cabal’s antics to unseat Trump have not succeeded, the recounts, “Fake” news, and now the Russia meddling medley. Everyone drops the killed by truck incident within hours and no one talks about it after that. It’s almost as if people’s brains are being transformed by an outside force because they don’t seem to be conscious of it. Or it could just be that they’re too involved in their little worlds to care.

I’m on the edge of my seat.

Comment by jujubean on January 10, 2017 @ 2:27 am
/ 2 /

While everything may be looking Rosie from your point of view I have seen no sign of the USA lowering any of its strategic antagonism.
The Trump Presidency stills hangs in the balance with Obama passing Executive Laws by the dozen in the dark of night to Federalise the Main Stream Media & the Electoral Commission. Setting up the scene for a rerun of a cancelled election because of the fake #Russiahack MSM story.
Also 100’s of USA tanks are flooding into Germany to add to all the other US troops, tanks & nuclear missile attack systems which have been primed hot & targeted at Russia for over a month.
Merkel shows no sign of retiring & the popular uprising in Europe could be the reason for the USA supporting her if she loses the election. Martial Law has always been a NWO objective for Europe & the USA.
And then there’s “Obama’s Brilliant Plan” to completely dis Israel over the 2 State Solution. Another fake play?
The meeting of 70 country’s in France to discuss the Israel & Palestine situation looks to me like a prime target set up for an “ISIS” bomb attack wiping out any opposition to the NWO at a stroke. And probably leaving the MSM with the job of blaming; Israel or Russia or Isis to start WW3 or Martial Law in all Western Democracies.
Hopefully I am wrong.

Comment by insidious on January 10, 2017 @ 4:15 am

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The new Fourth Reich Corporate conglomerate decided to get rid of the old Nazis and go completely three piece suit. Through various deals, the dictators protecting them were displaced and the Nazi strongholds in South America were demolished. I believe that Skorzeny poisoned both Bormann and Hitler after that action was approved by this Fourth Reich Directors.

Those that were not murdered were discredited and prosecuted, especially those at Colinia Dignidad. So now we have an essentially Nazi/Mossad hybrid system running all security and Intel for the City of London Banksters and their private world Banking System, all of which takes orders from those that hijacked the Vatican, the Jesuit Superior General.


And currently this Fourth Reich, a large secret group of major corporations produces oil, pharmaceuticals and has a very large clothing company that displays the swastika in a mildly disguised form.

They also run some major defense corporations and are reputed to have complete control over the whole Secret Shadow Government, all Secret Space War matters, including the two main space war groups, and all their 140 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) inside the USA, the four corners area, and many DUMBs all over the world, even in Norway.

As an aside, there are many inside MI-6 that believe that Eva Braun and Hitler had a daughter and that daughter is Angela Merkel. Hitler probably lived in South America until things got too hot because of the Israelis and was moved back to Spain, where he lived as a retired man gardening. I never heard what became of Eva Braun, other than her daughter Merkel was sheep-dipped and propelled to the top.

The question of what and where is the Fourth Reich today is an interesting one and quickly involves a great deal of esoteric topics, like what happened to the Nazi base in New Schwabenland (Antarctica), was the Nazi an occult organization at its center based on worship of the Black Sun?

Did the Nazis have possession of crashed and recovered alien ET anti-gravity craft from Bavaria in 1922, and did they receive Alien ET technology directly from the Vril Girls?




Just routine back-engineered technology

My best sources have suggested that the Fourth Reich is alive and well today, but in different form, because it has formed an alliance with those who run the Vatican, City of London private Fiat world banking, the Israelis and the major defense contractors in America, especially the no-bid ones.

Jim Marrs, the top expert on the Fourth Reich, would likely have a lot to say about all this. Some believe that it runs all American Intel and all US black projects including the US Secret Space War Program. This belief is likely well-founded.

This new arrangement is not surprising because the folks that really run things inside the Vatican and the City of London do so according to the Roundtable design. Those with corruption and power are brought in, kind of like the Cosa Nostra Ruling Council for the New York Five Families, but only on a world scale.


> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/01/05/what-really-happened-to-hitler-and-the-third-reich-nazi-high-command/

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Posted by benjamin
January 23, 2017
Antarctica: "The ancient lost city is already in view."

