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Can PH be hub for innovations in Solar Power & EV's?

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Can PH be hub for innovations in Solar Power & EV's?


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Philippines Solar : 23 y.o. is driving the Solar business




Leandro Leviste is a 23 year old, who dropped out of Yale to pursue the development of the solar power business in his home country of the Philippines.'


Assisted by high electricity prices, and falling solar panel costs, he is succeeding.


+ First project in PH was installing a 700 kw rooftop power plant at the Central Mall in Binan City Laguna

+ Then, two years ago, he installed 5,760 panels ontop SM's North EDSA mall, creating the biggest solar mall in the world, with electricity capacity of 1.5 MW, enough to power the mall's 16,000 light fixtures, 59 escalators, and 20 elevators

+ More solar malls are being developed at SM Dasmarinas, Cavite, and SM Mall of Asia

+ Earlier this year, PS completed work on a 63.3 MW solar farm at Batangas

+ They are constructing a factory in Tanauan, Batangas with a target capacity of two gigawatts (GW) making it the largest such plant outside China

+ The company has strong banking support, with assistance from local banks like PBB BDO Unibank, China Banking Corp, and Bank of Commerce


LL has some powerful connections through his family, His mother is Senator Loren Legarda, and his father is a well-known (some might say notorious?) business man, Tony Levista


NOTES from The Philippines Star today, pg. 9

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63.3 MW

After pioneering the nation’s first large-scale solar rooftop projects, Solar Philippines claims a new frontier with the launch of the largest solar farm in Luzon. The solar plant comprises over 200,000 panels on a 160-hectare property. It is now supplying enough to power the entire Western Batangas.

> http://www.solarphilippines.ph/solar-farm/

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"Solar power now cheaper than coal" (in The Manila Times today)


Solar+Storage can be cheaper than Coal


+ Cost of solar farm down from $2.5mn per MW to $1mn.

+ New battery technology can make it even cheaper


So: "You don't need to choose between economic growth, and environmental sustainability," Leandro Leviste


Lowering costs in PH:

"Vertical integration is the key to making solar cheaper... the (overall) process has been very inefficient."

"We are bringing our costs closer to other markets, where solar is now P2 to P3 per kwh on average"


Solar Philippines has start producing solar (cells) at its state-of-th-art factory in Batangas.

The goal is to employ a thousand Filipinos, and make PH an exporter of solar panels this year


There is a consensus that the local market is in an oversupply situation, but SP intends to develop new markets by driving costs lower through economies of scale.


They recently broke ground for a 150-MW solar farm in Concepcion, Tarlac, with an estimated total investment of P7.5bn

(= USD 150mn / 150MW = $1 million per MW.)

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PH Solar power exceeds 1K MW - (Manila Times, pg.5)


+ PH's total electricity demand is 13,000 MW and growing; supply is now 14,000 MW


+ Installed solar power is now 903K MW (6.9% of demand), but projects underway will take that over 1K MW.

94.2 MW will be put into commercial operation this month. All existing projects are in Luzon or Visayas


+ A big one coming is 150MW at Concepcion, Tarlac. PH Solar broke ground for that March 18th;

And there were 201 pending applications for 2,131MW, so Solar power may be headed towards 20% of Total Demand

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PH wants to be hub of EV, hybrid vehicles in Asean

- from Malaya business Insight, 7/11, pg. A11


"ONCE all the components fall into place, the Philippines could be the hub of an electric and hybrid vehicles in the Asean area"

This is the goal of the First Asean Electric & hybrid vehicles association, which had 600 participants


+ Designed the conference around the idea of creating a federation of electic and hybrid vehicles companies

+ They are seeking fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to build the industry, such as an exemption from excise taxes for EV's

+ The want to speed up progress and lower barriers - for instance, in 6 years only 100 Prius vehicles have been sold locally,

but this is mainly due to the high price point for the vehicles

+ EVAP members exhibited: e-jeeps, e-shuttles, e-buses, e-tricycles, and e-bikes - and batteries & charging technologies


In PH, there is a focus on EV for public transport, rather than the consumer market that other Asean countries have focused upon

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Solar Power developer eyes 10B exports


SOLAR power developer and manufacturer Solar Philippines is eyeing exporting solar panels worth over P10 Billion by next year to Asian developers


(strange comment - are they losing money?)


"We don't measure success in terms of profits or revenues, but the jobs we create."

"While margins are no more than a few percentage points, this will result in 1,000 direct jobs for Filipinos this year"

- Leandro Leviste


The company aims to expand production to over 2,000 MW in annual capacity and become the world's largest non-Chinese solar panel manufacturer


Solar Philippines owns the factory and is selling its production to Chinese companies seeking to manufacture solar panels from Southeast Asia for sale to the US and Europe.

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EVs : Raising taxes to Fund subsidies - for Aboitiz-led group

The foray of the Aboitiz group into Electric vehicles (EVs) via Singapore incorporated QEV technologies
will be a grand plan of 50,000-EV fleet rollout, but it will also require massive govt financing
+ At P500k-600k per vehicle, the subsidy may be P25 -30 billion
+ This is under a plan to rollout 10,000 vehicles p.a. for the next five years
+ QEV's Spanish technology partner has estimated the conversion cost at US$10,000 per vehicle
+ The govt has been asked to fund the subsidy through its "six taxes" collection

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"Cheapest power in PH?"


PH's first solar panel factory inaugurated in Batangas


"The country's first locally owned solar panel manufacturing plant owned by Solar Philippines aims to further lower the price of solar power"


+ "Very timely... as solar panel prices have fallen 90 percent over the last ten years and 50 percent in the last three ye of annual ars alone"

+ "The lowest cost power in the history of the Philippines"

+ "The average family paying P3,000 will see their bill decrease to P2,000 per month"

+ The factory aims to produce 800 megawatts of solar panels by next year - a global leader in solar panel manufacturing?

+ The company aims to expand production to over 2,000 MW of annual capacity, becoming the largest non-chinese manufacturer

+ The facility is expected to create more than 50,000 jobs for the solar industry, from manufacturing to installation


Solar Philippines is also constructing a 150MW solar power generation farm in Concepcion, Tarlac

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