Now that the Trump regime has formally been installed, the real battle over the future of the planet earth can begin in earnest. On the one side we find the Western military industrial complex and on the other we find the ancient bloodline families. Another way of putting it is the battle is now between those who have the guns and those who control the butter (money) supply. Yet a different lens for analyzing the upcoming struggle is to see it as China (Asia) vs. the US (the West), however that is too simplistic. The “West” as things now stand includes Japan plus North and South Korea and maybe even Vietnam while “Asia” includes Germany and other Rothschild controlled nation states.


The ideological battle lines were set in two speeches, one by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Davos bloodline love fest on January 17, while the other was President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

Xi’s speech essentially supported the globalist status quo so long as “the global economic governance system,” continued to be reformed to give greater voice to developing nations. Xi also promised China would help the world develop in a win-win manner in harmony with nature. Of course China has been by far the greatest beneficiary of the current system so the bloodline globalists have asked for Chinese protection now that a backlash against them has begun in the West.


Trump’s speech bemoaned how the American middle class has been destroyed and US industry gutted by the globalists and promised to restore American industry and infrastructure. He also hinted the military industrial complex was about to share some of its secret technologies with the world when he said “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.”


Overall, it does not sound like we are being set up for a world war or a clash of civilizations but rather we are seeing reasonable bargaining positions being laid out by both sides in advance of final negotiations for setting up a new, improved system of running the planet. The Asians want a bigger say for the non-European world, the West wants their industry and middle class to be rebuilt in exchange for the release of hidden technology. It sounds like a win-win solution can be reached without too much table pounding and shouting.

There is going to be more than table pounding going on in the West though as military backed Trump regime begins. The CIA, in anticipation of investigations and disclosure has already released 13 million pages of documents but Pentagon sources promise new CIA chief Mike Pompeo will “purge and reform the agency, and force even more and full disclosure.”


“Trump went to Langley [CIA HQ] to tell the CIA that the military is with him, and he will add 1000s more new agents while purging the bad guys,” the sources say. Top general Joseph Dunford “returned from Paris and Brussels meetings with NATO to oversee Trump security at the inauguration, backed by millions of bikers, cops, feds and the National Guard,” the sources continued.

Also, the Pentagon sources say that “Is it no accident that [General James] Mattis was confirmed as Secretary of Defense and fellow marine [General John] Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security on January 20, as they were Dunford’s bosses in Iraq, and these 3 top marines are Trump’s praetorian guard.”


The first real thing Trump did after assuming power to was to go to CIA headquarters with his praetorian guard. On the surface, he promised the CIA “1000 percent support,” while underneath the surface, according to the Pentagon sources Trump gave the CIA an ultimatum to “stop drugs, arms, children trafficking, droning, lies, dirty tricks, political corruption, subversion and to focus on human and open source intelligence for the whole of the government and to provide counterintel on rivals and Israel or else.”

The Trump military government is also planning to force military contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin to cut fraud, waste and abuse and “they may even be nationalized like in Russia,” the sources say.


The hand-over of the drug-dealing part of the CIA’s Mexican henchman Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman just in time for the Trump presidency was timed to send a clear message, they say. Guzman is telling all he knows about where all the secret Nazi faction drug money is flowing, they say.

The bloodlines families are not taking this all without a fight and have been financing and organizing anti-Trump demonstrations around the world. They are also using their -most likely soon to end- control of the giant media corporations to mount a major psychological war on the Trump regime.


As part of that campaign it appears the Rothschilds and their ilk have resurrected George Soros as their point-man. Soros supposedly appeared last week at the Davos gathering in Switzerland but I am still unwilling to retract the information I was given that he has been killed. The reason is because Soros reportedly spoke in public at a luncheon and when such a thing happens multiple media outlets typically report their own original versions of the event. In this case though, all the corporate media reports appear to trace to a Bloomberg video. The technology to make a person appear real in a video is well established and until I see Soros again at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan with my own eyes, I have to say the Rothschilds are just using this persona to hide behind.


Here is what a CIA source had to say about his recent “appearance:”

“It looks like ole George is younger… is this the latest model that has just popped out of the chamber? Take note of the difference in age. The new photo is being circulated now in the MSM.” See photographs below, the first is a confirmed one from just before he was taken out, the second is the one now being circulated. At the very least he has somehow been rejuvenated.





Another senior bloodline visible power personality, German Chancellor Angela Merkel “will be taking an unexpected leave of absence very soon, ‘for health reasons’ and will most likely not be returning. In other words, she is about to run,” according to a highly connected CIA source.

Soros and Merkel aside, a different, highly connected CIA source had the following message to convey: “the dark forces were just as strong in Antarctica as the forces of light. It is the last holdout for the bad boys and their type…”


The source, who is a direct relative of a famous World War 2 Admiral, also had some X-files stuff to say namely that:

“Two timelines are converging now and when that convergence is finished we will have full disclosure. This is why all of the major world leaders went to Antarctica, and continue to arrive every day. The ancient lost city is already in view. This is what I have been calling ‘The Base’ in earlier transmissions and discussions. Everything is there and the elites have been arriving by their special craft not only to seek protection from being arrested, but also to try and make a deal with the Galactics who are in control of the entire area now. There are those in the top ranks of the elite who are in “The City” now and attempting to make a deal to get into the healing chambers. Kissinger included.”


Incredible claims require incredible proof and when this writer demanded a chance to go to Antarctica to see for himself, he was told that would be arranged. If I do go, I will bring cameras and recording equipment and share what I have found with the general public.

In any case, a very hard-nosed and here-now reality based Russian FSB source did confirm that Antarctica was, under treaty, not under the control of any government and that international conglomerates and oligarchs did have bases there where they have been conducting secret experiments and research.


The Antarctica sources also provided two GPS coordinates for where they say much of the action is taken place: 74 degrees South, 164 degrees East and 66 degrees South, 99 degrees East. One shows on google earth as an unfrozen landscape with lakes and the other as a heavy blotted out square.

The following photographs were also provided:




Since Trump claims his government represents “a historic movement the likes of which has never been seen before,” coming events should soon match the rhetoric. We shall...

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AT LAST! If Ben is right

The long awaited arrests of cabailsts are supposed to start this week
Posted by benjamin
February 6, 2017

Multiple sources confirm that about 70 arrest warrants will be served on power brokers and politicians in Washinton DC, Virginia and New York this week shortly after Jeff Sessions is confirmed as US Attorney General. Among those to be arrested are Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton’s vice-president pick Tim Kaine, Pentagon sources say. These arrests will follow 474 arrests that took place in California last week as a pedophile ring that served Hollywood and West Coast elites was taken down. It is interesting to note the California arrests were only reported by local news outlets and completely ignored by the big corporate networks.


Former US President Bill Clinton is also reported to be “singing like a canary” and has provided evidence that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton and many others, Pentagon sources say. Here is what a Pentagon source had to say on the matter “Hillary is toast as Obama refused to pardon, Bill snitched on her, and her prosecution has been ordered by Trump.” There are credible tabloid news reports that Hillary was caught trying to flee to Bahrain and stopped.


There are also preliminary reports saying a raid was made on Jeffrey Epsteins’ Caribbean sex slave Island and that 32 kids were freed and 8 traffickers were arrested.


There is also going to be a more hidden and brutal power struggle going on in the secret agencies as “CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel was chosen to rendition to black sites and torture cabal, drug cartel and ISIS guys,” a Pentagon source says.

There is also, as is often the case, high level intrigue and skullduggery going inside the Vatican. This has been widely reported by the corporate media in the form of news that Pope Francis fired Grand Master Mathew Festing of the Knights of Malta in a “dispute over condoms.”


If you look at the membership list of the Knights of Malta,


it reads like a who’s who of the globalist elite full of names like Rockefeller, Bush, Rothschild etc. so you can tell that this is about more than just “condoms.”
In fact, according to sources in the Vatican Secret Service, what really happened was that the Knights of Malta’s top brass were caught


> http://benjaminfulford.net/2017/02/06/the-long-awaited-arrests-of-cabailsts-are-supposed-to-start-this-week/

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Ben again - sounds hopeful


Desperate counter attack by Satanic mafia failing on all fronts as human liberation nears

Posted by benjamin
March 6, 2017

We are witnessing desperate attempts around the world by the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia to reverse recent defeats and remain in power. However, these efforts are failing on all fronts and more and more prominent Satanists are disappearing.


The fiercest battles are raging in Washington DC where the Satanists are pushing “the Russians did it!” story to remove attorney General Jeff Sessions and prevent arrests of child killing politicians. Pentagon sources confirm that over 1500 pedophiles have been arrested since Donald Trump took office as President of the United States and that a grand jury is preparing indictments against a whole swath of DC and New York establishment figures.

Another sign that things have really begun to change is that legal action has now begun against the private sector prison slave camps being run in the US.


The counter-attack by the Satanists in the US is being orchestrated by the Rothschilds and the Bush/Clinton mafia who have unleashed their top servants like former President Barack Obama and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos against the Trump regime. Last week, Obama announced he was setting up an anti-Trump headquarters with adviser Valerie Jarret two miles from the White House. This move was followed by Trump tweets accusing “bad or sick guy”
Obama of illegally wiretapping him. Our advice to house slave Obama is to not risk his life and liberty on behalf of his Rothschild slave masters.

Another Rothschild house slave, Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, called for marching, blood and death on the streets.


Our advice to African Americans is to not let these house slaves fool you into protesting on behalf of Satan worshipping slave drivers.

A sign of the intensity of the battle now raging was seen when Bezos offered child torturer and former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta a job with his Washington Post propaganda machine. Podesta was also given a $600 million war-chest for the Washington Post by the rogue (Bush) CIA for propaganda purposes.



And yet, immediately after Bezos announced this. amazon.com servers came under heavy, sustained attack.


It is unlikely Bezos himself will survive long, CIA and Pentagon sources say.

A clear sign the Satanists have lost control of the American people can be seen in the impotence of their once dominant corporate propaganda apparatus. Despite surveys showing that 88% of heavy corporate media coverage of Trump was negative since he took office, polls showed that 79% of Americans viewed his speech last week before the joint houses of Congress favourably.


Take a look at House Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi’s expression during Trump’s speech. To me it looks like someone (or some entity) in mortal fear.


Perhaps the most senior Nazi faction Satanist who needs to be taken down ASAP is Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Bill Gates is constructing a giant underground bunker complex in...


> http://benjaminfulford.net/2017/03/06/desperate-counter-attack-by-satanic-mafia-failing-on-all-fronts-as-human-liberation-nears/

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Hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of gold now available to help planet

Posted by benjamin
June 5, 2017

This Saturday a delegation from the White Dragon Society, including this writer, will be heading to Bougainville in the Solomon Islands to meet with King David Peii II to discuss how to reopen the Panguna mine, which contains about $170 trillion worth of gold and copper. Furthermore, there are six other mine sites under the control of King David and his people on the Island meaning that many hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of metal can be made available to benefit the people and living creatures of the planet earth.

The total amount of money the OECD spent on development in 2016 was $142.6 billion, so if even a small fraction of the wealth of just one of the six sites was used, there would be at least 10 times more money available to help the poor and protect the environment than is now being spent.

The Panguna mine was developed by the Rothschild controlled firm Rio Tinto. However locals, angered at the pollution caused by the mine, as was at the lousy treatment they were accorded by the mine’s owners, seized control after a long war of resistance. Representatives of King David also claim the Rothschild owners of the mine were contemplating destroying the entire island in order to extract its mineral wealth. You can be sure, based on their track record, the Rothschilds were not planning to spend the money they hoped to earn from this to help the planet.

Representatives of Rio Tinto did not respond to multiple WDS attempts to contact them. If an agreement is not reached with the Rothschilds, the WDS will, if necessary, use as much weight of the world’s military as needed to help King David make the gold and other metals available, in an environmentally friendly manner, for the benefit of the planet. One idea is to use mine tailings as landfill in order to create new land for living creatures so that the overall impact of the mining on the island will be to create more space for living creatures than existed before. The WDS will report more on the situation after a June 10-14th visit to the Island.

In any case, the Khazarian mafia has been suffering a stunning series of defeats in recent months as their planetary control grid collapses in increasingly visible ways.

Most importantly, but in a manner still hidden from most of the world, the Khazarians are running out of gold and most of the world no longer accepts their paper, which is not backed by anything but a rapidly evaporating group mind control mechanism.
Khazarian attempts to get gold in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia are all being stonewalled, multiple sources agree.

Last week representatives from Citibank and US Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph Donovan promised Indonesian President Joko Widodo they would wipe out all of Indonesia’s external debt in exchange for 12,500 tons of gold but they left empty handed, WDS sources in Indonesia say.

The WDS sources add: “The Sultan of Johor, West Malaysia is involved in the attempt to extort the gold from Jakarta. He is claiming that the gold belongs to

onlypaid] [his Royal family and this gives him the right to take it back from Indonesia, where is has been stored for the past 70 years or so. This allegation by the Sultan of Johor would mean that this could be part of the collateralized gold accounts, in which the Royal Families of Asia deposited their gold in Indonesia for safekeeping and Soekarno was mandated as M1".

Soekarno, as well as US President John F. Kennedy, were killed by the Khazarians in order to end their efforts to use this gold for the planet (We assume our readers know the history of this). Now the depositors of the gold are getting their revenge.
The Indonesian WDS sources adds that “I have a strong feeling that [Malaysian] PM Najib Razak is somehow involved in this, as he is a member of the Khazarian mafia.”

The Khazarians are still setting off terrorists attacks in London, the Philippines, Indonesia and elsewhere around the world in order to extort gold but, they are being systematically isolated.

The Bilderberg meeting of top Khazarian mafia servants that just ended on June 4th was a meeting of losers in the battle for the planet earth. At this first meeting since top Khazarian honcho David Rockefeller died, Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger continued his effort to become the new secret ruler of the planet earth. However, without gold and without Rockefeller behind him, Kissinger is just an old airbag.

The Rothschilds’ attempt to take full control of the planet following Rockefeller’s death was also dealt a huge blow as US President Donald renounced their Paris accords. “Trump exited the Paris accords in order to stop carbon trading and expose the global warming hoax of roth,” Pentagon sources explained.

Also, inside the Trump regime, “the Zionist-globalist-Goldman faction led by former Goldman coo Gary Cohn, and Jared Kushner were sidelined by the Paris exit as Trump cleans house,” they continue.

The Bush faction of the Khazarian mob is also in “full panic mode” as more and more of their crimes are being revealed, the sources add. Last week, the Pentagon sources say, Bush hitmen killed former Panamanian President Manuel Noriega to “prevent him snitching about CIA drug trafficking and corruption.”

There are also moves to arrest top Neo-con Bush operatives like David Petraeus, former NSA boss Mike Hayden and remove and arrest US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, the sources say. The charges will be for illegally receiving and leaking classified information, they say.

The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton US Khazarian mafia clan’s top henchmen are still struggling to keep themselves out of jail but they are clearly losing the power struggle in Washington DC.

There is also a huge power struggle going on now in China, according to Vietnamese sources. The struggle concerns Wang Qishan王歧山 who is de facto number 2 in China’s power structure and is now the top Rothschild agent in China, the sources say.

The mystery man Guo Wengui郭文贵


who was photographed recently with Jacob Rothschild and the Dalai Lama, and who is apparently now staying at Trump’s Mar A Largo resort in Florida put out a video (which was quickly removed from the internet) last week claiming Wang “has huge connections with Skull & Bones and Freemasons,” the sources say.

If Wang becomes Prime Minister and the official number 2 at the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress this autumn, “then [Chinese President] Xi Jinping will be dead,” the sources say.

Wang’s power derives from huge amounts of money that he has recently mysteriously obtained and has been spreading around, they say.

These same sources, who have access to top level intelligence about China, say Xi Jinping “is in a very dangerous position.” “He can either try to continue communist rule, in which case other interest groups will try to get rid of him before his term ends,” the sources say “or if not, he can end communism like the Soviets did in the 90’s.”

The same sources say that another senior Chinese defector, Ling Jihua, has given the US “way more information on submarines, nuclear codes etc,” because of his opposition to Rothschild controlled Wang.


Even if these sources are wrong, there can be no doubt the Chinese situation will remain turbulent under the surface between now and mid-summer as jockeying for the next politburo, set to be formally announced in the autumn, continues.

There are also changes coming to Europe as top Khazarian mobster and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as Rothchild slave and French President Emmanuel Macron realize the consequences of the Trump regime saying they will no longer protect them from Russia. The result, after some initial huffing and puffing by the French and Germans, has been for both countries to suddenly start currying favour with Russia.

There has also been some sort of schism taking place in the Middle East with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE suddenly cutting off relations with Qatar. Qatar is home to the Al Jazeera news network and a huge US airbase. Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani apparently deviated from the official Khazarian line in the Middle East by saying nice things about Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah as well as Israel. The Saudis are now blaming Qatar for Daesh in an outrageous case of the pot calling the kettle black.


In reality, the fight is almost certainly related to the fact the Qatar has reached a pipeline deal with Russia and the Syrians to export its gas while the Saudis have not.

The result is that the Saudis too are now rushing to curry favour with Russia. So far, it seems, the Russians have invited them to spend their money in remote arctic regions.



> http://benjaminfulford.net/2017/06/05/hundreds-of-trillions-of-dollars-worth-of-gold-now-available-to-help-planet/

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